Lady Gaga Fame

I honestly didn't think I'd end up buying it, although I was pretty excited about it yesterday when Malvin, Lotta and I went to Åhlens to see if they had it yet. And you know what? It smells REALLY good. I'm not a perfume person, but I figured that if this was any good I'd get it and try to use a little more. And it was great. I was seriously surprised it was so nice. So I ended up buying the smallest bottle to feel it out. If I can work with it I'll get a 50ml next time.
And I absolutely adore the bottle, and I think it's cute how Mugler inspired it is. Check out they're Alien or Angel, and you'll see what I mean.
This was 299 SEK, and I think the 50ml was 499 or something.


Lady Gaga @ Parken, Copenhagen

(Photos by Lotta Olsson.)
One of my friends sent me some of her iphone photos from the concert and I edited them. So here they are. The last one I'm pretty sure is from Bloody Mary. Not 100% sure though, as I was, as previously stated, kinda busy jumping about like a rabid cat. Anyway, Bloody Mary is my fav song along with Heavy Metal Lover and Dance in the Dark (and Bad Romance a little bit, I've realised just now), and it was so cool to see them all performed live (except for Dance in the Dark this time, but I've seen that twice before so I think I'll live). 


Poker Face

I'm sorry the updating have been so awful pretty much the entire summer. With first work, then vacation and then not actually doing anything, little effort has been put into my blog. Hopefully I will return to normal, or maybe get even better, now when I'm back in school and my days has somewhat more structure. Got some plans and some things going on, so it's all gonna be nice. Here's some photos of my face for you to look at in the meanwhile. And btw, fun thing: My princess hair won 4th price in a summer hair style competition! So I'm gonna get some cool hair products in the mail, that might help me make even more awesome princess hair.
I don't have any photos of my own from Lady Gaga on Sunday. I was pretty much busy dancing like a crazy person during the entire show. I can in all honesty say I've never danced like that before in my life. But that's dance in the dark for ya, bitches. Anyway, it was beyond amazing. There's really no words to describe it. If you've been to a show with your favourite artist, that is like a God to you, then you know what I'm talking about. It really is like having a religious revelation. People are always like "Oh, and how was the Lady Gaga show?" and I'm like "errr, it was great...", 'cause you know, I just don't know what to say. I mean, how would you feel if you met your God? That is how it was. How it is.
It's been almost two years since last time I saw her, and I think I really needed it now, as to a reminder to where I want to go in life. What's important to me and what my goals are. Who I am and why I love her. All those things. I don't know who I was before her, and thanks to her I have a path now. I owe her so much, and it's so weird when it's a person you don't even now, isn't it? Doesn't make it anyless true, though. I don't want to be Lady Gaga, I don't even want to be like her. But I want to be myself because of her.
Gonna go eat dinner with my family now, cheerios!


I'm gonna drink my tears tonight

Photo by Lotta Olsson.
Lets just say tonight was amazing, and then leave it at that. I'm not gonna promise you that I'm gonna tell you all about it, because there's no way I can describe to you what it feels like. If you've felt it you already know.


Marry The Night

I almost cried. Seriously. She is just amazing. I'm gonna go die by the beauty of this now. Bye.


Marry The Night: The Prelude Pathétique



It's not fake, it's just surreal

I found this when I was uploading the picture for my 30 day challenge entry yesterday and realised I never posted it. Sometimes I just think she's sooooo pretty. Next time she tours in Europe, me and Cicci are talking about going to see her in London (and of course I'll see her in Sweden as well). I was severely upset when I read that she was performing new songs in a club in London last night. If it had been one week ago I could have been there. I WOULD have been there. But well, just my luck I guess. Probably won't be long until she tours again anyway. With the album coming in ten days and all. Looking forward to the release of Hair next week. From what I've heard about it it could be really good. And I'm looking forward to the album so much that I'm aching at times.

I haven't written about my thoughts on the Judas video yet, since I was away when it was released (we watched it without sound on an internet café, haha). Not the actual song either, coming to think of it. I'll do that soon. With screencaps and all.





My religion is you

Sometimes, there's nothing I want more than to be able to let her know how much she means to me and how much she helps me, every day. It really is like a religion, you know. And people make fun of me and thinks I'm silly for feeling this way, but I don't give a single fuck. Because they can't possibly understand it unless they've felt it too. It doesn't have to be for Lady Gaga in particular, but for any other person. To have someone who is everything you believe in. Sometimes I forget, and I hate myself for that. Sometimes I doubt her, and myself, but I am always reminded. She and her music was there for me under a real tough time. Music can save your soul, but I didn't believe that before this. I felt like shit, but I cried and had "Oh Well" on repeat in my headphones, and in the end that and some of the people in my life made it all okay.

I just realised that the Lady Gaga Live from Madison Square Garden recording will be aried on May 7:th. The one year anniversery of the first time I was at the Monster Ball. The day I was set free.

