Picture Diary / February 2-4 / Free as my hair

1. 'Den Elektriska Flickan' (The Electric Girl) @ Hipp. It was pretty great. It was meant for kids really, and the plot was a bit lame because it was basically a rip-off of Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, but the scenery/costume/make-up/acting was SO amazing it totally made up for it. I'd tell you to go see it, because it was a true pleasure to look at, but it was the last show this Saturday, so you can't. You can google it for pictures, but without the movement it's just not the same.
2. Just after the bleach-party. I had to blow dry it really quick and put it up, because I was going to a family gathering. Funny how my family hardly noticed the change, they're so used to it by now...
3. Why, you ask? Because I'm embarrasing, and I have a new camera. And I watched Wire in the Blood so many times, that I get bored with the plot and get easily distracted by things, like my mobile phone camera.
4. A Really blurry picture of me and my mum in the background. My mum is better than yours, she knows everything.
5. This wig was made by angels in heaven, and if it was socially acceptable, didn't itch like a crazy bitch after a while and didn't get stuck in everything, I'd wear it out.
6. Alex, my baby. I very recently watched Simone Lahbib in Bad Girls, and now I'm rewatching Wire in the Blood (for the maybe 5th or 6th time?),  and I'm just like 'my, hasn't she aged', then I realise it's like ten years between the first season of Bad Girls and the last of WitB. You're allowed to age in ten years. Anyway, I am still so very bummed about WitB being cancelled (even if it was like five years ago now?). The ending sucked. They didn't even get together in the end, what kind of shit is that?!


Picture Diary / January 31 / iPhone 5 and Casual posing

1. I got my new phone two days ago, but yesterday was the first day I actually used it, you know, out. I have to say I love everything about it. It's nice to have a better camera and more storage memory. I had 8gb before, now I have 16, which makes shitloads of difference. When I was starting it up yesterday, and syncing with iTunes, I was just like: SYNC ALL THE MUSIC. The background picture isn't mine, but from THIS amazing Wildfox lookbook that I'm totally in love with. Nyasha Matonhodze is my current model-obsession.
2. My friends and I tried out the camera, and it's pretty nice, especially compared to the one on my iPhone 4. The first picture is my friends trying to pose causally. And as you can see Kristoffer as a real talent fot this, unlike the other two. And if you're wondering why I'm covering my face in the second one, like a 14 year old girl, then it's because I have an image to uphold, and when people take photos of me and I know they're doing it, I look like an idiot most of the time. Especially in school, since I look like an idiot there even when people aren't taking pictures of me.
3. Only a month left to the Killers! Well, 29 days today, but YAYUS. I am so psyched! Haven't seen then live since '09! Picture here aren't mine either, it's what came up when I googled them for a background to my countdown.
My spare time is pretty fully booked for the upcoming week, so blogging might be a bit slow. But I have my extreme-hair-makeover planned for sunday, so I'll probably put something up around then! Cheerio, bitches!
Also, I have a new phone number, so if you know me irl, and haven't been invited to my "nytt nummer"-event, then message me on fb, so I can give it to you!



As you may or may not know or have figured out, my dearly beloved iPhone 4 as passed away. It appears they don't teach them how to swim in the store before you buy them. I have never in my life before broken an electric device by my own fault. I dropped it in water and eventually I ended up unable to charge it. I tried switching the battery, and I had it brought in to be checked out by professionals, but they were unable to fix it. So now it's dead. Thankfully it still worked as usual until the battery died, so was able to back-up it. Here are some pictures I had saved on it, that I never posted here.
I'm getting a new iPhone on Monday or Tuesday, but right now I'm using my old Sony Ericsson W595. It's kinda nice in a way, to not have a smartphone again. I wouldn't be that bothered without it, but it really is a hastle not to have one these days. You can't check your e-mail at anytime, transfer money, check when to take the bus, and soon I won't be able to buy bus tickets either, because it requires an app (which is something that is very inconvienient not to be able to do when you live over 10km from your school). It's so silly really, because people used to be able to live just fine without all of this, but now people expect you to be able to do it. And I'm used to it too. I love working with good technology, since it's such a big part of my life (and we all know once you go Mac you never go back). I hate not being able to log onto my blog any time I like, or taking "quality" photos whenever. These days it's limiting, not to able to do so. And as silly as I feel paying shitloads of money for a new iphone, because I fucking broke my last one (don't think I'm not beating the shit out of myself over this), it's not just a new phone I'm getting. I have a phone in my W595. No, It's a gadget to make everyday life easier, and sometimes also more fun. And you would all be very sad without my Instagram pictures, wouldn't you?!


