Outfit credits: H&M jacket and scarf, Carlings sweater, Dr Martens boots, ebay yellow shoelaces.
All kinds of shit is going down. I got my new phone today, and I absolutely love it! I am also preparing for a serious hair makeover. I'm to tired too write anything more. Laterz.



Here's a picture of me, dreaming of a life with a mobile phone with a 8mpix camera and instagram. Sorry I'm not sorry. Soon, though, soooon. And if you're wondering is I wear this shirt all the time now, the answer is no, I don't. I want to though. If I pay 500SEK for a knitted sweater I'm gonna bloody well use it 'til it falls apart.
I know I've written this on pretty much every platform I'm on soon, but I just... don't know how to deal with it and I just want to share this very weird moment in my life with as many as I can, because, well, just, really? I was grocery shopping, and I was just casually about to pay for my shit, you know, all kinds of grocery store stuff, like diet coke, crisps, frozen pizza, etc, etc. Nothing strange at all. But then the cashier was unable to scan one of my items, so she asked me, very seriously:
'Is it really from here?'
At the time I didn't quite realise how absurd this question was, but after a few minutes it kicked in. Did she honestly think, even for just a second, that I brought this item with me from another store and then tried to pay for it again? I don't even know.
Gonna watch all the Helen/Nikki scenes from Bad Girls tonight. Then maybe consider actually watching the rest of the show. But you know, Helen is played by Simone Lahbib who also plays my baby Alex in Wire in the Blood (maybe I should rewatch that for the, like, maybe fifth time?), and Mandana Jones who plays Nikki is just so pretty, I can't help myself. I'm a shipper. I ship anything. How can I not ship my baby Alex and a hot girl? Still sorry I'm not sorry.
Cheerioooo ~


You can call it what you want

I was born in a big gray cloud
Screaming out a love song
All the broken chords and unnamed cries
What a place to come from
Remain Nameless - Florence + the Machine



As you may or may not know or have figured out, my dearly beloved iPhone 4 as passed away. It appears they don't teach them how to swim in the store before you buy them. I have never in my life before broken an electric device by my own fault. I dropped it in water and eventually I ended up unable to charge it. I tried switching the battery, and I had it brought in to be checked out by professionals, but they were unable to fix it. So now it's dead. Thankfully it still worked as usual until the battery died, so was able to back-up it. Here are some pictures I had saved on it, that I never posted here.
I'm getting a new iPhone on Monday or Tuesday, but right now I'm using my old Sony Ericsson W595. It's kinda nice in a way, to not have a smartphone again. I wouldn't be that bothered without it, but it really is a hastle not to have one these days. You can't check your e-mail at anytime, transfer money, check when to take the bus, and soon I won't be able to buy bus tickets either, because it requires an app (which is something that is very inconvienient not to be able to do when you live over 10km from your school). It's so silly really, because people used to be able to live just fine without all of this, but now people expect you to be able to do it. And I'm used to it too. I love working with good technology, since it's such a big part of my life (and we all know once you go Mac you never go back). I hate not being able to log onto my blog any time I like, or taking "quality" photos whenever. These days it's limiting, not to able to do so. And as silly as I feel paying shitloads of money for a new iphone, because I fucking broke my last one (don't think I'm not beating the shit out of myself over this), it's not just a new phone I'm getting. I have a phone in my W595. No, It's a gadget to make everyday life easier, and sometimes also more fun. And you would all be very sad without my Instagram pictures, wouldn't you?!


I know everybody lets you down, and I'll do the same

Outfit credits: Unif Evil Face sweater, DIY denim sorts, Famous Ape sunglasses, Din Sko boots.



Went back to my beloved Famous Ape today and did some shopping. It's some funny sizing Unif's got going on there. Also, sunglasses <3
Sorry about the quality, but I'm still without iPhone, I can't find the charger for my little camera, and it's too dark at 22.45 for my "real" camera. Hard fucking life.


