White as Snow

Outfit credits: msdressy.com dress
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Everyone's to blame

Outfit credits: Ebay coat, H&M dress and scarf, Dr Martens boots.
I'll be double posting on here and my old blog for a couple of more days, then I'll just be here. All bloglovin' followers have been moved here, and I'll link my new blog to my facebook soon as well. 
My e-mail account is currently down. I can't receive mails.  I don't know why, probably something wrong with the malinz.com domain. I'm working on it, though. I'm having some serious angst about this. Waiting for some really important replies from various places, and I don't know what happens if they are sent to me while my mail isn't working, if I ever get them or if they're lost. Real awkward if I don't and I have to mail around asking if they sent me a reply or not. Have any of you had this problem? Do you know what it might be? I use g-mail. I've messaged my website host about it but am yet to get a reply.


Not really sure how to feel about it

Outfit credits: H&M top and leggnings, Shock choker.


Funny you're the broken one but I am the only one who needed saving

Outfit credits: Ebay coat, Gina Tricot sweater and scarf, DIY tee, Dr Denim jeans, Dr Martens boots, Topshop backpack.
Kinda loving Rihanna's new single Stay. Especially the line that is the title of this post. It's just accurate in so many ways in my life.


Velvet Casket

Outfit credits: Jfsn leather immitation jacket, H&M sweater, vintage velvet maxi dress, Carlings beanie, Dr Martens boots, Topshop backpack.
M camera decided my hair was dark purple today, and I tried really hard to photoshop it to it's actual colour. This is as good as it gets, but it's still not right.
Time for the new episode of Castle, then some Miami Medical rewatch (my fav hospital show, too bad there's only one season).


Who you gonna call?

Touched up the pink in my hair today. Wasn't really needed, but I didn't want it any more faded. I figure I'll try and wash it as rarely as I can stand (no more than every other day at least), and then mix some dye in the conditioner once a week. It'll work, right? Found some tiny pieces of extensions that weren't black, and made them match my hair, to fill it out at the front.
Still a bit lost inside my head. Slept for about five hours yesterday afternoon, and still crashed in bed about three hours later, and slept for another ten hours. Woken up with a headache every day since Thursday. Probably my yearly winter-low. Cold weather makes me sad, and unreasonably angry. Good job my hair is great, if nothing else!
Gonna finish watching Ghostbusters now. Cheerio!


Try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin


Outfit credits: ebay mesh panel bosy, Dr Denim jeans, Jeffrey Campbell/Solestruck.com heels.
Completely out of it today. The new season of Community helps in 30 Rocks absence. I really wish there were more episodes of Wire in the Blood, because I could do fine with some british crime drama with characters I already know. I've already seen all the WitB episodes so many times I know them inside and out. That show is always gonna hold a special place in my heart.
Anyway, I got these coupons from msdressy for you guys:
$20 off: 733fc3482e  (valid up to Feb. 20th)
$30 off: 36ba600e47 (valid up to Feb. 20th)
$50 off: 849193c2a6  (valid up to March 5th)
There's no minimum spend for the $20 and $30, but for the $50 it's $300. Orders placed after Jan. 20th won't be shipped until after Feb. 26th, due to the chinese new year.


Pretty looking road

Outfit credits: Bikbok coat, H&M scarf, Topshop backpack, Monki dress, Dr Martens boots.



Outfit credits: Ebay coat and creepers, Carlings knitted sweater, Gina Tricot long top, H&M leggings.
I am really unimaginative today, and couldn't think of a title to the post.


I wanna be a part of something I don't know

Outfit credits: Ellos jacket, H&M scarf, sweater ans t-shirt, Dr Denim jeans, Dr Martens boots, ebay/gina tricot assorted jewelry.
Again, with the "won't have time to blog"-statement, and then I do it anyway. I'm gonna make a cheesecake now, I'm having house guests over tomorrow.


All kinds of

Picture from last night. I have a thing for having webcam pics for DP, so I had to take a few of them too. Kinda awkward how well my favourite tee matches my hair (worse irl). It's so hard to take pictures of my current hair colour(s) that does it justice. It looks so pink here, when it's actually more orange. It's kinda orange with neon pink roots.
Woke up 5 AM this morning and couldn't sleep, so I went up and lay on the couch, surfed le internetz for fifteen minutes, then fell alseep here. My couch is like a sleeping pill.
My giveaway closed yesterday, and the winner was Fati!


