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Unif Gwen Skirt from Famous Ape

Dress from H&M

Skull  scarf from Ebay, the other two from H&M

Jeffrey Campbell Everest from Dope.
I forgot to photograph my Boy tee and my hat, but you've seen them already anyway. Got the tee of Ebay and the hat from H&M. I am so skilled at getting my fav brands on sale. I got both the Unif skirt (seriously can't wait to wear it!), my new JCs and the Boy shirt at really great deals.
If you live in, or nearby, Malmö, you should check out Famous Ape by Davidshall, because they sell real cool clothes and shoes, like Unif and the more edgy models of Jeffrey Campbell. I was in there yesterday with Malvina, because I had seen a dress that I was pretty sure was from Unif in the window, and I wanted to check out if it really was. And the giant blinking SALE sign in the window were also a bit alluring. Turned out it really was Unif, and not only did they sell the brand, but they had pieces on sale! And there was I, all ecstatic that I was even touching Unif clothes. So I got the Gwen skirt for 300SEK, and it was 40% of in the shop, which makes the full price actually cheaper than it is on some US websites. Unfortunatley they don't sell any Unif shoes, because I would have died to get to try on a pair of Hellbounds. Anyway, you should all start shopping there, because they don't have the best location, and it's easy to miss or forget about, and I would just hate it if they had to close or something, now that I've found it!
I'm reviewing the Litas I got before christmas probably today, and then the Everests someday soon. Promise.


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Postat av: Shaz

*gasp* I cannot wait to see you style the UNIF skirt. It is divine.

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Postat av: mercedes

när jag kommer för att köpa skorna av dig kan jag ta med mig mina hellbounds så kan du prova dem :D

Svar: YAAAY! :D
Malin Z

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