[5] female characters

I had/have huge girl-crushes on all of these characters. I girl-crush quite easily and always take it to a super awkward level. Mostly on, but not limited to, older (than me) female characters. I don't even want to know what that says about me. Anyway, here they are:

Alex Drake (Ashes to Ashes, portrayed by Keeley Hawes)
I've seen her irl! Or rather, the actress that plays her. When Cicci and I were in London we went to National Theatre and saw Rocket to the Moon were she played one of the leading roles. I want to say it was crazy, but it really wasn't, it was just me who was.

Dana Scully (X-Files, portrayed by Gillian Anderson)
My favourite ginger in the whole wide world. Probably my biggest girl-chrush to date, since it keeps resurfacing every time I rewatch X-Files.

Kate Beckett (Castle, portrayed by Stana Katic)
Two words for you: HAIR PORN.

Olivia Dunham (Fringe, portrayed by Anna Torv)
My baby. Twice actually, because Alt-Livia is my baby too. There's no version of Olivia that I don't love. Also quite a lot of hair porn going on for her.

Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time, portrayed by Lana Parrilla)
aka the only reason to watch OUaT. I know I said this before, but I can't stress it enough. To watch Lana, in the costumes and hair and everything in this show is heaven, but every second she's not on is hell. Such a shame, it could have been so great.
Stay tuned for 5 male characters! ~


New in

Jeans from Gina Tricot (model Silvia) and Dr Denim (model Solitaire).

Low boots from Din Sko.

 Bracelet from Gina Tricot.
I used to always wear tights, but lately I've been more and more into jeans/pants/leggins. It's much more practical, since we do a lot of hands-on work in school, and climbing ladders, sawing, painting etc, is not optimal to do in tights and skirt. I've been living in my Dr Denim plenty since I got them, but the quality is not the best, and they're not very expensive, so I got another pair that are almost the same but with even higher waist (I already told you this a few days ago). Since I'm pretty skinny, but not boney, and short with short legs, high waisted jeans are the most flattering on me. I also got the light blue pair from Gina Tricot today. They were really inexpensive (199SEK), and I just loved the fit. I'll wear them for an ootd someday soon so you can see!
The low boots I've been dying for for ages, and they were on sale, so I had to get them. Love the red fade so much.
The bracelet I only got 'cause it was really cheap and I'm such a hipster and a sucker for all these grungy and religious charms. I'm an eclectic pagan, and I've always been really into religious symbols and stuff like that, so when I can get hold of nice charms, I don't hesitate.


A ghost should be so practical

Outfit credits: Monki body, Unif Gwen skirt, Dr Martens 1460 boots, Carlings beanie, assorted accessories.


Giveaway - $80 Msdressy Gift Voucher


In collaboration with Msdressy, the online store that has provided me with my lovely dresses, I am now able to have my first ever giveaway!  I completely adore Msdressy, I am super greatful for this opportunity and I'm so glad that I can now share it with you! If you just follow the simple rules below and you'll have the chance to win an $ 80 gift voucher!

1. You need an account at Msdressy, please make one if you haven't yet;

2. Like Msdressy on Facebook;

3. Leave a comment here with the email you registered at Msdressy. This is very important so they can send you the prize!

I will choose the winner via The giveaway closes in two weeks (5/2 at 15.00).
Spam comments will be removed.


An Enemy of Fate

So beautiful. There's not really anything I can say that will make you understand what it felt like, if you haven't felt it too. And if that's the case it doesn't really need explaining, does it? TV-shows to me are sort of what music can be to others, it's an escape path. This is the first show that I've followed since season 1 to go of air like this. Coming to think about it, it's actually the only one I have ever followed since it started airing (always late to the party me, otherwise). Five lovely seasons, five years of my life, and now never again. It's a silly thing really, to be so upset about this, but nevertheless, I am. Goodbye, Fringe, I'm gonna miss you so much.


[10] tv shows

Meet my lovers. Originally the challenge was just to pick out five TV-shows, but I changed it to ten, because five was far to few. I figured ten would be more than enough. I was wrong. I had to kill some of my darlings for this, like Rizzoli and Isles, 30 Rock and Wire in the Blood. But this is a neat mix of my all time favourites, current obsessions and just some sheer epicness that would have been a crime to leave out. Hope you enjoy. All of these are shows you NEED to watch. In alphabetical order:

The Addams Family (1964-1966)
If you haven't seen this, then you're not a true Addams Family fan. This is the real shit. It's actually very different from the films from 1991 and 1993, it's more fun and comedy, and morbid in a less gory way. Very quality for being almost 50 years old.

