Day XV - Your newest purchase

Clothing-wise I think it's this sweater from H&M. Funny story actually. Cicci bought one just like it when we were out shopping together ages ago (maybe like a year or so), and I've been searching for it ever since. And then in Copenhagen last Saturday I saw it and I had to buy it. Finally. It's the softest, coziest sweater ever, and I've basically been wearing it every day since I bought it, even if only for like an hour when I come home from school. I think I payed around 200 SEK, but I'm not sure, since the price tag was in DKR and I don't remember exactly what it was.


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Postat av: Shaz

That is exactly the kind of sweater I am looking for. Better get to H&M.

Svar: It's beyond amazing!
Malin Z

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