Outfit credits: Vintage jacket, Gina Tricot sweater, home knitted scarf, Topshop backpack, JC leggings, Jeffrey Campbell / Solestruck.com boots.
Outfit from yesterday. I was at the theatre watching Gengångare & Zombies (Ghosts & Zombies) which is sort of a remake of Ibsen's play Ghosts. It's basically the same but with Zombies instead of Ghosts. It was amazing. Now, I don't like Ibsen in general, I think his plays are lame, but that was basically the only thing about it I didn't love. They really turned it into something super exciting. If you live in Malmö or nearby I very much recomend you go see it, because it's really brilliant.
I've been clearing out my closets of summer clothes and lots of other crap that's been laying around being gros and taking up space. I've also switched spring/summer jackets for fall/winter coats. Very productive of me, but now my back hurts like a bitch. It was mainly my "walk-in" closets that needed clearing out, and the ceiling in the larger one is so low that not even I, who's like 160cm, can't stand up straight. Not very pleasant in the long run.
Gonna go to my parents house now, because I'm late for le dinner. Cheerio!


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Postat av: Nora

oh, i have to go see anything at the theatre again very soon, i haven't been in ages! :/
the outfit is spot-on, i absolutely LOVE those boots :)

xx Nora

Svar: I hadn't been in ages either, but now I've been two times in a week's time! I missed it so much! And thank you!
Malin Z

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