Ashes to Ashes (2008-2010)
Ashes is a sequel to Life on Mars, from 2006. You should probably watch that before Ashes, or you will be seriously confused. As I'm sure I've told you before, I watched it the other way around, but it only worked because I already knew what happened in LoM, because my dear BFF Sanna told me. When Ashes was still on air in 2010, it was much like it is with Once now, it was the ONLY thing I talked about. I have a very obsessive personality when it comes to things like this, in case you haven't noticed. Anyway, if you're gonna watch this and LoM, make sure it's the British version, and not the American, because that would be the wrong version. Very wrong.

Castle (2009- )
I've been a sucker for crime shows since always. I got stuck on Castle because it has this mystery touch to most of the crimes, which makes it a bit more exciting. It's also a fangirl's dream, since not shipping Castle and Beckett is close to impossible. And just look at Stana Katic's face. How is she even real? And if you search hair porn on Urban Dictionary, Stana Katic's hair is the first suggestion. Just sayin'.

Doctor Who (2005- )
I don't even know what to say. This show has everything I could dream of. Aliens, costume drama, crime, magic (sort of) and people in suits. What more can a girl ask for?

Firefly (2002-2003)
I only watched Firefly for the first time late last spring, and it took a while before I got caught in it, but since then I've rewatched it three times. Just, you know, space, and grungy outfits, crime and... space. I'm just gonna go ahead and state the obvious: It shouldn't have been cancelled after just once season. It was a really bad move, Fox!

Fringe (2008-2013)
Oh, my darling darling Fringe. You will always have a special place in my heart. You set the bar so high for new TV-shows, and I think there is yet to come one as great as you. Anna Torv is a godess in so many ways. I still refuse to accept that it has in fact ended now. I am watching the final episodes later tonight, and are therefore avoiding tumblr and twitter right now. I don't know how to handle this in any other way than denial.

Once Upon a Time (2011- )
The show I LOVE to HATE. I know I said in the beginning of this post that these are all TV-show that you need to watch. I meant, except for this one. It's the best tv-show idea executed in the worst possible way. If you have yet not sold your soul to Once, then DON'T DO IT. It's really pretty awful. And just when you think that it can't get any worse, it does. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is Lana Parrilla as Regina aka Snow White's Evil Queen. She is absolutely amazing and must have been born for this role. If she is ever killed off or leaves the show for whatever reason, I will stop watching. I don't even care about what happens afterwards. Actually I don't even care about what happens in the show now, I just want to watch Lana.

Sherlock (2010- )
So few episodes, so much quality. And we're probably not even half through the wait for the next series. I will never forget when s02e03 ended, and the god-awful cliff hanger. We just want to know what happened!

Twin Peaks (1990-1991)
This show ended with the worst cliff hanger ever, and we will never know what happened. It's the worst. I'm actually planning on rewatching this now, because I haven't seen it in ages. I was SO in love with Agent Cooper the last time around. He's just... ah. And Audrey Horne is pretty badass. I also used to know the whole Fire Walk with Me poem/whatever-it-was by heart. Need to relearn it.

X-Files (1993-2002)
I love this show so much I have actually permanently marked my body with one of it's catch phrases. Most of you probably know that on the inside of my left forearm it says "I WANT TO BELIEVE". If that's not commitment then I don't know what is. Scully is my ever ongoing girl crush, but I'm actually a lot more like Mulder. Because I really do want to believe. I take much pride in having seen every single episode, except for one, but it was from season 9, so it's okay.
There you go. See you soon for 5 female characters. I don't even know how I'm supposed to pick out only five?


