Good Times

For some reason I decided to read my old blog. It was fun, I had a lot of weird stuff going on back in '09. If you wanna check it out it's on


Princess scarf

Outfit credits: DIY jacket, H&M scarf, New Look leggings, Gina Tricot Anhk earring, Jeffrey Campbell/Solestruck boots.
My new scarf reminds me of my grandma. In a good way. She has loads of smiliar ones that I used to play princess with as a child. That means I put on shitloads of them as dress and veil and ran around. I think I might have a photo of me doing just that with Sara and Lina (our cousin) somwhere. I'm gonna have to go look for that now. I remember always feeling really pretty dressed in grandma's scarfs. So lots of positive energy in that one.
I did take some photos of our project today, and I will post them later or tomorrow. I might not have time today, since I have lots of other stuff to do. Like eat. And sleep.
BUT, there was this one other thing that I set out to tell you about in this post, but per usual, I lost control of my own thoughts and writing. But back to the subject that I never started on: You might have noticed that my face looks a bit mushy lately, and that I don't use much makeup (like no eyebrows and stuff). You probably haven't, but I do, since, well, it's my face, and I get into my head that you do too. Anyhow, the reason behind his is that I am current medicating agaist acne, for real, like I-went-to-a-dermatologist-medicating. It's the second time I do this, but this time it's different, because I got this new cream that makes my skin very dry and it stings like a crazy bitch. So as a compliment to this I have to take a new moisturizer, and I try to avoid putting other stuff on my face. I'm kinda trying to just let it rest this time so that my acne can properly go away. Which is gonna result in me feeling like I look puffy in the face all the time, for a while. Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end. I just wanted to let you know I'm doing this, dunno why. But now you know.
Gonna get some food in me now, and some more Doctor Who rewatch. Cheerio!


Day XXV - Shoes you love but hardly wear

It's not them, it's me. Really. They're comfortable and easy to walk in, but they absolutely KILL my feet after a very short while. It's because my feet are weird, not the shoes. In the begining it was no problem, but the pain I get has gotten a lot worse lately. Most shoes kill my feet after a while these days, but these are the worst. I literally can't walk after a couple of hours. I know this because I wore them to school once for a whole day and at the end of it I wanted to chop my feet of so the pain would go away. I think it's because of the all-wood heel and platform that makes it harder for the shoe to form after my feet in the area where it hurts. If I were a sane person I'd sell them, since I won't be able to use them much unless I have surgery again, but I love them SO much. They were my first JC's and I've loved them dearly since the first time I ever even saw a picture of them. They are my own personal heartbreakers.
I don't know if I've written about this, but the problem I have with my feet is that I have Hallux Valgus. Now, this is very common, and as I understand it it doesn't hurt for all people. At least not much and not until you're older. It's treatable through surgery. I started feeling pain when I was 15, and had surgery on both of my feet, right one in '07 and left in '09. The pain went away completely a while after this, but for the past six months it's been coming back in my left foot. I'm really dreading having another surgery, because I still have serious scarring from the first times and just the thought about them cutting it open again creeps me out. And I'm not even sensitive to that shit. Besides, it's only been three years since last time? How much doesn't that suck? I can't go through life having my feet cut open and bone sawn into every three to five years? Which means I have to live with the pain and not be able to wear my favourite shoes longer than a few hours. It's a bummer, but what can you do? First world problems and all that.
But guys, if you have what I have and if you're in pain because of it: have surgery. If you're lucky it goes away the first time and it'll never bother you again. Those three pain free years totally made it worth it!


Comment reply - Video problems

Translation: Video doesn't work due to rights violation.

If this is happening to you, then I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. The video works for me and for everyone on facebook as far as I am aware, so I really don't know why it doesn't for you. You can try to visit my youtube channel (link's somewhere in the sidebar) and see if you it works for you there, if you really wanna watch it. But I do promise you that you're not missing out on anything big, and it's not really relevant unless you happen to be in Malmö tomorrow.


Comment reply - Title

Nej, det är med helt vanlig html-kodning. I kodmallen, bland det första koderna som är, under <head> så finns där en där det står <title>någontextjagkommerinteihåg</title>. Den texten som jag inte kommer ihåg gör att ditt bloggnamn och bloggbeskriving kommer upp på fliken. Om du gör den ändring jag gjort så gör de inte det mer, bara så du vet. Mellan dessa <title> så tar man helt enkelt bort det som står, och skriver det man vill ska stå på fliken istället. I min kodmall står det t ex <title>MONS†ER YOU†H</title>.


How did you remove the hyphen from the tab above the adressfield in the browser? Do you use or something like that?