Picture Diary / 7 - 8 January / This is a gift, it comes with a price

1. My face, yesterday.
2. My face, today. Have I been wearing that shirt since I got it? Basically yes.
3. I got my first piece from Unif today! I seriously love Unif and wish I could have every piece there is. I found a awesome shop that sells a small collection in my home town, it's so cool! I'll do a "new in"-post tomorrow, and show you what I got, and my new shoes as well!


2012 Retrospect

 DUN DUN DUN. Here it is. I did it. 2012, month by month. It's weird, while I was writing this I realized that last month feels about as long ago as last January. I live in a time warp. The only reason I remember anything is because I blog and can go back in the archive and read what I did every month. Which is why I'm never deleteing any of my blogs ever. It's gonna be so much fun decades from now.

I began 2012 abroad. My grandmother and I flew home from Tenerife on 1/1. I had burgundy red hair for a while, because it went nicely with my tan, but my roots ended up pretty gross so I thought 'screw it', and dyed it black instead. It was only a semi-permanent dye, so soon my hair was dark brown again. Obsessed with Sherlock, got my iPhone, and the badass Tardis case that I've had (without ever even changing once) for 11 months + 1 day now (I've actually finally gotten around and ordered another one, but I won't change before I've had the Tardis for a complete year on 31/1). Got my first JC Litas!

Still super obsessed with Sherlock. Made this badass poster. I think someone borrowed it to put up elsewhere, so if you've seen it somewhere, know I made it! We had a huge project in school, so when I weren't there, I was watching Sherlock or random films. Dyed a crazy ass dip dye at the end of the months.

Big bad BOOM on my lookbook+this blog+my tumblr because of this picture. I don't know the exact number, but I think I ended up gaining maybe around 300 new lb-fans during this month, and since then it was only been growing. I had first pink, then purple hair, and got my third tattoo (IWTB on my left arm).

Basically lived in my creepers, my hair was gross and half blonde almost the whole month (WHY?), and I was at H&M VIP shopping twice. Started to get into grunge fashion. Other than that it appears April was kinda lame. I was obsessed with Firefly for a while. Hanged out with Malvina all of the time and ate Cheesecake at Pronto.

My class held a concert/club night at Debaser in Malmö. Preparing for it caused some of us a bit of mental damage. I had bright blue hair and it was pretty cool. Got obsessed with Castle. And I mean REALLY obsessed. I talked only about school or Castle, and nothing else. Cut a fringe.

Finally got rid of the dip dye, and had a pretty good hair-month. This pic is probably my favourite selfie this year. I had most of June of and just spent time wasting life. It was nice. And it was about around this time my eBay frenzy began to get serious. Began work in the end of the month.

For the past three years July has been work-month. Life is basically work all day, sleep all night. Reached 1000 fans on lookbook! And guess what other life-altering thing that happened? I started watching Once Upon a Time. And it's still slowly eating my soul out.

Two weeks in Mallorca with my family. Spain twice in a year? I don't even know. Obsessing about how Once was slowly killing not only me, but all fairy tales ever told. I had princess hair and time off. Good times.

I turned forever 21. Saw my love Lady Gaga live for the third time. Got two pairs of Jeffrey Campbells: my beloved 8th Street boots and the Lita Spike in gold. I was interviewd on Boutine.com. School, as well as all my darling TV-shows, started again. Got new extensions.

Because of Once I had a Disney princess obsession. Hillevi and I "established" the term Matching Outfit Friday, which basically means what I sounds like: that you have to wear matching, or preferrably the same, clothes on fridays. I started medicating for acne (for the second time) and my face was either super dry or puffy at ALL times. Had a brief time where I had a purple dip dye on my extensions. Halloween.