I sometimes have a feeling I could wear colourful outfits, but then I think… hmm, better not

Outfit credits: H&M coat, scarf, hat and sweater, Dr Denim Jeans, boots, assorted jewelry.
If you haven't seen Pitch Perfect, then you should. It's like Glee, but better. Much better.
Today I did something as fabulous as going to my closest grocery store (that doesn't suck) to get snacks for when I watch (the end of) Fringe tonight. It's going to be very emotional for me. Prepare for some crazy-ass live tweeting, bitches. My first challenge-post is coming up later today for you as well. Exciting, huh? Not really. I'm excited though, about Alt-Livia coming back! Yayus.


TV-show challenge

I like me some challenges. But as much as I love the 30-days ones, they give me angst. So when I found this smaller one on tumblr, I figured why not. Not gonna post everyday for this, but maybe once/twice a week. Some of you are gonna think this is really lame, but I quite honestly don't care. Now I'm gonna pick out my ten TV-shows and do some screencaping.

  • [10] tv shows
  • [5] female characters 
  • [5] male characters 
  • [5] otps 
  • [3] queer otps
  • [3] seasons
  • [3] episodes that make you cry
  • [3] episodes that make you happy
  • [2] quotes
  • [2] holiday themed episodes
  • [1] pilot



I wish I could have fluffy, crimped curly hair everyday. Flat hair is just so lame when you can't be bothered with styling. I also wish my face was like this without me having to put make up on. Hard fucking life. I also never plan on stop wearing these jeans. I'm gonna fix all these three things by learning magic.
It's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday. Tonight is the last episode ever of Fringe. My baby Alt-Livia is coming back and I'm already crying over this. Luckily I have watched my make up of.



Old School, Old School

My iPhone is on vacation because of reasons, and I'm using my old mobile at the moment. I found some pictures on it from secondary school and felt like sharing. And also, first picture is my face/look/whatever today. Notice the long hair, and my new badass jeans that are the same as my other favourite pair from Dr Denim, but with an even higher waist. The model is called Solitaire.
The other pictures are 1. Amanda, Mimmi and I riding in our teacher's car because of reasons. 2. For graduation we all wrote our names on this sheet, and I figured it was a good idea to do the Fringe-six-finger-hand-print, and also leave my finger prints. 3. Sanna and I at Stadium, a shop that I hate so I have no idea why we were even there. Also, notice that the phone I'm taking the picture with is not the same as the one I found it on. 4. After I graduated, this piece of paper was on the table that was my favourite spot in school, for a couple of weeks. And no, I didn't put it there, my teacher did! Then, when this was taken down (and given to me, I still have it!), another one was taped under the table. Last time I checked it was still there, but that was ages ago now, might be gone. Coolio, anyways.
Today was the last day of our term, and on Monday the new term starts. Wish I was more excited about it though. Still haven't recovered fully from last term and all it's crazyness of d00m. Malmö University plays but a funny set of rules. Anyhow, my point is that I have tomorrow off and I'm gonna sleep 'til 5ever.
That's all, ladies and gents. I with you all a very neat evening!



I am often asked (as much by myself as by others) why I watch Once Upon a Time since I dislike it so very much. Hate is a very strong which I often use when talking about this show, it's characters, writing or green screening. Sorry I'm not sorry.
But Regina, sweet sweet awesome badass evil queen Regina. The only reason I need. Lana Parrilla is the only one who seems to be able to act through that shitty script of theirs.


Lace and Ivy

Outfit credits: Lace dress from, Heels from Jeffrey Campbell, hat from H&M.
Got a new dress from fabulous msdressy! Isn't it amazing? Trust me when I tell you there is NOTHING like a costume made ball gown!


Le hair

I got a new set extensions today, but I won't be able to use it out yet. It needs to be cut in, and I need to dye some of my old hair in the same colour as well, because one set is too thin for my hair (and two sets are too expensive for my wallet). I know it doesn't look it, but I've teased the shit out of it in the picture so make it look thicker. Anyway, I'm pretty psyched about this, 'cause long black hair with a fringe is basically my dream hair! Probably because Yuko Ichihara from xxxHolic (this is a manga, not a porno despite what you might like to think) is my definition of perfect.
I had a weird dream last night, where I was in love. Only problem is I don't remeber who it was I was in love with (might have been Olivia from Fringe, though, but I'm not sure), or anything else that actually happened, but it was so vivid! Flashes from it have been popping into my head all day. I wanna go back, lol.


