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Title is because I know Moe likes it when I write in French! Unfortunatly the whole post won't be in it... This was just because I have no pictures today, but I wanted to update anyway. Et vous savez combien j'aime mes listes!

Name: Malin.
Piercings: Not apart from my ears, but that doesn't really count.
Tattoos: Two. Born This Way heart on my arm and Deathly Hallows triangle in my neck.
Length: 159 cm.
Shoe size: 36 or 37 depending on the shoe's model...
Hair colour: Red, sort of.
Freckles: No, I don't think so.
Motto: "Success is the best revenge", among other things.
In love? No.
Do you wish you lived somewhere else? Yes.
Do you consider yourself good-looking? Ah, this again. Yes, as a atter of fact, I do.
What shampoo do you use? Whatever my mum bought when she was shopping. But if I could choose I like L'oreal Elvive Colour Protect.
What are you afraid of? To not have accomplished something in life. And to always be alone.
Do you like roller-coasters? I do, but not of they have loops.

Movie you rented? I generally don't watch movies, so I don't rent them either.
Movie you bought? Still don't watch movies, but the last DVD I bought was Ashes To Ashes series 3.
Song you heard? Black Jesus+Amen Fashion by Lady Gaga.
Song you downloaded? Can't remember.
Person you called? My grandmother.
Person who called you? My grandmother, haha.
TV-program you watched? Spooks.

Song: Right now: Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga.
Thing to do: Take a really good picture, watch a really good TV-show and sleep.
Sport: Have to be taekwondo then. Don't really like sports, though.
Clothes: I have a soft spot for white lace dresses. And shoes in general. Very bad for my wallet.
Movie: Sucker Punch, The Martix trilogy, Inception.
Car: Red Audi Quattro (if you know your Ashes, you know why).
TV-show: Ashes To Ashes and Doctor Who.

Have you ever…
Cried over a boy? No.
Cried over a girl? Yes.
Lied to anyone? Must have done. Can't really think of a time though, to be honest.
Been in a fist fight? With my sister, yes.
Been arrested? No.
Met someone from the Internet IRL? Yes.

Book you read? I read a very long fanfiction a while ago if that counts.
Person who e-mailed you? Apart from newletters, the girl who I bought my leatherjacket from.
Person who sent you a letter? My boss, lol. I think he likes sending letters.
Person who sent you a text message? My dad.
Time you had dinner with your whole family? My WHOLE family... must have been friday or saturday. Always someone who's away...
Thing you bought? Milk, orange juice and chips.
Person you thought of? Keeley Hawes, because I'm watcing Spooks and the only reason why is because she's in it...


Comment reply

This is indeed me. Only I have a lot of makeup on in this picture and have filled in my eyebrows, so I don't look THAT different irl. Someday, I'll post a "without makeup"-picture as well... But it does change my face a bit because I've gone from practically no eyebrows to dark brown. I think it makes my face look more boy-ish actually. But maybe that's just me... Thanks for saying that you find me pretty anyway! ♥

I'm really no good with comment replies and since neither of these are actual questions, I figured since I'm replying to Moe anyway, I'd just do like this and say thank you and I'm glad you like it!


Where I live: Interior

Yeah, so it's still kind of a mess here. Especially the living room (first picture). Got curtains that I'm going to put up in the big window (the one you can see in the exterior post) and I'm going to get a couch, I think. And some other stuff. I think I've said this before. Going to print some more Gaga-magazine covers for the kitchen as well. I think I'm all done with the bedroom though. I painted the doors and the shoe-shelf white and bought white racks for my clothes so it feels a bit like I'm sleeping in a big bright closet!


Where I live: Exterior

Now, I know it's rather confusing for people who have never been to my house to understand when I try to explain how I live and to where I have moved. So here's a little two or three part guide to what it looks like. To start I should say that even tough I usually say I live in Malmö, I don't. I live just outside in a sort of village. It takes fifteen/twenty minutes to get from here to central Malmö by car and between 35 (if you've planned well and are lucky) and 60 minutes by bus, depending on where you're going (but only because the bus route that goes to here sucks and takes insane detours).

