Picture Diary / 7 - 9 / Gothenburg, I came back to you

Some pictures from the weekend. I was super unfashionable and trashy. But the houses we saw on Marstrand were pretty.


Picture Diary / 6 July / This town ain't big enough for us

A walk to our local grocery store, which is about the same size as my flat. Maybe a little bigger. Not much. It's expensive and badly sorted. But it is what it is, when you live in a small town. Haven't been there in ages, but I'm free today so I figured the walk would be nice. It was.
I was gonna do a all black look today, with leather, lace and lots of jewelry, but it was too warm, so yeah. Maybe I'll do it later.
"My orange sweater is gone. It was in my closet, now it's not. It's like in fashion, one day you're in, the next you're out." - Sara
She found her orange sweater though, obviously. It was behind another sweater. But she still totally Heidi Klumed me.


Picture Diary / 18 - 30 June / Resistance



Picture Diary / 15 - 18 June / Keep away from fire

Because I don't have any new pictures and I like my hair in the first pic, my cat, studded top and New Look's  advice in how to handle your clothes. All their tags say "KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE", even those on knickers. Thank you New Look, I shall keep my knickers and other clothes at a safe distance whenever I decide to light a candle or a cigarette (which I do never). I can't decide if I think it's cute or just pointless. Much like this post. But I'm pretty sure that the post'pivps indeed the latter. 

Update: NO YELLOW LINES?!?! I don't get it what are they why aren't they going away in the other posts? Got help now and they're all gone.

Update 2: Though, I've noticed that all posts in the category 'short films / vloggs' are gone. Well, they're not GONE, the posts are still there, just not in the category. Seems to be the only category not working, though. Anyway, if it doesn't fix itself, all my videos are on my youtube channel anyway, so you can always watch them there.


Bus stop

Today's outfit + Lovisa, on our way to town.


Sara's Graduation

I am SOOO sorry for not updating for a couple of days, but yesterday was my oldest younger sister's graduation from secondary school. I don't remember what I wrote about it when I graduated, but for you non-Swedish readers who might not been around then (two years ago), there's all whole tradition of things you do on graduation day here in Sweden, which usually ends with a party for family and not-also-graduating friends. In our case that party took place in our home. So the past days up until now has basically been me running about in a tracksuit, cleaning. As you know we live in, not one, but TWO houses, and all needed to be completely dust-and-dirt free. And since my sisters were in school, dad at work, and even though my mum had taken a few days off, she was cooking, which only left me, you can imagine I've been pretty busy.

I was gonna take an outfit photo of what I was wearing at the party, but I didn't have time. But look at how pretty Sara was (in a dress from Odd Molly)! I will never get over how much we don't look alike. She's all tall (at least 15cm taller than me), and tan and blonde and athletic, and I'm, like, non of that. And look at my dad, all cool in a bow tie. I approve.

Anyway, all the cleaning was worth it, it was a nice graduation party, and everything is shiny and clean now (at least in my house).

Have I told you guys, by the way, that Sara has qualified to the U21 European Championships in Taekwondo, and has taken her Black belt as well! I am so proud of her!

Now I need to go shower, so that my hair dries sometime today, because my cousin graduates today, so we're going to his party tonight. Cheerio!

Btw, Sara, you're gonna get a late graduation gift from me, either early next week or after you come home from Greece, depending on when it arrives! Just so you know!


Picture Diary / 26 May - 1 June / Pixel Amber

Pictures from my iphone.

Flowers from an apple tree in someone elses garden is blowing into ours, and it looks like snow. Mixed with the rain, it's a bit depressing. I'm on summer leave now, up until June 25:th. I could do with some more sun.

I've been stretching my black pumps from New Look (thereof the poorly matched frog socks). I'm wearing them on my sister's graduation next week, and I don't want for it to hurt. I said recently that I have wide feet, and it's a problem with most shoes. Okay, well, really, it's not wide feet, I have bunions (hallux valgus). It doesn't look too bad, but it's been pretty painful. that I've had surgery for and it went away (and I went down like 1,5 shoe size), but it seems to be coming back. It's been given me some angst, because I really don't want to operate again, my scars haven't even healed from last time. And following surgery comes a pretty shitty, uncomfortable and painful months. So, er, no thanks. Anyway: The stretching is going on well, I can now put them on, with socks on, without wanting to cut of my heel (or bunions, for that matter). I say that's progress!

I've been writing. I had a serious flow yesterday and ended up writing almost 2900 words on a new story. I'm kinda stuck at the moment though, I'm not sure exactly how to proceed. I have a tendancy to just jump between key moments, and forget about the details. Especially when I know where I've got an end goal with the story, and just want to get there. It's hard. But then again, I'm not doing this for any other reason than my own entertainment, so who cares?

Gonna see of I can move it along now, cheerio!



So. Last night was Green Room night. Between 17.00 and 01.00, me and my class were hosting a club/concert at Debaser in Malmö. Five bands/artists played. Naturally, I ended up being the one taking photos. These are of Death in the Afternoon and Mud Walk. I've got plenty more, that I might post another day.

The girl in the second photo (from Death in the Afternoon) had such awesome hair, and I was so inspired that I cut back my fringe earlier today. I regret nothing. I have been thinking about it for ages, so it wasn't really as impulisve as it sound. I'll show you pictures later!