Spontaneous Human Combustion

I tried to take a picture where I didn't look retarded or like I was making out with a DVD-box, but that turned out an epic fail, so I ended up covering my face, per usual.
I've been following Fringe since it was just a baby, and it's so sad that it's growing up and leaving home now. I'm gonna miss it so much. I'm still in denial, though, don't think anything else. But I have caught up with season 5 now, so I'm ready next week when my baby Alt-Liv comes back. I also rewatched my fav ep with her, Making Angels from season 4, it's just so cute. Apart from the fact that people get murderd and bleed from their eyes in it, that's not excatly cute.
If you don't watch Fringe then you're an idiot and should start doing so straight away, so you don't have to be an idiot.
Gonna rewatch some season 1 now. I remember season 1, it was good times. Planes and busses full of dead people, brains that boil or melt, killer butterflies and spontaneous human combustion. And ZFT, you guys! I don't even remember what that was, it feels like so long ago! Oh dear, it's like it's a piece of my life that is dying! FRINGE PLEASE DON'T END EVERYTHING IS FORGIVEN.
Sorry, I'm gonna stop now.



I learned today that my baby Alt-Livia is coming back on Fringe. I cried actual tears. I was sure we were never going to see her again, but now we are and I am so fucking excited, guys, you have no idea. So now I'm catching up, because I've been neglectiong this show for month, in denial of it's impending end. It just sucks when they know it's the last season, so they have to tie all the shit together, and it always turns out kinda lame. I mean, look at X-Files, dafuq was that? And it's a bit the same with 30 Rock, right now, but since that's comedy with not THAT much plot, it's not as bad.
Is it just me or is Olivia talking weirdly? I know Anna's Australian and has an accent irl, and I keep hearing it on Olivia. Maybe I just imagining, since the only Fringe I've watched since like early November, is "behind the scenes"-clips, where she does speak Australian... But NEVER MIND.
Thinking of getting myself a Fringe t-shirt at some point. Since it's great and ending and I'm gonna miss it so much and so on and so on. Gonna continue watching now, I have four more episodes until I'm up to date.


Jeffrey Campbell Everest Black Distressed

This is my newest JC pair, but I've been wanting them forever. The first pair of JC's I really wanted was the Tardy, which was also the first I bought, then it was these. But I have never gotten around to get them (I did have a fake pair, though, but I'm selling them). I've managed to get most of my heels from Jeffrey Campbell on sale (thank you, Solestruck), but you know how it is with basic black leather models, they're just never on sale, or completely sold out staight away.
BUT, there we were, me and my family, just casually walking down the main shopping street in Copenhagen, when we passed a shoe shop called Dope. And there they were, on 40% sale. So I got them for 899DRK. And they are worth every penny. And also, I got the cat box, so I was extra pleased.
Mine are a size EU 37, like all my other pairs, but these run a bit small. They still fit, but usually the 37 is a bit on the larger side on me, but these are not. So if you're getting these, and are between sizes like me, take the larger one, or even go another half size up, if available. I would have, if I could. But the 37 will be perfect as soon as they're broken in.
They're like the original Lita to walk, which means super easy, almost like flats. Gonna wear them out someday soon, can't wait!


Being a woman is the worst!

Oh sweet sweet 30 Rock, I'm gonna miss you so much when you're gone.



I tried living without them but realised I can't. I also dyed my hair black, and the dye got stuck in the white parts of my streaks, so they are now grey with yellow roots. Fabulous life.


Strangeness and Charm

Outfit Credits: Monki knitted sweater, Gina Tricot long tank top, Unif Gwen skirt, H&M scarf, ebay jewelry, shoes.
I really don't feel that this outfit is doing the skirt justice. It deserves warm weather, bare legs, a real crop top and Dr Martens. But I have all the odds against me, and I could not NOT wear it, you know. The thing I love most about the skirt is how it falls in the back, and you just can't see that at all when you have to wear a coat over it (which I'm not even doing here, and you still can't see how great it is). I promise you when the weather is better I'll do right by it.