This is the house where I have lived for the past eleven/twelve years of my life. I moved here with my family when I was eight. We used to live in a flat in central Malmö.

Same house from inside our garden.

The house where I live now, on the top floor. It's on the other side of the garden. Belongs to my parents and it used to be sort of a shop.

My house viewed from the street. I never use that door. On the top floor is my kitchen window.


Comment reply

Haha, I think she does expect it, since I told her just before I wrote it!

And yes, I will be living alone, but only across the yard from where I live now with the rest of my family. So it won't be much difference, only a bigger place and my own kitchen. And unfortunatley I won't be painting my walls with blood (I would need an awful lot...), but pink for the kitchen!

And thank you, about the hair! :)

Not really a reply this, but I feel the need to rant. I get this stuff on twitter every once in a while and I get equally angry every time. I've never gotten something like this on my blog before, just other random stuff. I find it quite sickening actually. It angers me because less than three years ago I was underweight. Is it really appropriate to send me this stuff? For all they know I could suffer from anorexia? I know it's not personal and that I don't need to loose weight, but even if I did, WTF? It's shit like this that causes eating disorders. There are people who might not get that this is totally random and think that they do need to loose weight. Send something like this to the wrong person and their health might be in jeopardy. So to all you twisted people who sends these to randoms, go fuck yourselves and diet until you die and spare me of your "advice", thank you very much.


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I know, aren't they gorgeous?! I think they're called Rotunda Clubmasters or something like that, and are from the 80's collection. They seem to be our of stock at the moment though, but keep an eye out, because they might come back!




List, because I felt like it.

Are you (right now):

Yes indeed.
Happy? Generally.
Bored? Not particulary.
Sad? No, not really.
Italian? Haha no.
Pregnant? God no.
Drunk? Yes very.
Cool? extremely. I'm wearing pony tails.
Irish? No I am not.
Parents still married? yep.


Do you believe in love at first sight? I do.
Have you ever been hurt?
Many times.
Have you ever thought of one and the same guy/girl several times during the night before you fell asleep?
why yes.
Have you liked a guy/girl without telling him/her?
Have you kissed someone within the past three weeks?
Have you had a secret admirer?
It wouldn't be very secret if I knew, would it?
Are you in love?
Depends on how you define "in love".
Will you marry in the future?
That is my plan.

Two options:

Love or lust?
Hair or eyes?
Can't pick.
Cat or dog?
A few best friends or many "regular" friends?
Few best.
TV or Internet?
TV on the internet! (GOTCHA!)
Coke or Pepsi?
Wild night out or a romantic evening at home?
at home
Money or happiness?
Stupid question that I refuse to answer.
Day or night?
MSN or Mobile phone?
Mobile phone.

"Have you ever ...":

Been caught
when trying to sneak away from home?
Broken a bone?
no, but I have had someone sawing in my bones if that counts.
Done something you regret?
No regrets.
Bungee Jumped?
most certainly not.
Lied to someone you like?
I don't really lie, I rather just don't say anything if I can't tell the truth.
Eaten a whole cake?
No, but I probably could.
Made a fool of yourself in public?
Yes, but I tend to repress such things.
Cried when a pet died?
haha yes, I had a minor breakdown when my first bird died.
Wanted to disappear?
Who hasn't?


TV-show you watched?
House MD. I'm putting of watching the end of Doctor Who series 4 because I'm not ready to see David Tennant as the Doctor go.
Blog you read?
I just checked by tumblr dash, if that counts.
thing you ate?
Person you talked to?
My little sister.
Person who called you?
My aunt.
Person who texted you?
My ex-teacher, lol.
Thing you read?
I tried to read a paper on Photo Therapy but it didn't go very well...
Person you kissed?
Oh I dunno.
Person you hugged?
My mum, I think.
Person you bought something for?
I payed for the lastest White Lies album when me and my sister ordered it few days ago. She's supposed to pay half, though...
Thing you bought?
The Chocolate I ate earlier.



There you go. A proper picture of my first tattoo. I love it and am so pleased with how it turned out, and now I just want it to heal and stop being so sore. I drew it myself and had it done at Liz Tattoo in Malmö. I really like that the text is actually in my own handwriting.

