Try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin


Outfit credits: ebay mesh panel bosy, Dr Denim jeans, Jeffrey Campbell/ heels.
Completely out of it today. The new season of Community helps in 30 Rocks absence. I really wish there were more episodes of Wire in the Blood, because I could do fine with some british crime drama with characters I already know. I've already seen all the WitB episodes so many times I know them inside and out. That show is always gonna hold a special place in my heart.
Anyway, I got these coupons from msdressy for you guys:
$20 off: 733fc3482e  (valid up to Feb. 20th)
$30 off: 36ba600e47 (valid up to Feb. 20th)
$50 off: 849193c2a6  (valid up to March 5th)
There's no minimum spend for the $20 and $30, but for the $50 it's $300. Orders placed after Jan. 20th won't be shipped until after Feb. 26th, due to the chinese new year.


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