After the Storm

After the Storm is actually the name of the season 5 premiere episode. I'm not just refering to this life altering event as a storm because I'm so fabulously clever. But to the point: I'm gonna share my thoughts on the episode that I have been waiting four months (is it four months? I think so) for with you guys.
*SPOILER ALERT* Might not want to continue reading if you haven't seen it. Not revealing any massive plot twists, but still, leaving this warning here. Don't want to ruin things for anyone.
I was kicking and screaming all through it, naturally, and if you're a Castle fan you understand why, because, well, you just do. I totally freaked out over the casting of the Senator. He was played by Jack Coleman who plays Noah Bennet in Heroes. It was such a mindfuck since, as you might remember, I watched most of Heroes just this summer, and I kinda like him there, but I think he's a bit scary.
I do wish there would have been more romantic interaction between Castle and Beckett. I mean come on guys?! We wait for this the whole summer and all we really get is the "the morning after" scene, and they don't even kiss in it? And you leak it a few days before so we already know it's gonna be in there, and then that is basically IT? That's just not fair! We wanna see them make out!
I liked that they wrapped up the whole mess that was left by the end of season 4 in this episode, and cleared up and revealed things, giving the new season a chance of a almost-brand-new start. Although, it kind of ended up leaving the plot of the episode a bit lame. Not bad, but certainly not the best in any way. One thing that I absolutely adore about Castle, and what I think makes it one of the best shows on TV right now, is the great plots. You know, the crimes they investigate, and all that. It's what's got me hooked. And when an episode lacks a bit in that area, it leaves me feeling sort of empty afterwards. It was a little like that in this episode. But then again, kudos to the writers for a nice wrapping up of the season finale!
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Stana and Nathan, I love you. You are amazing in every way. I just wanna watch Stana's beautiful quirky face for the rest of my life. I'm not even joking.
And with that I bid you good night. Sleep tight people, I hope I will, dreaming of next weeks episode.


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