Who you gonna call?

Touched up the pink in my hair today. Wasn't really needed, but I didn't want it any more faded. I figure I'll try and wash it as rarely as I can stand (no more than every other day at least), and then mix some dye in the conditioner once a week. It'll work, right? Found some tiny pieces of extensions that weren't black, and made them match my hair, to fill it out at the front.
Still a bit lost inside my head. Slept for about five hours yesterday afternoon, and still crashed in bed about three hours later, and slept for another ten hours. Woken up with a headache every day since Thursday. Probably my yearly winter-low. Cold weather makes me sad, and unreasonably angry. Good job my hair is great, if nothing else!
Gonna finish watching Ghostbusters now. Cheerio!


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