This is mainly for people who use the same blogging platform as me,, because they have a special code so you get this hyphen in the text on your tab, and this is how you remove it. But since it's a code that goes for all html-coding on all blogs, I'll tell you how you do it in English as well.

In the html-code of your blog/website there's a code, almost at the top, under <head> that says <title>sometextIdon'tknow</title>. What is written in between these two title tags is what it says on the tab, it's your blog/website's title, so to speak. You can write whatever you like there. In my coding it says <title>MONS†ER YOU†H</title>, for example.


Alien league

And there we go. Tattoo number three. It's from X-Files if you don't know (in which case you should be ashamed of yourself). I am very pleased, with both size, placement and font. The font is called Alien League. Isn't that a coincidence? No, not really. Ailen League is the same font that I use when/if I sign my photos or GIFs. It's been my favourite for a long while so it was the obvious choice, when I thought of it (which was almost to late, actually). Fits the occation, as well, doesn't it? I paid 195 SEK for it (it was an offer, it wouldn't have been that cheap otherwise), and it was done at Transilvanian Art Tattoo, in Lund.


Comment reply - Flower head piece (DIY)

First of all: thank you! And second: Yes, I did. It's really quite simple, but a bit finical. All you need is a plain headband, some fabric (I used black) and plastic flowers, which you'll find in any well-stocked craft shop. There's ten flowers on mine, four big ones and six smaller. I also have another flower head piece that only has four flowers, so it's really up to you how you want it to look. You just cover the headband with the fabric at stitch the flowers on. Takes some time, but it's really very easy! Do try this at home!

ps. I'm making you a "my favourite dresses"-post! It's gonna take a while to finish, tough. Lots of photos to go through. ds.


Comment reply

Oh Anna, my favourite fan (along with you, Moe)! You are such a darling and your comments always lights up my day! So to answer your questions:

1.The hoodie is cute, where did you buy it?
My hoodie is from originally from H&M, but I bought it on second hand. I don't think it's sold anymore, because I haven't seen it. If I had I would have bought it in store. It's lovely because it doesn't look like a regular track suit hoodie, it's a bit more stylish, and it's perfect to wear underneath jeans, fur or leather vests. There's one that looks a bit like it on Urban Outfitters (but darker and even nicer), if you like to know, but it's quite expensive. Still I was serioulsy contemplating buying it, but I ended up not, and I'm glad for that now, because my hoodie was less than 1/5 of the price. It's such a hard work finding great hoodies these days!

2. I wish you would write some more tips and advice on your style?
promise I'll try! I know I'm awful at taking pictures and write about stuff I buy. It's not that I don't want to, I'm just lazy, haha. But about the other things you wrote, about not following the trends to the dot, my advice is that you need to always remember what YOU like, and what your inspiration originally comes from. And mix that with trends. If you forget yourself and get lost in the fear of being different, it won't work. Also, mix, mix, mix! Especially regular less expensive brands like H&M and whatever you've got in your country (here we have Gina Tricot, Bikbok, Monki, etc), with more expensive ones, like Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Jeffrey Campbell (and even more expensive like Acne, Whyred, etc). If you ask me, once you stop mixing you lose the essence of what it is to be stylish. It's not about the brands, it's about the clothes! And last but not least: Never hesitate to get/wear something because "everyone else has it". It's a load of bullshit. If you like it, then you like it and you should rock it! You just have to mix it up with other stuff to make it your own!

And here's an old photo (that I'm sure I've posted before) of what I used to look like when I was fifteen, five years ago, when I first started experimenting with my style. I like to think I've come a long way since then, haha.

3. Can you write a list your top three TV-shows? Honestly no. No I can't. There is no way in hell I can pick out only three. But here's a list of shows I obsess about (not in order):

1. Doctor Who
(the new series, starting 2005)
2. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes (AtA is a sequel to LoM, they're about the same thing. I prefer AtA.)
3. X-Files
4. Fringe

1. Sherlock
2. Wire in the Blood
3. Murder City

1. The Addams Family (the old version from 1964)
2. Twin Peaks

But right now I'm watching The Sarah Jane Adventures (don't watch that until you watched Doctor Who) and Being Human. I'll get back to you on those.

And if I had to pick out three shows that I think you should start with, it's Sherlock, Doctor Who and Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes. Because BBC knows their shit. Actually, my tumblr name (malintoashes) is inspired by the AtA TV-show!

(From Ashes To Ashes series 3.)


Comment reply - Hair care

Question: How can you colour your hair so much without wearing it out? Any tips?

