I learned today that my baby Alt-Livia is coming back on Fringe. I cried actual tears. I was sure we were never going to see her again, but now we are and I am so fucking excited, guys, you have no idea. So now I'm catching up, because I've been neglectiong this show for month, in denial of it's impending end. It just sucks when they know it's the last season, so they have to tie all the shit together, and it always turns out kinda lame. I mean, look at X-Files, dafuq was that? And it's a bit the same with 30 Rock, right now, but since that's comedy with not THAT much plot, it's not as bad.
Is it just me or is Olivia talking weirdly? I know Anna's Australian and has an accent irl, and I keep hearing it on Olivia. Maybe I just imagining, since the only Fringe I've watched since like early November, is "behind the scenes"-clips, where she does speak Australian... But NEVER MIND.
Thinking of getting myself a Fringe t-shirt at some point. Since it's great and ending and I'm gonna miss it so much and so on and so on. Gonna continue watching now, I have four more episodes until I'm up to date.


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