Jeffrey Campbell Lita Washed Clear Heel

I already reviewed the JC Lita once (link), but these are slightly different. Sizing is the same; I'm a EU 36-37, and these are a 37 and they fit.
I've always loved the Lita model from the very first moment I saw one. And I didn't even know how comfortable they were then. The only thing I never really liked about the original distressed black leather one, is the redish wooden heel. I've never been much for the colour red, especially since I've been wearing mostly black since I was about 15, and mixing red and black just gives me an "emo kid"-vibe that I don't like (no offence to emo-kids, whatever you're wearing you should totally keep it up!). But these, they are basically the regular Lita, but without the redish heel! And I love the washed leather, which is basically the same as the distressed.
The thing about these though are that the platform is a bit lower than the regular, which makes them a tad bit harder to walk in. Still comfy as hell, of course. And it goes a it higher up on the ancle too, which I think is very nice.
Got them at Solestruck's crazy Black Friday sale, so they were an extra 50% of from the original sale price. I think I ended up paying around $100 for them.
I completely love them, and I wish I could wear heels to school more, so I'd get more opportunities to wear them!


New in


Unif Gwen Skirt from Famous Ape

Dress from H&M

Skull  scarf from Ebay, the other two from H&M

Jeffrey Campbell Everest from Dope.
I forgot to photograph my Boy tee and my hat, but you've seen them already anyway. Got the tee of Ebay and the hat from H&M. I am so skilled at getting my fav brands on sale. I got both the Unif skirt (seriously can't wait to wear it!), my new JCs and the Boy shirt at really great deals.
If you live in, or nearby, Malmö, you should check out Famous Ape by Davidshall, because they sell real cool clothes and shoes, like Unif and the more edgy models of Jeffrey Campbell. I was in there yesterday with Malvina, because I had seen a dress that I was pretty sure was from Unif in the window, and I wanted to check out if it really was. And the giant blinking SALE sign in the window were also a bit alluring. Turned out it really was Unif, and not only did they sell the brand, but they had pieces on sale! And there was I, all ecstatic that I was even touching Unif clothes. So I got the Gwen skirt for 300SEK, and it was 40% of in the shop, which makes the full price actually cheaper than it is on some US websites. Unfortunatley they don't sell any Unif shoes, because I would have died to get to try on a pair of Hellbounds. Anyway, you should all start shopping there, because they don't have the best location, and it's easy to miss or forget about, and I would just hate it if they had to close or something, now that I've found it!
I'm reviewing the Litas I got before christmas probably today, and then the Everests someday soon. Promise.


Picture Diary / 7 - 8 January / This is a gift, it comes with a price

1. My face, yesterday.
2. My face, today. Have I been wearing that shirt since I got it? Basically yes.
3. I got my first piece from Unif today! I seriously love Unif and wish I could have every piece there is. I found a awesome shop that sells a small collection in my home town, it's so cool! I'll do a "new in"-post tomorrow, and show you what I got, and my new shoes as well!



OMG you guys, today I was in Copenhagen and guess what I found on sale?!?! Dying a little bit.


Best of 2012 pt.2 - Fashion

1. Dress: Vintage burgundy velvet maxi dress. I've never actually used this out, because the opportunities I get to wear maxidresses are very rare. And this dress is very heavy, which makes it even harder. But never the less, I love it, and someday soon I'm gonna debut it.
2. Jewelry: Small bone choker. Originally a bracelet from ebay that I turned into a necklace and have been wearing most days since.
3. Outerwear: Vintage fluffy jacket with embroidery. I mean, just look at it. Wearing it is like being wrapped in a fluffy, warm and fashionable blanket.
4. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 8th Street boots. This is probably the altogether best buy this year. And most extensive, but you get what you pay for and all that. People still stare at them when I'm in town.
5. Shirt: Fluffy H&M sweater. Just noticed this is beginning to tear from excessive use. Need I say more?
6. Pants: Dr Denim Plenty Jeans. It's like leggings, but it's jeans. Also beginning to tear from being used too much. But I'm totally getting a new pair if these give in. I've never in my life willingly been wearing denim as much as I have since I got these.