Extreme Hair Makeover

So, yeah. With some help from my friendsies, I had a massive bleach job, and then when my hair was platinum blonde/yellow/orange I put in some pink dye to get rid of the blonde and yellow. These are not good pictures of what it acually looks like, because it's too dark outside to take good pictures, so you have to take my word for it when I tell you it turned out pretty badass. I also cut my edges a bit, because obviously you need to do that when you bleach your hair from black to... well, anything.
For you who are wondering, my hair is currently fine. It appears to be made of steel, and won't break for anything (it's where my magic is). But that's all down to good genes, and not special care or products. I know they say that if you're gonna bleach your hair from dark you should go to a hairdresser, but in my experience it doesn't really matter. If your hair can take it, it doesn't make much difference what bleach you use. Although, you do need to have someone there who can help you with the back of your head (thanks, Hillevicious!).
I used two packages of Mood Ultra Blonde, had it in for between 1,5 to 2 hours, and then Directions Flamingo pink mixed with about 60-80% conditioner. Before I had black hair, a bit faded.



Outfit credits: H&M jacket and scarf, Carlings sweater, Dr Martens boots, ebay yellow shoelaces.
All kinds of shit is going down. I got my new phone today, and I absolutely love it! I am also preparing for a serious hair makeover. I'm to tired too write anything more. Laterz.


You can call it what you want

I was born in a big gray cloud
Screaming out a love song
All the broken chords and unnamed cries
What a place to come from
Remain Nameless - Florence + the Machine


I know everybody lets you down, and I'll do the same

Outfit credits: Unif Evil Face sweater, DIY denim sorts, Famous Ape sunglasses, Din Sko boots.



Went back to my beloved Famous Ape today and did some shopping. It's some funny sizing Unif's got going on there. Also, sunglasses <3
Sorry about the quality, but I'm still without iPhone, I can't find the charger for my little camera, and it's too dark at 22.45 for my "real" camera. Hard fucking life.


New in

Jeans from Gina Tricot (model Silvia) and Dr Denim (model Solitaire).

Low boots from Din Sko.

 Bracelet from Gina Tricot.
I used to always wear tights, but lately I've been more and more into jeans/pants/leggins. It's much more practical, since we do a lot of hands-on work in school, and climbing ladders, sawing, painting etc, is not optimal to do in tights and skirt. I've been living in my Dr Denim plenty since I got them, but the quality is not the best, and they're not very expensive, so I got another pair that are almost the same but with even higher waist (I already told you this a few days ago). Since I'm pretty skinny, but not boney, and short with short legs, high waisted jeans are the most flattering on me. I also got the light blue pair from Gina Tricot today. They were really inexpensive (199SEK), and I just loved the fit. I'll wear them for an ootd someday soon so you can see!
The low boots I've been dying for for ages, and they were on sale, so I had to get them. Love the red fade so much.
The bracelet I only got 'cause it was really cheap and I'm such a hipster and a sucker for all these grungy and religious charms. I'm an eclectic pagan, and I've always been really into religious symbols and stuff like that, so when I can get hold of nice charms, I don't hesitate.


A ghost should be so practical

Outfit credits: Monki body, Unif Gwen skirt, Dr Martens 1460 boots, Carlings beanie, assorted accessories.


Giveaway - $80 Msdressy Gift Voucher


In collaboration with Msdressy, the online store that has provided me with my lovely dresses, I am now able to have my first ever giveaway!  I completely adore Msdressy, I am super greatful for this opportunity and I'm so glad that I can now share it with you! If you just follow the simple rules below and you'll have the chance to win an $ 80 gift voucher!

1. You need an account at Msdressy, please make one if you haven't yet;

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I will choose the winner via random.org. The giveaway closes in two weeks (5/2 at 15.00).
Spam comments will be removed.


I sometimes have a feeling I could wear colourful outfits, but then I think… hmm, better not

Outfit credits: H&M coat, scarf, hat and sweater, Dr Denim Jeans, Ellos.se boots, assorted jewelry.
If you haven't seen Pitch Perfect, then you should. It's like Glee, but better. Much better.
Today I did something as fabulous as going to my closest grocery store (that doesn't suck) to get snacks for when I watch (the end of) Fringe tonight. It's going to be very emotional for me. Prepare for some crazy-ass live tweeting, bitches. My first challenge-post is coming up later today for you as well. Exciting, huh? Not really. I'm excited though, about Alt-Livia coming back! Yayus.


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