The reason I did this is because I think it's one of the most beautiful and important things in life to be proud of who you are, and not to try to be anyone else. Cherish how you were made. It took me a long time to get there myself, but I am now. It's also a reminder of what Lady Gaga has given me, without it being all to cheesy, and that this is a time in my life that I always want to keep close. It might sound as if it were something spontaneous, but it was most certainly not. I have been wanting to get tattooed as long as I can remember, and I've been planning for a heart like this since about '09. My problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to write in the banner until now. All of a sudden it was very obvious and it just felt (and still feels) so unbelieveably right. I have been thinking to myself many times "this is going to be there forever", and yet every time I do I feel so good about it. It's the most amazing feeling.



Photo: Cecilia Hellström

So yeah, as some of you might have figured I got my first tattoo today. Heart with banner on the arm that says Born This Way. I am completely thrilled about it. Right now it's wrapped in blood-sticky plastic and it will remain so until tomorrow morning, so you'll have to wait until then for a proper picture of it.

And no, it didn't hurt. Quite uncomfortable at times, when my tattoist hit nerves that went all the way to my hand, but apart from that it wasn't all that bad. But I was so nervous that I was probably crushing Cicci's hand anyway. Lots of love for her and Sanna who came with me as support!


Comment reply


The first four ones are official merchandise and should be available at Lady Gaga's website/concerts. The Telephone, Alejandro and Dance In The Dark ones I bought at the Monster Ball. Beautiful Dirty Rich was given to me on x-mas '09 by my parents, but I think it's from the website. The Grey Haus of Gaga top is from H&M. The Paparazzi one was bought somewhere in Notting Hill, London. The black one is DIY and the last one was bought for me by a friend in Thailand.

Funny how people keep reblogging my shirt-post on tumblr, adding stuff like "I've got the left one in the top row", "I've got two of them" or "I want all of these", like it's some kind of standard! I don't even have like 10% of the the Lady Gaga shirts available out there. But anyway, I think it's really sweet. This is the first time I have this massive reblogging of a post (almost 600 notes at this very moment)!


Comment reply IV

Well ain't this becoming a habit? Not that I mind, I like getting questions like this!

First of all: I am unfortunatly NOT married to Harry Potter, I bloody wish! I had a total crush on him though, around the first and second film...

Secondly: Yes, I do study photography and have been doing to for three and a half years now. I'd like to belive it's talent mixed with devotion and good teachers. I know a lot because I want too and I have worked hard for it. Nothing comes for free. I HAVE taught myself a lot as well, but I wouldn't be were I am today without Jeanette and Marie who were my photography teachers in secondary school, and I'll be forever thankful to them.

Thirdy: I think you might be right about the shadows. Since the lighting comes from below and from the side at the same time, it probably creates an illusion of me being tall.


Comment reply III

Well, hi again Moe! Funny how you always leave comments that I feel I need to answer like this!

So this is another clarification that I want to make. I've been thinking about mentioning it a couple of times, but never have. The fact is that I am not tall at all. I am actually very short, only 5"2/159 cm. I have been the shortest of my class from first grade all the way until I graduated secondary school. The reason I look tall in many of my pictures is that I know my own proportions very well and how to angle the camera. And of course the heels work their little magic. So there you have it! I'm really a very very small girl!

And again, thank you for your sweet comments! ♥


Comment reply II

Just to clarify: I think you misunderstood me. I most certainly CAN answer you personally, and I do prefer to do so, but I usually leave comment replies on the blog of the one who commented, and since you didn't leave one for me to comment on, I chose to do like I am doing now, because I wanted people to see that it really means so much!

I don't want to put myself above anyone and I reply to all my comments, one way or the other, as long as it's possible. Usually when no blog is added, I just leave another comment after, as a reply. The only thing I don't do is replying by e-mail, since I use my mail solely for work and school.

And again, your new comments were super sweet and you really make my day! And does Malin really mean "smart"?! That's so awesome, I've been told all my life that it means like "evil" or something. I prefer smart!


Comment reply

I just wanted to say thank you, to you who left this comment for me (since I can't reply to you personally). I don't get many comments, I don't have many readers or followers and sometimes I do wonder why I bother with this at all. It's commets like this that makes it worth it. I'm thrilled to know that there are people out there, apart from my friends who actually care!