Crazy people in an elevator

Both Cicci and I had too much clothes on today. But it wasn't warm in the morning. About mid-day it turned around and suddenly you didn't need two sweaters underneath your jacket. Nor a scarf, nor a hat. If I'd know the weather was gonna turn out wonderful I would a have worn heels! But there you have it. Cicci and I also made a trade: a pair of my Jeffrey Campbell knock-offs that didn't fit me, for a pair of low white converse that didn't fit her. Win/Win.

It's a bit weird getting a tattoo that is sort of a symbol for something special, and the tattooist doesn't even know what it is. Today the guy who did my IWTB asked me if it was something religious. "IT'S ALIENS!" Cicci corrected him. Same when we did our Deathly Hallows symbols in London last year. We probably managed to find the only tattoo studio that didn't know what Harry Potter was in all of Britain. Good job. Anyway I'm happy, because all my tattoos so far symbolize things that are very dear to me, and no matter what happens it will always be a part of my life. X-Files was one of my first serious TV-show crushes that became a serious obsession. I think it's the best American show ever made. Harry Potter I grew up with. I loved it when I was a kid and I loved it since. And no matter what happens to Lady Gaga, whether or not I continue loving her the way I do now, I will always owe her a lot for who I am today. Cheesy, but true. "Born this way" will always bear a wonderful message. Now, what's missing in my collection is the TARDIS. But it's only a matter of time and money, I promise you!


Picture Diary / 24-29 February / Life in frozen motions


Mirrors, a bunker and an arch enemy

So, first picture is the finished product of the project we've been working on for the past two weeks. It's sort of a bunker covered in mirrors (yes, real mirrors). It's a place where five people meet to smoke opium, pretty much. We have named it "Speglopiumbunkern" (roughly translated as "the mirropium bunker", god it almost sounds better in English). I'll show you better pictures of what it looks like inside some other time.

And then on the other picture, that's Hillevi waving at you. I hope you read this Hillevi, because then this is a picture of you waving at youself, and I think that is very funny. Because I have an awful sense of humor. Hillevi is my arch enemy and classmate, if any of you others were wondering.


By mistake or design

Today has been spent making sure the colouring of my eyebrows ended upp even, softening up my Dr Martens, bleaching denim shorts and seach the shoe closet in the other house for old shoes. I got it into my head that I needed some vintage shoes, and I found some of my mums old ones, like the ones in the middle picture (and some sneakers as well).

Going to the hairdresser tomorrow, at last! So excited!



Just because my blog-break is over it doesn't mean I have lots of fun stuff to blog about. Quite the contrary. Today we have spent the entire day making wood boards look like concrete walls. Hard, and not so much fun, work. But it turned out pretty well (you can't tell from there photos though) and our "concrete" cube is gonna look fab. It's supposed to be some sort of bunker, if you're wondering, but with a twist. The twist won't make itself shown in another few days, though.  Now it's jus a bunch of concrete/wood walls. Not 100 percent sure what we'll be doing tomorrow, but we'll probably try and put it together.



Hi, I'm still alive! I' great and everything is fine again. Pretty much anyway. I did a test today and if I passed it will probably have been the last test I do before I graduate! We have been making model buildings in scale 1:25 for the past two weeks, and now we just started on a project were we're building models in scale 1:1(!) in groups of four. If ours turn out the way it's planned it's gonna be soooo cool! I promise to post pictures.

Yesterday, Lovisa won a gold medal at Trelleborg open (or Swedish Open, whatever you like) in Taekwondo. Trelleborg Open is an international A-class competition, for elite competitors, one of the highest ranked ones in Europe, apart from the European Championships and maybe three or four others. Lovisa is still only a cadet tough (12-14 years olds, she's going to begin compeating as a junior later this year I think). Anyway, she had three matches, and won with 5-0, 6-1 and 6-0. In other words, she owned out all competition! I'm so proud of her. She's the one in blue in the picture, it's from the first match. Lovisa is two grades from black belt. My other sister Sara will be taking black belt next time she graduates. She won a bronze medal yesterday, but she didn't actually compete (she was just lucky with the draw), because she has recently been hospitalized with a ruptured appendix.

It's snowy here. I hate snow. It's cold and I can't wear my Lita heels.

Talk to you soon!


I believe in Sherlock Holmes

These have been put up on a couple of places in my school. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who put them up, and neither does Malvina in my class. NO IDEA. AT ALL. It's completely unrelated that I have the original copy saved on my computer.


Costume Storage

Today in school me and my classmates got to visit Malmö Opera and theatre costume storage. I got so excited I didn't even know what to do with myself. There was so much lace I could die! As I'm sure you're aware I'm a sucker for period pieces, so I was in heaven walking around among all these dresses from various plays. There was even one which was worn by someone who played Elizabeth I in Maria Stuart! This dress I have now touched (and the painting in the backround was there as well, actually). Imagine working in a place like this, among all these beautiful things. I'd love that.

I'm gonna watch Kamikaze Girls now. I working my way through Hayao Miyazaki films and other random Japanese stuff, because my mind can yet not handle anything more advanced, due to the Sherlock mindfuck.


Sherlock DVDs

I just sat and watched the whole Scandal in Belgravia episode with commentary, without stop. And it was 90 minutes well spent. I love extra material on DVDs. It's like finding more coins in your wallet than you knew you had!


In a world of locked rooms

I had to buy a proper plastic crown. Because my life is based on questionable priorities. I got my super fabulously amazingly great Tardis iPhone case today. I mean, really. This is the reason I got an iPhone, so it could look this cool.


Life is pictures


Tenerife pt. IV - rest of the photos

I just have a lot of photos of Lina posing by various things.


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