Simple answer: I can't. My hair is very very worn where I bleached it, and a lot of it has fallen off. Luckily I have thick hairs, that can take a lot of damage before breaking. I take very good care of my hair tough, despite what people (my family) might think. Things I do to keep my hair as healthy as possible (other than obvious things like conditioner and hair masks when I wash it) is:

1. When I colour in bright colours, like this pink I have now, I make a mix that is about 75% conditioner and 25% dye. Sometimes maybe an ever larger percentage of conditioner. It's so little dye in the mix, that it's practically just like using just conditioner, and it doesn't tear on my hair that much. This only works if you use a darker dye though. If you use a light one, it won't stay with that much conditioner. So I always pick a darker shade when I buy it, than what I really want, and blend it out.

2. HEAT PROTECTION HEAT PROTECTION HEAT PROTECTION. Always, for everything you do. Flatening iron, curling iron and blow dryer.

3. Moroccan oil. Bought a small bottle from Proffs and H&M for my bleached hair, and I was surprised by how well it worked. It may make your hair look a bit greasy if you're not careful, but it makes it very soft.

4. I try to not sleep with my hair down. It makes it ruffled and frizzy and I hardly dare touching it with any styling tool without combing it trough with water first. I do that a lot too, rather than flatening it. Don't know whether it's good or bad though.

And here's the deal. Don't do what I did to your hair, and bleach it from dark to light in one go, if you want it to be healthy. Because it won't be. I'm not afraid for my hair, and yet my hair is very healthy compared to what it could be. My dark hair is still just fine. But if you're fearless, like me, don't be afraid to take chances. Like I said in my previous post: it's hair, cut it of and it will grow back.


Comment reply

I'm all in, let's do it! No, but it was amazing. I didn't have the time to look at all the dresses, and I didn't even begin on the hats and stuff! I hope I can go back sometime! Or work there, haha. And thank you Anna, for all your sweets comments that I haven't answered! I appreciate them all very much!

And btw, I've decided to start answer comments by you who don't have a blog I can reply to, as comments after yours on the post, instead of like this or whatever. It's easier and less annoying for other people. Just so you know. Starting next time I get a comment like that!


Comment reply

Oh Anna, you are such a darling. Your comments always makes me happy! I need spring feelings too! Winter sucks! It's snowing where I live right now and I haven't left the house in the whole day so far!

By the way, do you have a tumblr or twitter or something? So that I can write to you in other ways than this? :)

Thank you! :D


Comment reply

Translation: Love the dress, did you buy it on your trip?

Actually it's not only a dress, but also four different skirts (black tulle, white lace, flowery and a sheer one). But the actual black jersey dress with the pearls and stuff I did buy on Tenerife, for only €18. A real bargain!


Comment reply

I already replied to this question here. But you know, if you could give me a little more of an description of what you're looking for, then maybe I can help out. I do most of my "exteme" make-ups sort of in the heat of the moment and I don't plan them before, but I guess I could. So please let me know if you have something particular in mind!?


Comment reply

Because I adore the few readers I have and comments make me happy! You deserve some love (and answers to questions, obviously)! I said before but I do these replies to people who don't leave blogs that I can reply on.

You know, I actually thought about that a couple of times, but to be honest, I'm utterly shit with make-up. I hardly use any make-up at all in real life, not even foundation. Somtimes I fill in my eyebrows or wear lipstick but that's about it. When I do make-up for photos I cheat a lot, and it doesn't look half as good in reality as it does on camera. I use shitty products and rely far to much on what I can edit later. If I ever do a good and proper make-up though, I might do a tutorial!

But a tip for you, when I research make-up for photos I almost always look at Nikkie Tutorials on Youtube for inspiration and tips. She is great and very creative with what she does.

And for my jewelry-post! I have actually gotten requests to do more posts like that so, I plan on doing that somtime soon to, whenever I can find the time and daylight for it!

It's not a wig! That is all me! But dear Moe, you probably cursed it now. Last time you told me not to changed my hair I changed it completely. But I'm really not looking to changeing it anytime soon. I've got plans you see, but it needs to grow a bit more first! I really like the dark to, I think it reflects my personality better (cheesy as that may sound) and my natural colouring (you wouldn't know though, since I manipulate the colours on all my photos, more or less. You're just gonna have to trust me on it, haha). And thank you!

Aren't they lovely! I feel so lonely in my obsession, since I'm about twenty years to late with the films and fifty with the show. And I'm feeling even more lonely in my sudden goth-ness, haha. I do appreciate to hear from fellow Addams-obsessers! I watched the two films (from '91 and '93) three times each in five days. Having a break tonight though, since me and my sister were watching Harry Potter atDHpII!

And thank you for saying that you find my posts inspiring! I really like that I can inspire people. That's why internet is so great, isn't it!

Now I'm going to bed, good night my lovelies!


