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Knitted sweater from Carlings

Romper from BikBok

 1460 8-eye boots from Dr Martens
Some of yesterday's shopping. I got mostly money for christmas, so you could say that these are some of my presents. I also got a pair of new in-ear headphones from Jays (the a-Jays One), since I've had mine from Urban Ears for over two years, and I figured it was about time to move on from the giant mint-green that I've had going on.
Now, some of you might wonder (or not): didn't I already have a pair of Dr Martens that I sold? Yes. Yes, I did. But those were 10-eye with a steelcap in size EU36. These are none of that. I realized a while ago that I wouldn't be able to break in my old pair, because it just hurt too much. They were pressing far to hard on my bunions, and it just wasn't worth it. So I sold them, and got these instead. Naturally, they still hurt, but all real-leather-boots do when you're breaking them in. Even my JC ones, and they are my most comfortable shoes now (after my b/w converse). And after not even 24h of on-and-off wearing my new boots, they're alrady much softer. So yeah, good investment.
I plan on doing a best-of-2012 post for you at some point this week, and also maybe a retrospect of the past year. But no promises, because if I promise I will probably end up not doing it...
Cheerio, my sweets!


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