Everyone's to blame

Outfit credits: Ebay coat, H&M dress and scarf, Dr Martens boots.
I'll be double posting on here and my old blog for a couple of more days, then I'll just be here. All bloglovin' followers have been moved here, and I'll link my new blog to my facebook soon as well. 
My e-mail account is currently down. I can't receive mails.  I don't know why, probably something wrong with the malinz.com domain. I'm working on it, though. I'm having some serious angst about this. Waiting for some really important replies from various places, and I don't know what happens if they are sent to me while my mail isn't working, if I ever get them or if they're lost. Real awkward if I don't and I have to mail around asking if they sent me a reply or not. Have any of you had this problem? Do you know what it might be? I use g-mail. I've messaged my website host about it but am yet to get a reply.


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