Even though I have always had a strong belief in myself, I could in no way have found the motivation to work and fight to one day reach my dreams, if it weren't for the people around me, telling me that it's possible. And small comments like this one really makes my day (or like week). So thank you and lots of love for you, whoever you are ♥




2010, a year in the life

2010 has been a weird year. Great things have happened, but shit things as well. But in whole, it's all the good things I will remember. Here's a retrospect of my life this year:

1:th month - Internship and I missed school. Not much else going on. Hanged out a lot with Sanna, practiced taekwondo five times a week and had purple hair. Watched Fringe, Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

2:nd month - Still internship. Still missing school. Took millions of pictures of Malmö that I hardly have any left of now. Obsessed with Fringe and Lady Gaga, had my ponytail on the top of my head, was a bit depressed by the weather and consoled myself with shopping and watching childrens TV-series on Disney Channel.

3:rd month - Finally back in school after fourteen weeks of internship. Got the tickets for my first Lady Gaga concert and fell in love with the telephone video. Worked a lot on The Rhyming Game. Travelled back to my beloved UK in the end of the month.

4:th month - Back in UK. Fell in love with Newquay in Cornwall and also visited Startford-Upon-Avon, Salisbury, Bath, some other places and of course London. I Accidently ended up watching Ashes To Ashes on the TV in our hotel room and it was love at first sight. Been a true love story ever since. Bought a graduation dress and tickets for my second Lady Gaga concert. Finished TRG and was happy when I had Marie for class (happened far to rarely).

5:th month - Saw Lady Gaga live for the first time and kind of died. Started this blog. Was head over heels for Gaga and ATA. Listened to Bowie a lot as well. A really shitty thing happened in my life and I was a bit depressed for a while.

6:th month - Graduated. One of the best days of my life. Panicked a bit afterwards when hit by the reality of me never going back to secondary school and the sudden need to grow up and make a life for myself. Loved ATA and the 80's. Got myself a summerjob at home care service, thanks to my aunt (I'm forever thankful). Fell in love with a certain Alejandro...

7:th month - Worked the entire month, eight hours a day. Was tired all the time, but had lovely collegues. Had a bbq with Sanna when my family was in Portugal. Longed for a trip abroad. Listened to The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars by Bowie all the time.

8:th month - Cut a fringe again, worked until the 22:nd I think, then had some summer leave. Dyed my hair blue and listened to Diamond Dogs by Bowie. Read ATA fanfics and worried about starting university. Joined and took a lot of outfit pictures. Watched Demons and Identity in absence of ATA.

9:th month - Turned nineteen. Started at the university and met Cicci, who has become a great friend and who really gets me. Went to Paris with my mother, lived in a gorgeous flat, took a lot of pictures and ate crêpes with nutella. Started working on Death Of A Saleswoman.

10:th month - Worked lots on DOASW. Took this picture of myself, that still is one of my favourites ever, even though I look slightly retarded and not at all like myself. Me and Kajsa had a get-together with Jeanette and Spoke at Jeanette's (gorgeous) flat. Dyed my hair yellow, but it was washed out immediatly. Stopped using my old blog.

11:th month - Bought a new camera, lens and remote control. Made a short film and ordered Mickey Mouse sunglasses. Worked on DOASW. Was interviewed on radio. Saw Lady Gaga live for the second time from the front row. Best night in my life, I kid you not. Watched Spooks.

12:th month - Finished DOASW. Sold two copies and gave one away as x-mas present. Was depressed by all the snow. Played around a lot with shadows when photographing. Obsessed with Lady Gaga. Worked for three days and walked in the snow for a total of over six km each day. Got a photo printer for christmas.


Q & A

A few questions that are asked from time to time that I thought should be answered:

Q: Why do you blog in English?

A: Because I know for a fact that about half of my readers are not Swedish like me, but from various other countries. I don't have many readers in general, so I'd like for those I got to understand what I'm writing. And I find it a bit silly to write in Swedish and then translate, when I rather just write solely in English.

Q: Do you have an online portfolio or website with your photos?

