New Project (sort of)

Photo: Malvina Johansson
Just a sneak peak of what's going on. As you may have seen at the picture diary yesterday, a few days ago Cicci, Malvina and I had a photoshoot. In town. In/by a park. I've actually never done that before. I prefer to stick to the safe grounds of my home. BUT, this location was close to Malvina's apartment, which was necessary for make-up reasons, and I wanted the light stone ground for "background".  It was a really public place, and lots of people passed us and stared. Kudos to Cicci who walked around in that dress+make up and posed without a care in the world!
Really, we did two different kind of shoots that day, and three kinds of pictures. You'll get to see them sometime next week, I think. And you'll probably get what I'm talking about by then as well. Malvina and I have a project together underway, which we plan on "launching" on Monday or early next week. Probably Monday. I feel like I'm jinxing it by saying it, and stuff will come up and we won't do it. But Monday is the plan and so far we're staying clear of interuptions.
And I'm kinda showing you my wedding dress properly for the first time. Isn't it amazing?!


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