[5] female characters

I had/have huge girl-crushes on all of these characters. I girl-crush quite easily and always take it to a super awkward level. Mostly on, but not limited to, older (than me) female characters. I don't even want to know what that says about me. Anyway, here they are:

Alex Drake (Ashes to Ashes, portrayed by Keeley Hawes)
I've seen her irl! Or rather, the actress that plays her. When Cicci and I were in London we went to National Theatre and saw Rocket to the Moon were she played one of the leading roles. I want to say it was crazy, but it really wasn't, it was just me who was.

Dana Scully (X-Files, portrayed by Gillian Anderson)
My favourite ginger in the whole wide world. Probably my biggest girl-chrush to date, since it keeps resurfacing every time I rewatch X-Files.

Kate Beckett (Castle, portrayed by Stana Katic)
Two words for you: HAIR PORN.

Olivia Dunham (Fringe, portrayed by Anna Torv)
My baby. Twice actually, because Alt-Livia is my baby too. There's no version of Olivia that I don't love. Also quite a lot of hair porn going on for her.

Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time, portrayed by Lana Parrilla)
aka the only reason to watch OUaT. I know I said this before, but I can't stress it enough. To watch Lana, in the costumes and hair and everything in this show is heaven, but every second she's not on is hell. Such a shame, it could have been so great.
Stay tuned for 5 male characters! ~


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