Got my fourth tattoo (rose on inner arm). The first that lacked meaning and I got for aestetical reasons only. Crazyness in school that brought another dose of mental damage. Bleached two blonde streaks in my hair, and tried to dye them grey, but with little success.

Continued to be mentally damaged by school, but for reasons feeling a tad bit more worthwhile. Got my fifth pair of Jeffrey Campbells: the washed Litas with clear heel. My blonde streaks now almost grey. Went on a skitrip over xmas with my family, but ended up with a cold pretty much the entire time. Spent New Year's in a sequin jumpsuit, so all was good.
I don't know what to tell you. Mostly it's been a good year. I lead a good life. Can't really complain. Except for about Once Upon A Time.


Picture Diary / 14 - 18 December / Because of reasons

1. I've had a very emotional week, with very many close-to-tears-moments. One of them was when installing the Sims 3 Supernatural on my laptop wouldn't work. But after some downloading of random patches, one must have been the right one because now it works and the breakdown was avoided. Only problem now is that I don't know which one of the patches that worked, so I have to keep them all...
2. Face. It was this saturday, before I went into town to have quality time with both of my parents. We had dinner at a restaurant and then we saw the Hobbit. I love the Hobbit btw. I wanna marry Martin Freeman.
3. On a scale from 1-10 of good ideas, where 10 is the best idea ever and 1 therefore the worst, wearing these boots yesterday rates about a 5. Maybe 4.
4. My class is as of yesterday showing our exhibition Film Classics at STPLN in Malmö. This is the poster I made for us/it. Pretty neat, huh?
5. My groups part of the exhibition. It's about film maker and choreographer Busby Berkeley. Making those projections work where another one of the reasons behond my near-breakdowns. Actually, they still don't work like they should, thereof the white text that says "SHAPES BETA BY IXAGON" that you can see a part of. We weren't supposed to have to use the beta version, but the finished version just wouldn't do as it was told.
6. Post-finishing-the-exhibition-celebration with my classmates. You probably recognise Hillevi (my evil twin) by now...


Picture Diary / 7 - 12 December / Queen of Hearts

1. Omg shoes.
2. Duckface.
3. This is Diana. She is an evil sim and her life goal is to become a master thief. I think she's very pretty. I photographed her because I was making her twin sister (who's name is Frances) and needed to remember her face structure.
4. Omg shoes.
5. Hillevi being a stupid face. No, I'm kidding. But not really. Why is it funny to joke about buying colourfull fabrics when you both know you're supposed to get white? The answer is: It's not. (What is joke and what is other?)
6. If you, unlike Hillevi, have seen the mid-season finalre of Once Upon a Time then I don't really know, I wasn't gonna say anything importat about it, I was just HINTING TO HILLEVI THAT IT'S ABOUT TIME SHE WENT AHEAD AND WATCHED IT! Because it's kinda nice, and I love Regina so very much, about equally with how much I hate Emma.


Picture Diary / 20 - 29 November / Deprivation

1. Ma babey <3
2. I've got the tackiest slippers.
3. 8/92 days left!
4. I like bleach, it's fun.
5. It was a good hair/make up/outfit day. Too bad it was a sunday and I wasn't doing anything.
6. Kristoffer in his fancy hat! (Through a window, obviously. Hillevi and I were stading indoors, because it was fucking freezing.)
7. Fancy pants.
8. GrandMa on PC. For some reason I'm in charge of it in our current project, although I don't really know what I'm doing most of the time. I can barely manouver neither GrandMa (which is a light control table you use when doing stuff like concerts and shows) nor a PC. Makin' it work though, because I have a talent for computer programs. A very useful talent, actually (also the reason I'm a photoshop ninja).


