The Torment of Others

Rewatching Wire in the Blood for at least the third time at the moment. I think this show has sort of shaped me as a person. British crime dramas have always been my go-to-shows. Always have and always will love it. And this was my first that really stuck with me. I was (am) very emotionally attached, and when they switched one of the main characters Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris) for Alex Fielding(Simone Lahbib) in series 4, that came on when I was fifteen or sixteen, I remember how all hell broke loose. Now find myself liking Alex more, and am only watching the series with her. Don't know why I'm telling you this, it was not where I was going. It just keeps being the one thing that always comes up when I talk about this show, you know. How they switched the main character in the middle of it. Just like that.
Anywa-hay, I realised I was probably about fourteen when I started watching this. It's kinda brutal for a fourteen year old. And I think it might be the basis of my fascination of serial killers and psycho/sociopathy.
Gonna stop bothering you and contine watching now. Sweet dreams.


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