Best of 2012 pt.1 - Beauty products

1. Eye product: Sephora cream eyeliners. I'm not much for eyeproducts, but I like these because they work great as both eyeliner and shadow. My favourite is the dark brown. I got them in the giant make-up kit my sister gave me for xmas, but I can totally see myself purchase more when these run out.
2. Hair product: Proffs Super Strong Ocean Mist Volumax. I have very sleek hair, and fot the past maybe five months, I've been using this pretty much everyday. It gives texture and kinda works as a hairspray as well, by keeping my hair in place.
3. Body product/perfume: Lady Gaga Fame. I honestly didn't think I'd end up buying this perfume. I doubted very highly that I was going to like it. But as it turns out, it smells really great and I use it as often as I can/remember I own any perfume at all.
4. Lip product: Sephora Decollete and MAC Cyber. I couldn't decide. For everyday use, I prefer Decollete, and I've been using it most days since I got it. But when I wanna be fancy Cyber is my absolute favourite. It's what I use in most photos where I have dark lips.
5. Nail polish: I'm a sucker for Isadora's Wonder Nail. They have lovely colours and they dry fast and last long, and are fairly inexpensive. My favourite shades this year has been the deep red 642 Zinfandel, and the glittery blue/transparent 746 Silk Road. Despite what you may think I don't like black nails, but I want dark, which is why I like Zinfandel. I like Silk Road because when I use it as an overcoat, it makes my nails look a bit like a starry sky, especially if I use my 702 Blue Jeans under.


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