Picture Diary / 18 November / Black & White

My god, guys. You forget between the times that actually getting tattooed is a real childs play compared to the hours after. My arm is sooo sore right now. I was gonna wash my hair, but I can't bring myself to do it. I just wanna sit on the couch and not move. This is by far the worst I've had so far, but this one is my biggest, most detailed and in the worst spot so far, so I guess it's only natural. I'm not gonna show it to you until it has healed a bit more, 'cause right now it just looks kinda weird next to the other ones. But it'll be worth the wait and the pain, because it's so beautiful and by far the best I have. Kudos to Rashed at Black & White Tattoo for a job very well done!
Sanna was with me, because she drew the tattoo for me. And she's awesome. Obviously.


Picture Diary / 4-12 November / The Looking Glass

1. The school project that nearly killed us all. I'm gonna bost better pictures of it someday, but we built a apartment in full scale out of paper. So the walls you see (behind and around Hillevi, as she was going stuff wrong) are litterally paper thin.
2. There was a rainbow. End of story.
3. My face. End of story.
4. Magic Monday 'cause I always watch Once Upon a Time on Mondays. H&M knows the deal.
5. Cheesecake. End of story.
6. We went to the museum for school. I took no photos of the exhibition we were supposed to work with, but loads of creepy dolls, dollhouses and this weird eyeballs that we found in an exhibition that we still don't know what it was for. There were no signs or anything telling us it's subject or purpose. It was dead cool anyways. It had a (not real) Gorilla in a cage. And eyeballs, obviously.
7. Since my life goal is to become a badass evil queen, when I saw this make-up kit from Elf, I knew I needed it my life. They don't sell it in Sweden (naturally), but luckily I found it on Ebay to a more than reasonable price, so now it's mine. Yayus.



Yes, this is a thing. The first step towards Hillevi and I becoming the same person. Carrot Juice.


Picture Diary / 26-31 October / Carrot Juice

Got shitloads of work to do in school right now. Remember the models we were making? We're doing a model in full scale now, and we only have three days to build the whole thing. So it's kinda crazy and by the time we went home today we had already been rolling around on the floor laughing at nothing (while working) for the past two hours, because we were so tired.
Btw, I don't know if I said but if any of you are offended by swear words on this blog, then too bad, because I don't care, and I will continue to do it. I don't believe in bad words, they're only as bad as you make them in your head. It's JUST words.
Gonna watch the new New Girl episode now, and then crash.
ps. I'm gonna do a review of the spiked loafers in the fifth picture someday soon, when I have the time. Promise! ds.


Picture Diary / 18-25 October / The lights are gone

I live to fight another day, despite my fall-kinda-depression. I want to like fall, I really do, there's so many good things about it, but I'm always more sad during this time of year. Some days I cry for the lamest reasons. I feel so silly about it because things aren't actually worse this time of year than any other. I just don't seem to handle the cold and the darkness very well.
There pictures are just so random I'm gonna have to tell you what/when they're all from. So:
1. Long story short: I played Death in a theatre workshop in school, based on an idea Hillevi and Lotta had for their project. Later Hillevi drew Death in a mask for that project and I decided it was me. So basically it's a drawing of me as Death in a mask by Hillevi.
2. IKEA. My second home. I regret nothing.
3.Whisky has learned that if he climbs on the rood and comes to sit outside my window I have to let him in and he gets some extra food or sweets.
4. Walk in the dark with my two best friends 5-evah.
5. Same walk. Lovisa bought Ben & Jerrys despite it being freezing cold.
6. My mums jacket. Thank you for spending three months of your child support on it when you were a kid.
7. Pissed of because Regina has been in a total of 36 seconds of OUaT's past two episodes. So I made a chart, because I have no life.
8. Luxury lunch with Sara because it's payday.
9. Grand opening of Emporia. A huge brand new mall that has everything, including my favourite grocery stores, only 15 minutes (by buss) from where I live!
10. Fancy-pants grande from Bikbok.
Hey, I made nine, my lucky number!
(Okay, turns out I missed one originally, so ten, not nine.)


Picture Diary / 15-21 September / What are you made of?

