Jeffrey Campbell Lita Washed Clear Heel

I already reviewed the JC Lita once (link), but these are slightly different. Sizing is the same; I'm a EU 36-37, and these are a 37 and they fit.
I've always loved the Lita model from the very first moment I saw one. And I didn't even know how comfortable they were then. The only thing I never really liked about the original distressed black leather one, is the redish wooden heel. I've never been much for the colour red, especially since I've been wearing mostly black since I was about 15, and mixing red and black just gives me an "emo kid"-vibe that I don't like (no offence to emo-kids, whatever you're wearing you should totally keep it up!). But these, they are basically the regular Lita, but without the redish heel! And I love the washed leather, which is basically the same as the distressed.
The thing about these though are that the platform is a bit lower than the regular, which makes them a tad bit harder to walk in. Still comfy as hell, of course. And it goes a it higher up on the ancle too, which I think is very nice.
Got them at Solestruck's crazy Black Friday sale, so they were an extra 50% of from the original sale price. I think I ended up paying around $100 for them.
I completely love them, and I wish I could wear heels to school more, so I'd get more opportunities to wear them!


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I really like these, definitely prefer them over the wooden heel of the normal Lita.

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