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Jeans from Gina Tricot (model Silvia) and Dr Denim (model Solitaire).

Low boots from Din Sko.

 Bracelet from Gina Tricot.
I used to always wear tights, but lately I've been more and more into jeans/pants/leggins. It's much more practical, since we do a lot of hands-on work in school, and climbing ladders, sawing, painting etc, is not optimal to do in tights and skirt. I've been living in my Dr Denim plenty since I got them, but the quality is not the best, and they're not very expensive, so I got another pair that are almost the same but with even higher waist (I already told you this a few days ago). Since I'm pretty skinny, but not boney, and short with short legs, high waisted jeans are the most flattering on me. I also got the light blue pair from Gina Tricot today. They were really inexpensive (199SEK), and I just loved the fit. I'll wear them for an ootd someday soon so you can see!
The low boots I've been dying for for ages, and they were on sale, so I had to get them. Love the red fade so much.
The bracelet I only got 'cause it was really cheap and I'm such a hipster and a sucker for all these grungy and religious charms. I'm an eclectic pagan, and I've always been really into religious symbols and stuff like that, so when I can get hold of nice charms, I don't hesitate.


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