And laugh at me all you want, but it means the world to me. She means the world to me. And it pains me to see her cry and hear her say that she still feels like a loser sometimes, and I can't tell her all this. I can only write it down, publish it, and hope that someday she'll magically stumble over it. Either that or I just give my all to reach the point when I can tell her in person. And even that gives me more will to fight.


I'm just a holy fool


Alien sex humanoid hyrbid woman


Paws Up

I ususlly don't post I haven't created myself from scratch or that is of me, but I figured since I did make this gif it's alright. Now I'm just going to make it work on tumblr as well...

My point is that Lady Gaga's Grammy Awards performance was amazing and I am stunned everytime I see her do something live. Her voice is just heavenly and she is gorgeous!


The Right Track

So, as you all probably heard by now Lady Gaga released her new single yesterday, breaking itunes records by it being nr 1 in 23 countries within 24 hours. Since my blog seem to be partly about Lady Gaga, I thought I'd write my thoughs on it.

I should probably start by saying that I LOVE IT. I was dancing to it yesterday along with my best friend yesterday (who don't even like Gaga normally) in her kitchen, so crazily that I can hardly move my neck today from all the headbanging. It has the best dance beat ever, and I for one truly appreciate that. Not sure I even need to comment on the lyrics, of course I think it's genious. It's such cheap rhymes and easy wordings, but yet somehow she makes it work so increadibly well, in combination with her fantastic voice and the melody. It's unbelieveably catchy and I will never be able to stop singing it.

I thought it would be darker and not so much pop. But I think it's wonderful that it is. It speaks to the masses and the masses needs the message that it contains. And I love that in the beginning of it she says: "Just put your paws up, because you were born this way, baby". It's a direct message to her little monsters only, making it a little more for us than anyone else.

It has been on repeat in my room all day, over and over. I just want to dance whenever the chours comes on (unfortunatly I can't, due to doing just that the other night). I can hardly wait for the video and the choreography. Maybe this time I will even learn the whole thing, just so I really can dance to it!


There ain't no other way

Whether life's disabilities
left you outcast, bullied, or teased
rejoice and love yourself today
'cause baby you were Born This Way.


Hey, guess what...!?

... I am a really really huge Lady Gaga fan!

I've got:

Her CD's, of course (obviuous)
5 t-shirts (forgot one on the picture)
4 tank tops
1 jacket
3 pairs of sunglasses that she also has.
1 huge poster
2 books
1 tote bag
1 pair of Heartbeats headphones
1 of those lamp-things you buy at the concert that changes colour and stuff

2 saved concert tickets
3 drawings on my wall
1 telephone on my wall that doesn't even work
1 Lady Gaga Barbie doll
Shitloads of photos, both my own and by others
and another shotloads of clothes, ispired by her style.

And there's probably more that doesn't come to mind right now. And the funny thing is that now that I listed all this shit, it makes a quite long one, but I don't think this is much at all...


My heartbeats

I just have to say: OH MY GOD. I never ever thought I'd actually own a pair of these. Dr Dre Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. Won them on an auctioning site, so they didn't cost me all that much, but they were brand new, delivered today in the unopened original box. I felt a bit like I was having a religious moment (slight exaggeration). Anyway, they're black and they are real and  they are mine! ♥

Today felt a bit like my birthday. Three packages was waiting in the mailbox for me when I came home from school. I'll show you what was in the other two a bit later!


Baby, there's no other superstar

I originally wrote this text for my tumblr, and I have written a lot of texts about Lady Gaga before this, but never posted any of them anywhere. They always tend to get a bit melodramatic and overemotional. But in a way they’re not, because I feel very strongly about this particular woman. She has given me so much. Because of her I have become a stronger person. And I love myself and I am fully okay with who I am now, because she made me come to peace with that I was born this way. I am insane, I am odd and I am special, but that is the way I am supposed to be and it is what will get me somewhere in this world.

When I was younger I didn’t understand how music could move people like it does, and it was Gaga’s music that moved me, truly, for the very first time. It helped me find the strength to pull through and in a very difficult time in my life.

She is the perfect example of that when you got big dreams, and you work hard to reach them, there is nothing that can stop you in the end. And it is possible to live them. I want to be just like her, doing what I love surrounded by wonderful people and be able to to send a big ”fuck you” to everyone who has made me feel like shit and who didn’t believe in me. And I want to make it if not only so that I can say: ”Lady Gaga changed my life and her music gave me an identity when I didn’t belong.” Because she has. All those things she always says she wants to do for her fans, she has done for me.

The best night of my life was when I was standing front row at the Monster Ball and she looked me in the eyes and at my friends who were with me and told us we were beautiful. I have never felt as alive as I did dancing in the dark. And I realised that, when I saw her the first time, I few month before that, she and the Monster Ball did set me free. I am free now. Lady Gaga, you set me free and in all my insanities and dream world, you keep me sane and  you keep me real. Thank you for that. And I love you.

So, there it is.

I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me
Baby, there's no other superstar, you know that I'll be
your Papa-Paparazzi.


Tonight I will return all the fame and riches earned, with you I'd watch them all be burned

My love for this woman is infinite.


Bitch, I was


If you know your Gaga, you know what it means


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