Here's a picture of me, dreaming of a life with a mobile phone with a 8mpix camera and instagram. Sorry I'm not sorry. Soon, though, soooon. And if you're wondering is I wear this shirt all the time now, the answer is no, I don't. I want to though. If I pay 500SEK for a knitted sweater I'm gonna bloody well use it 'til it falls apart.
I know I've written this on pretty much every platform I'm on soon, but I just... don't know how to deal with it and I just want to share this very weird moment in my life with as many as I can, because, well, just, really? I was grocery shopping, and I was just casually about to pay for my shit, you know, all kinds of grocery store stuff, like diet coke, crisps, frozen pizza, etc, etc. Nothing strange at all. But then the cashier was unable to scan one of my items, so she asked me, very seriously:
'Is it really from here?'
At the time I didn't quite realise how absurd this question was, but after a few minutes it kicked in. Did she honestly think, even for just a second, that I brought this item with me from another store and then tried to pay for it again? I don't even know.
Gonna watch all the Helen/Nikki scenes from Bad Girls tonight. Then maybe consider actually watching the rest of the show. But you know, Helen is played by Simone Lahbib who also plays my baby Alex in Wire in the Blood (maybe I should rewatch that for the, like, maybe fifth time?), and Mandana Jones who plays Nikki is just so pretty, I can't help myself. I'm a shipper. I ship anything. How can I not ship my baby Alex and a hot girl? Still sorry I'm not sorry.
Cheerioooo ~


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