Princess scarf

Outfit credits: DIY jacket, H&M scarf, New Look leggings, Gina Tricot Anhk earring, Jeffrey Campbell/Solestruck boots.
My new scarf reminds me of my grandma. In a good way. She has loads of smiliar ones that I used to play princess with as a child. That means I put on shitloads of them as dress and veil and ran around. I think I might have a photo of me doing just that with Sara and Lina (our cousin) somwhere. I'm gonna have to go look for that now. I remember always feeling really pretty dressed in grandma's scarfs. So lots of positive energy in that one.
I did take some photos of our project today, and I will post them later or tomorrow. I might not have time today, since I have lots of other stuff to do. Like eat. And sleep.
BUT, there was this one other thing that I set out to tell you about in this post, but per usual, I lost control of my own thoughts and writing. But back to the subject that I never started on: You might have noticed that my face looks a bit mushy lately, and that I don't use much makeup (like no eyebrows and stuff). You probably haven't, but I do, since, well, it's my face, and I get into my head that you do too. Anyhow, the reason behind his is that I am current medicating agaist acne, for real, like I-went-to-a-dermatologist-medicating. It's the second time I do this, but this time it's different, because I got this new cream that makes my skin very dry and it stings like a crazy bitch. So as a compliment to this I have to take a new moisturizer, and I try to avoid putting other stuff on my face. I'm kinda trying to just let it rest this time so that my acne can properly go away. Which is gonna result in me feeling like I look puffy in the face all the time, for a while. Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end. I just wanted to let you know I'm doing this, dunno why. But now you know.
Gonna get some food in me now, and some more Doctor Who rewatch. Cheerio!


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