Picture Diary / 15-21 September / What are you made of?

You guys, I am SO tired. It took me an hour of doing basically nothing to get my head on straight and write this post. I don't even know why I'm so tired, the stuff I've been doing hasn't even been that exhausting. Guess I'm just out of shape, hah. I had to go back on my blog and check when the last time was that I wrote you a "catch-up" post. It was about a week ago or so. I wrote one for you just now, but it turned out so lame I deleted it. The pictures pretty much sums the week up.
I got my extensions the other day and I'm dying them into the right shade at this very moment. Soon I'll have hair like Lana Del Rey!
Btw, speaking of music? I've been listening to The Killers new album Battle Born the past few days. Have you guys heard it? Do you like it? I do, I think it's pretty great. I hope they come to Malmö so I can go see them! Songs I like so far are Flesh and Bone, The Way It Was, Here With Me, Deadlines and Commitments and Battle Born.
And I'm gonna finish by telling you that this silly awful post took me another hour to write from when I wrote that it had already taken me one to start. Thing are going so smooth and fast for me today. Gonna go sleep 'til late spring now. After I'm finished with dying my extensions. Bye guys!
ps. Who am I kidding? I still have to do my challenge for today. I can't go to sleep? ds.


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