I said, "Can we party later on?"

Fashion credits: Vintage jacket and scarf, Gina Tricot long tank top/dress, Jeffrey Campbell/Solestruck.com Heels, assorted accessories.
I've been dying to match this jacket with my Lita Spikes. I actually got the jacket with the shoes in mind. It has gold details, that's why they go so well together. I've worn them kinda like this once before, about a week ago, but I never took any outfit photos of it. But here we go again, with my Lana/princess-hair and all. Unfortunatley I forgot to take detail photos of the gold+embrodery of the jacket. I'll do that some other time.
I'll post this look on lookbook later!


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Postat av: Nora

absolutely perfect! i love your lipstick especially xx

Svar: Thank you, glad you like it! And actually it's about three different lipsticks at once ;P
Malin Z

2012-09-27 @ 18:21:38 URL: http://signorina-k.blogspot.co.at/
Postat av: Ida ☯ the sky under the sea

Du är så snygg!!! Påminner lite om ... gah.... hon... Violetta @ vi0lettae.blogspot.se. Iaf på de här bilderna ^^

Svar: Tack! Åååh, hon är typ en av mina favoriter på lookbook, vilken komplimang!
Malin Z

2012-09-27 @ 22:25:11 URL: http://theskyunderthesea.blogg.se/

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