A: yes, I have a portfolio. The adress is It contains most of my work from the past few years.

Q: When did you start photographing?

A: Around 2007, when I began secondary school. More seriously in 2008.


Wall Of Honours

So, this is my "Wall Of Honours". Here I put of stuff that means something special to me, or a memory I want to be reminded of every day. And I guess I just wanted to show you.

1. X-Files, you know. The best TV-show ever made, like.

2. Monet's water lillies. He's my favourite painter and has been since I was a child.

3. Something I made for my self portrait assignment in school. It's my message, that I always felt but never got to say. That it seems that I was never good enough. And how it hurts to never get that little extra acknowledgement, no matter how hard you work. I acctually almost start crying thinking and talking about it. It hurts that much. Just hope I won't cry at the presentation.

4. Lady Gaga posters. She's my Queen and Godess. She gives me strength to keep fighting. When I was in a dip about to hit the bottom, her song "Oh Well", made me feel it would be fine, different, but fine.

5. Photo of Cicci, I took for an assignment. We had fun, and I like the photo, so it got a spot on my wall.

6. Pictures of me when I was a kid. They remind me that I am still the same deep down, just developed.

7. Ticket from when I saw Lady Gaga in Stockholm 7/5 2010. One of the best nights in my life.

8. My "Telephone". A Lady Gaga innuendo. It doesn't work.

9.  Drawing from my favourite manga XxxHolic.

10. My favourite neckklaces right now. A lot of crosses...

11. It was my original idea to cover the wall with pictures of roses, but I failed. These are book marks. One is of a fairy though. It's my favourite ever. I got it from my mum, I think.

12. Photo of me, a dear friend and our two favourite secondary school teachers at graduation. It was one of the best days of my life. And it was so close to being completely ruined a few weeks before. This photo reminds me how great it turned out, despite all obstacles. And how much that time meant to me, how much I love my friends and my (now ex-) teachers.

13. Birthday card from my grandmother.

14. The best manga-drawing I ever did. I will never be able to do something that good again. Probably why I stopped drawing as much.

So that's that. On the table you also see some Hello Kitty stuff, Wasp - the horse (our old class mascot), my collection of empty olive-cans, my yellow hair dye, empty soda can I saved because it's cool and some course litterature. And I should add that I painted the wall myself.



My two little sisters, Lovisa (12) and Sara (17). We look nothing alike, you can hardly tell we're sisters. Though, when people know we're related it's like they persuade themselves that we do look alike. But really, the only thing we have in common is our blonde hair and blue eyes. And we don't even have the same blue colour (mine are greyish, Sara's are dark and Lovisa's are light). And both me and Sara bleaches our hair, so we probably don't have the same hair colour either.

But either way, we're the best of friends and we all know we can trust each other with enything.


About me part 1.

Who am I?

I realised most of you have no idea. So I just thought some sort of presentation of me could be in use. Not too long, I don’t want to bore you, but longer than the one in the side menu. It’s split in two parts; something more of a facts-part and one about my ”hobbies” and liking. Here’s the first one (facts-part):

My name is Malin and I’m nineteen this year (born 91). I’m from Malmö, Sweden. I live in a fairly big house with my family on what could be referred to as ”the country side”.

I’m attending Malmö University at the moment, and graduated from secondary school spring 2010. I’ve been studying photography for three years, just beginning my fourth. It’s what I want to do in life. People say there are no jobs for me out there, but I believe that if that’s a reason to not live your dream, then you don’t want it bad enough. My specialty is self portraits (as you may have noticed). I am the Queen of the Timer. This is not only because I am vain, it's because I am the only one I trust to always deliver what I want.
I am also taking a course in creative writing, since I love writing poetry and short stories.

I practice the martial art Taekwondo two times a week. It used to be more often, but I simply just don’t enjoy it as much anymore. I’m generally not a sporty person.

A work extra at home care service. It’s a job that suits me perfectly atm, as I can fit it into my school schedule quite easily. I also get along very well with old people (though, funnily, I do very much not get along with children).

That’s about it for this time. Part two will be up soon. All of these ”presentation”-posts will be found in a separate category called ”About Me”.


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