Picture Diary / January 31 / iPhone 5 and Casual posing

1. I got my new phone two days ago, but yesterday was the first day I actually used it, you know, out. I have to say I love everything about it. It's nice to have a better camera and more storage memory. I had 8gb before, now I have 16, which makes shitloads of difference. When I was starting it up yesterday, and syncing with iTunes, I was just like: SYNC ALL THE MUSIC. The background picture isn't mine, but from THIS amazing Wildfox lookbook that I'm totally in love with. Nyasha Matonhodze is my current model-obsession.
2. My friends and I tried out the camera, and it's pretty nice, especially compared to the one on my iPhone 4. The first picture is my friends trying to pose causally. And as you can see Kristoffer as a real talent fot this, unlike the other two. And if you're wondering why I'm covering my face in the second one, like a 14 year old girl, then it's because I have an image to uphold, and when people take photos of me and I know they're doing it, I look like an idiot most of the time. Especially in school, since I look like an idiot there even when people aren't taking pictures of me.
3. Only a month left to the Killers! Well, 29 days today, but YAYUS. I am so psyched! Haven't seen then live since '09! Picture here aren't mine either, it's what came up when I googled them for a background to my countdown.
My spare time is pretty fully booked for the upcoming week, so blogging might be a bit slow. But I have my extreme-hair-makeover planned for sunday, so I'll probably put something up around then! Cheerio, bitches!
Also, I have a new phone number, so if you know me irl, and haven't been invited to my "nytt nummer"-event, then message me on fb, so I can give it to you!


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