Best of 2012 pt.1 - Beauty products

1. Eye product: Sephora cream eyeliners. I'm not much for eyeproducts, but I like these because they work great as both eyeliner and shadow. My favourite is the dark brown. I got them in the giant make-up kit my sister gave me for xmas, but I can totally see myself purchase more when these run out.
2. Hair product: Proffs Super Strong Ocean Mist Volumax. I have very sleek hair, and fot the past maybe five months, I've been using this pretty much everyday. It gives texture and kinda works as a hairspray as well, by keeping my hair in place.
3. Body product/perfume: Lady Gaga Fame. I honestly didn't think I'd end up buying this perfume. I doubted very highly that I was going to like it. But as it turns out, it smells really great and I use it as often as I can/remember I own any perfume at all.
4. Lip product: Sephora Decollete and MAC Cyber. I couldn't decide. For everyday use, I prefer Decollete, and I've been using it most days since I got it. But when I wanna be fancy Cyber is my absolute favourite. It's what I use in most photos where I have dark lips.
5. Nail polish: I'm a sucker for Isadora's Wonder Nail. They have lovely colours and they dry fast and last long, and are fairly inexpensive. My favourite shades this year has been the deep red 642 Zinfandel, and the glittery blue/transparent 746 Silk Road. Despite what you may think I don't like black nails, but I want dark, which is why I like Zinfandel. I like Silk Road because when I use it as an overcoat, it makes my nails look a bit like a starry sky, especially if I use my 702 Blue Jeans under.


Blind Side

I haven't taken any photos today, or done anything at all really, because I'm a lazy ass mf. But I felt like blogging, and I hate text-only-posts, so here's a lousy webcam shot of me wearing sunglasses indoors on a cold and dark Janurary evening. Nothing strange at all.
When I wear this sweater you can't see where my hair ends and I can pretend it's really long. My highlights are currently blue, because I bleached the roots of them, and some streaks turned bleach-yellow, and bleach-yellow makes me feel gross. My great plan is to condition the shit out of them when I wash my hair so the blue fades really fast and it will be greyish again.
I watched the Blind Side (the one with Sandra Bullock) today, and cried. It was so sweet. Not usually my type of movie, but for some reason I got into my head that I was gonna watch it, so I did, and it was great. I even liked it on facebook, and I don't like liking things on facebook, especially things that I don't want to weridly pop up among my "interests" and be followed by awkwardness (once it said that my interest were Peter Petrelli from Heroes, and just NO). Oh my, better check so it hasn't ended up some place strange right now (update: no worries, it safely among favourite movies). Anywa-hay, I had my fair share of tears this morning so I'm gonna round of today with Miss Congeniality, because I have a Sandra Bullock thing going on since Two Weeks Notice was on telly over xmas.
Also, I walked over 5km today in my new Dr Martens, and only got one blister! Good job me and my weird feet!
But never mind. I have important things to do now. I have to decide what to have for dinner! Cheerio!


2012 Retrospect

 DUN DUN DUN. Here it is. I did it. 2012, month by month. It's weird, while I was writing this I realized that last month feels about as long ago as last January. I live in a time warp. The only reason I remember anything is because I blog and can go back in the archive and read what I did every month. Which is why I'm never deleteing any of my blogs ever. It's gonna be so much fun decades from now.

I began 2012 abroad. My grandmother and I flew home from Tenerife on 1/1. I had burgundy red hair for a while, because it went nicely with my tan, but my roots ended up pretty gross so I thought 'screw it', and dyed it black instead. It was only a semi-permanent dye, so soon my hair was dark brown again. Obsessed with Sherlock, got my iPhone, and the badass Tardis case that I've had (without ever even changing once) for 11 months + 1 day now (I've actually finally gotten around and ordered another one, but I won't change before I've had the Tardis for a complete year on 31/1). Got my first JC Litas!

Still super obsessed with Sherlock. Made this badass poster. I think someone borrowed it to put up elsewhere, so if you've seen it somewhere, know I made it! We had a huge project in school, so when I weren't there, I was watching Sherlock or random films. Dyed a crazy ass dip dye at the end of the months.