Who needs a significant other when you can have a cat?

Because if you don't know by now how much I love my lists, you don't know me at all:

159 cm.
Hair colour: Dark brown, almost black.
Eye colour: blue.
Freckles: None, but sometimes I wish I had.
Scars: Lots of them. Worst are the ones on my feet from my operations.
Tattoos: Two of them, neck and arm. Gonna make a new one sometime after New Years.
Piercings: Just my ears.
Illness: I'm hardly ever ill.
Broken bones: Quite possibly a broken tail bone at the moment actually. Haven't had it checked out though.
Phobias: According to a test I once did I have severe social fobia. Don't really think it's severe though, more like mild. But I do have it.
Obsessions: Recently I've noticed I have a hard time falling asleep if
I don't read before bed.
Fears: The dark, snakes, flying and falling over. And horror movies.
Bodily partytrick: I can sit cross-legged with my feet in my lap, and then walk on my knees, if that counts?
Best feeling: Front row on Lady Gaga.
Best physical feeling: Back massage. Or lying down in bed after a really long and tiring day.



I've been working some extra this weekend (because working weekends equals 1,5 times more pay than weekdays), and I've been to tried to wash my hair and now it's greasy, so I don't have any pictures. And I have a crazy kitten attacking my feet wherever I go (in a very playful way, he doesn't hurt me). So I figured I'd do this list to pass the time.

5 things I don't want to be without:

  • Computer, and not just for internet but because I've got all my photos, writing and music on it.
  • My beloved TV-shows.
  • My cameraaaa!
  • My closet!
  • Whisky! (and I mean the cat, not the beverage)

5 films I like:

  • X-Files Fight The Future
  • Matrix trilogy
  • Inception
  • The Sound Of Music

5 dishes I like:

  • Spagetti with home made tomatosauce.
  • Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes.
  • Pasta with pesto.
  • Ceasar salad.
  • Pizza!

5 cities I've visited and want to come back to:

  • London (all the fucking time)
  • New York
  • Bangkok
  • Paris
  • Berlin

5 things I want to do:

  • Go back to school.
  • Move to London.
  • Go on a roadtrip across Europe.
  • Buy a new computer (which I will in about a week or so).
  • Go shopping

5 things I dislike:

  • Haters
  • Ignorant people
  • People who destroy things for themselves and blame others.
  • Snow
  • Being late.

Ooh my god, Whisky just licked me in the face...


Comment reply

(Q: How do you focus your camera when you take whole body pictures?)

Först av allt: tusen tack!

I'm replying to this question like this because it's something a lot of people wonder. Well, mostly people ask me if it's hard taking pictures of yourself. I actually think it's easier than photographing others sometimes. To get the focus right is the hardest part, to be honest.

I've got a wireless remote control for my camera. It's not expensive at all, actually the one I've got was under 200SEK. It's form Canon and looks like this:

I'm pretty sure it works with all system cameras from Canon, at least the newer ones (EOS 350D and onwards, at the least). Not sure about other brands though. But there's other remote controls for those.

Before I bought my remote control I used to put something in the place where I was going to stand, like a chair, autofocus on that, then switch to manual focus, so that the camera doesn't refocus by itself when you take the picture. And of course the camera was set on the 10 second timer. Doesn't work everytime and the focus was far from always perfect, but it works. But the remote has made my picture taking a lot easier and it's something I truly recomend! I got mine from Scandinavian photo, because I bought it along with my camera, but I know it's available at better prices on other sites.

Hope this helps!


No one changes

To everyone who thought they knew me and thinks that I have changed.

I wrote a long post here, but I'm not publishing it. Because that's not what this blog is for. It was something for me and my future therapist.


Comment reply

I was going to reply to this yesterday, but I fell asleep after work and then I forgot.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by edited. Since I made the poster in photoshop it is indeed edited, and the picture from the post in it's whole is edited, but I have not done anything special to just the poster in the photo.

This is the picture I printed, and this is what it looks like in reality:

And no, I did not make it up myself. I saw someone who had one, but didn't know how to get hold of it myself. So made one in ps and had it printed in A3.

And all the baby frogs in our garden is gone now!


Comment reply

Well, yeah, but no. Not really. They're the kind you braid in. I needed to fake black long hair for my picture, and my amount of black real hair extensions is very limited and wasn't enough to to make the whole hair. So I put the real hair on the top of my head and put the dreads on a hairband in the back to make it seem longer. I think you'll understand when you see the picture!

But I do indeed own braid-in-dreads in plenty of colours. Used to wear it every now and then before.

This is from late 2009 and I think that was the last time I had it. Wanted to get it again a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't afford to buy new ones that match my hair.


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