As you may or may not know or have figured out, my dearly beloved iPhone 4 as passed away. It appears they don't teach them how to swim in the store before you buy them. I have never in my life before broken an electric device by my own fault. I dropped it in water and eventually I ended up unable to charge it. I tried switching the battery, and I had it brought in to be checked out by professionals, but they were unable to fix it. So now it's dead. Thankfully it still worked as usual until the battery died, so was able to back-up it. Here are some pictures I had saved on it, that I never posted here.
I'm getting a new iPhone on Monday or Tuesday, but right now I'm using my old Sony Ericsson W595. It's kinda nice in a way, to not have a smartphone again. I wouldn't be that bothered without it, but it really is a hastle not to have one these days. You can't check your e-mail at anytime, transfer money, check when to take the bus, and soon I won't be able to buy bus tickets either, because it requires an app (which is something that is very inconvienient not to be able to do when you live over 10km from your school). It's so silly really, because people used to be able to live just fine without all of this, but now people expect you to be able to do it. And I'm used to it too. I love working with good technology, since it's such a big part of my life (and we all know once you go Mac you never go back). I hate not being able to log onto my blog any time I like, or taking "quality" photos whenever. These days it's limiting, not to able to do so. And as silly as I feel paying shitloads of money for a new iphone, because I fucking broke my last one (don't think I'm not beating the shit out of myself over this), it's not just a new phone I'm getting. I have a phone in my W595. No, It's a gadget to make everyday life easier, and sometimes also more fun. And you would all be very sad without my Instagram pictures, wouldn't you?!


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