Old School, Old School

My iPhone is on vacation because of reasons, and I'm using my old mobile at the moment. I found some pictures on it from secondary school and felt like sharing. And also, first picture is my face/look/whatever today. Notice the long hair, and my new badass jeans that are the same as my other favourite pair from Dr Denim, but with an even higher waist. The model is called Solitaire.
The other pictures are 1. Amanda, Mimmi and I riding in our teacher's car because of reasons. 2. For graduation we all wrote our names on this sheet, and I figured it was a good idea to do the Fringe-six-finger-hand-print, and also leave my finger prints. 3. Sanna and I at Stadium, a shop that I hate so I have no idea why we were even there. Also, notice that the phone I'm taking the picture with is not the same as the one I found it on. 4. After I graduated, this piece of paper was on the table that was my favourite spot in school, for a couple of weeks. And no, I didn't put it there, my teacher did! Then, when this was taken down (and given to me, I still have it!), another one was taped under the table. Last time I checked it was still there, but that was ages ago now, might be gone. Coolio, anyways.
Today was the last day of our term, and on Monday the new term starts. Wish I was more excited about it though. Still haven't recovered fully from last term and all it's crazyness of d00m. Malmö University plays but a funny set of rules. Anyhow, my point is that I have tomorrow off and I'm gonna sleep 'til 5ever.
That's all, ladies and gents. I with you all a very neat evening!


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