Extreme Hair Makeover

So, yeah. With some help from my friendsies, I had a massive bleach job, and then when my hair was platinum blonde/yellow/orange I put in some pink dye to get rid of the blonde and yellow. These are not good pictures of what it acually looks like, because it's too dark outside to take good pictures, so you have to take my word for it when I tell you it turned out pretty badass. I also cut my edges a bit, because obviously you need to do that when you bleach your hair from black to... well, anything.
For you who are wondering, my hair is currently fine. It appears to be made of steel, and won't break for anything (it's where my magic is). But that's all down to good genes, and not special care or products. I know they say that if you're gonna bleach your hair from dark you should go to a hairdresser, but in my experience it doesn't really matter. If your hair can take it, it doesn't make much difference what bleach you use. Although, you do need to have someone there who can help you with the back of your head (thanks, Hillevicious!).
I used two packages of Mood Ultra Blonde, had it in for between 1,5 to 2 hours, and then Directions Flamingo pink mixed with about 60-80% conditioner. Before I had black hair, a bit faded.


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