Spontaneous Human Combustion

I tried to take a picture where I didn't look retarded or like I was making out with a DVD-box, but that turned out an epic fail, so I ended up covering my face, per usual.
I've been following Fringe since it was just a baby, and it's so sad that it's growing up and leaving home now. I'm gonna miss it so much. I'm still in denial, though, don't think anything else. But I have caught up with season 5 now, so I'm ready next week when my baby Alt-Liv comes back. I also rewatched my fav ep with her, Making Angels from season 4, it's just so cute. Apart from the fact that people get murderd and bleed from their eyes in it, that's not excatly cute.
If you don't watch Fringe then you're an idiot and should start doing so straight away, so you don't have to be an idiot.
Gonna rewatch some season 1 now. I remember season 1, it was good times. Planes and busses full of dead people, brains that boil or melt, killer butterflies and spontaneous human combustion. And ZFT, you guys! I don't even remember what that was, it feels like so long ago! Oh dear, it's like it's a piece of my life that is dying! FRINGE PLEASE DON'T END EVERYTHING IS FORGIVEN.
Sorry, I'm gonna stop now.


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Postat av: Amandak

Jag saknar våra Fringe-dagar <3

Svar: JAG MED <3 Tror jag har printscreens av våra låtsas-spoiler-mejl till webdesign-Johan någonstans. Good times!
Malin Z

2013-01-13 @ 22:33:19

Remember me?

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