Day XVII - An article of clothing that you made or altered

I alter clothes all the time. And I make a fair share as well. The lastest I did was these boots, which originally were just a pair of plain boots I bought at Primark for maybe £10 or less. I never really got around and wore them. But lately I've been completely adoring the Luxury Jones collection at Solestruck, and since I'm in no way able to afford a real pair, I figured, why not "make one". So yeah. This is it. Not as fabulous as the real deal, but close enough. All the stuff I put on are things I had lying around at home, nothing fancy whatsoever. Haven't worn them yet, but thinking of doing so tomorrow. If I can bear to part from my beloved 8th Streets.
I'm gonna write you guys a post about Castle later. Whether you like it or not. I AM SO EXCITED!


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Postat av: Ida ☯ the sky under the sea

Åhhh! Så balla!! Och din blogg är awesome så jag måste följa dig!

Svar: Tack, vad kul! :D
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