Big bad BOOM on my lookbook+this blog+my tumblr because of this picture. I don't know the exact number, but I think I ended up gaining maybe around 300 new lb-fans during this month, and since then it was only been growing. I had first pink, then purple hair, and got my third tattoo (IWTB on my left arm).

Basically lived in my creepers, my hair was gross and half blonde almost the whole month (WHY?), and I was at H&M VIP shopping twice. Started to get into grunge fashion. Other than that it appears April was kinda lame. I was obsessed with Firefly for a while. Hanged out with Malvina all of the time and ate Cheesecake at Pronto.

My class held a concert/club night at Debaser in Malmö. Preparing for it caused some of us a bit of mental damage. I had bright blue hair and it was pretty cool. Got obsessed with Castle. And I mean REALLY obsessed. I talked only about school or Castle, and nothing else. Cut a fringe.

Finally got rid of the dip dye, and had a pretty good hair-month. This pic is probably my favourite selfie this year. I had most of June of and just spent time wasting life. It was nice. And it was about around this time my eBay frenzy began to get serious. Began work in the end of the month.

For the past three years July has been work-month. Life is basically work all day, sleep all night. Reached 1000 fans on lookbook! And guess what other life-altering thing that happened? I started watching Once Upon a Time. And it's still slowly eating my soul out.

Two weeks in Mallorca with my family. Spain twice in a year? I don't even know. Obsessing about how Once was slowly killing not only me, but all fairy tales ever told. I had princess hair and time off. Good times.

I turned forever 21. Saw my love Lady Gaga live for the third time. Got two pairs of Jeffrey Campbells: my beloved 8th Street boots and the Lita Spike in gold. I was interviewd on School, as well as all my darling TV-shows, started again. Got new extensions.

Because of Once I had a Disney princess obsession. Hillevi and I "established" the term Matching Outfit Friday, which basically means what I sounds like: that you have to wear matching, or preferrably the same, clothes on fridays. I started medicating for acne (for the second time) and my face was either super dry or puffy at ALL times. Had a brief time where I had a purple dip dye on my extensions. Halloween.

Got my fourth tattoo (rose on inner arm). The first that lacked meaning and I got for aestetical reasons only. Crazyness in school that brought another dose of mental damage. Bleached two blonde streaks in my hair, and tried to dye them grey, but with little success.

Continued to be mentally damaged by school, but for reasons feeling a tad bit more worthwhile. Got my fifth pair of Jeffrey Campbells: the washed Litas with clear heel. My blonde streaks now almost grey. Went on a skitrip over xmas with my family, but ended up with a cold pretty much the entire time. Spent New Year's in a sequin jumpsuit, so all was good.
I don't know what to tell you. Mostly it's been a good year. I lead a good life. Can't really complain. Except for about Once Upon A Time.


I'm always dragging that horse around

Fashion credits: Ebay coat, BikBok romper, Dr Martens 1460 boots, DIY choker, Claire's cross necklace.


New in

Knitted sweater from Carlings

Romper from BikBok

 1460 8-eye boots from Dr Martens
Some of yesterday's shopping. I got mostly money for christmas, so you could say that these are some of my presents. I also got a pair of new in-ear headphones from Jays (the a-Jays One), since I've had mine from Urban Ears for over two years, and I figured it was about time to move on from the giant mint-green that I've had going on.
Now, some of you might wonder (or not): didn't I already have a pair of Dr Martens that I sold? Yes. Yes, I did. But those were 10-eye with a steelcap in size EU36. These are none of that. I realized a while ago that I wouldn't be able to break in my old pair, because it just hurt too much. They were pressing far to hard on my bunions, and it just wasn't worth it. So I sold them, and got these instead. Naturally, they still hurt, but all real-leather-boots do when you're breaking them in. Even my JC ones, and they are my most comfortable shoes now (after my b/w converse). And after not even 24h of on-and-off wearing my new boots, they're alrady much softer. So yeah, good investment.
I plan on doing a best-of-2012 post for you at some point this week, and also maybe a retrospect of the past year. But no promises, because if I promise I will probably end up not doing it...
Cheerio, my sweets!