Blind Side

I haven't taken any photos today, or done anything at all really, because I'm a lazy ass mf. But I felt like blogging, and I hate text-only-posts, so here's a lousy webcam shot of me wearing sunglasses indoors on a cold and dark Janurary evening. Nothing strange at all.
When I wear this sweater you can't see where my hair ends and I can pretend it's really long. My highlights are currently blue, because I bleached the roots of them, and some streaks turned bleach-yellow, and bleach-yellow makes me feel gross. My great plan is to condition the shit out of them when I wash my hair so the blue fades really fast and it will be greyish again.
I watched the Blind Side (the one with Sandra Bullock) today, and cried. It was so sweet. Not usually my type of movie, but for some reason I got into my head that I was gonna watch it, so I did, and it was great. I even liked it on facebook, and I don't like liking things on facebook, especially things that I don't want to weridly pop up among my "interests" and be followed by awkwardness (once it said that my interest were Peter Petrelli from Heroes, and just NO). Oh my, better check so it hasn't ended up some place strange right now (update: no worries, it safely among favourite movies). Anywa-hay, I had my fair share of tears this morning so I'm gonna round of today with Miss Congeniality, because I have a Sandra Bullock thing going on since Two Weeks Notice was on telly over xmas.
Also, I walked over 5km today in my new Dr Martens, and only got one blister! Good job me and my weird feet!
But never mind. I have important things to do now. I have to decide what to have for dinner! Cheerio!


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