You guys, I am SO tired. It took me an hour of doing basically nothing to get my head on straight and write this post. I don't even know why I'm so tired, the stuff I've been doing hasn't even been that exhausting. Guess I'm just out of shape, hah. I had to go back on my blog and check when the last time was that I wrote you a "catch-up" post. It was about a week ago or so. I wrote one for you just now, but it turned out so lame I deleted it. The pictures pretty much sums the week up.
I got my extensions the other day and I'm dying them into the right shade at this very moment. Soon I'll have hair like Lana Del Rey!
Btw, speaking of music? I've been listening to The Killers new album Battle Born the past few days. Have you guys heard it? Do you like it? I do, I think it's pretty great. I hope they come to Malmö so I can go see them! Songs I like so far are Flesh and Bone, The Way It Was, Here With Me, Deadlines and Commitments and Battle Born.
And I'm gonna finish by telling you that this silly awful post took me another hour to write from when I wrote that it had already taken me one to start. Thing are going so smooth and fast for me today. Gonna go sleep 'til late spring now. After I'm finished with dying my extensions. Bye guys!
ps. Who am I kidding? I still have to do my challenge for today. I can't go to sleep? ds.


Picture Diary / 6-7 September / 7671 days

Some of my birthday presents for myself. Or sort of. The jacket I bought yesterday and the JC boots I picked up at the post office this morning. I still haven't told you guys which ones I got, have I? Well, I'm going to soon. Though, one of this pics is kind of a giveaway. Anyway I am very pleased with my choice and I absolutely love them.
And just to clarify: This is not the Lita Spike. I only ordered them yesterday, so I won't have them for about another two weeks. This is the ones I had a poll for at the end of August.
Sara gave me tickets to go see Marina & the Diamonds in December. Gonna be awesome!


Mallorca pt II - Boat trip

Remember that I told you we went on a boat trip. Yeah, this is it. Including the only photo of me from this vacation, taken by my mom. Behold, the first and probably only time I'll post a photo of me in a bikini. And please take time to appreciate how much I don't look like my sisters (they look slightly alike though, like in the face). If you think I do then you are probably blind and need to get your eyes checked.
(ps. I don't look like them because I'm really an alien from space who crashed here as a baby. Kinda like Superman. ds.)


Mallorca pt I - Palma

We didn't do much on our vacation other than hanging by the pool, sunbathing. But once we spent the day in Palma, sightseeing and shopping. As I am a sucker for south-western European architecture, I easly end up only taking photos of that, so here you go. A bunch of photos of builings. Apart from the first photo, which includes my sisters (in front of a building).


Picture Diary / 21 August / Back in Biz

Sheeeeee's back! I came home last night, and it's real nice to be home again.
I went to town today to catch up with Malvina, and to do some errads. And naturally I ended up doing some shopping. Like the dress in the photo. I had to explain to two people while I was paying for it that I was not getting married, I'm just a sucker for lace dresses. It's second hand and wasn't at all expensive. I saw it the shop months ago and decided that if it was still there after I'd been to Mallorca I was gonna buy it. And it was, so it was a done deal. It helped that it fits like a glove too. Malvina put on a cape and we got married in the dressing room, because that's just how we roll.
Today's outfit-post will be up soon!


Great Minds

Day spent with my BFF (Sanna), shopping and fast food. And yes, I did buy that sweater I'm holding in the first picture.
Now it's movie night with ma sistah.


Picture Diary / 29-30 July / The lucky don't care at all

It's nice being free and having cash. I can go shopping, eat out and go to the movies again. While I was working I had neither the time nor the money to do any of that. I even had a nag of onion rings along with my meal on Burger King, because I'm spoiling myself a bit now, when I've been living of so little money for the past couple of months. Let's just say that I've been lucky that my parents still wants to feed me, haha.
Sara and I went to see the Amazing Spiderman yesterday and I loved it. It had a great balace of story and actions, which is something I think is far to rare in action movies these days. It seems that most of them are just shitloads of things exploading. But Spiderman was awesome. And Andrew Garfield was just as adorble as everyone said he was gonna be and Emma Stone was scary big eyes.
And btw, I'm thinking of selling my tickets to Lady Gaga in London, since it's getting to complicated planning the trip and all, and it's giving me to much anxiety. So if there's anyone interested in purchasing them from me, leave a comment or send me an email at malin@malinz.com! They're standing tickets for the 8/9, and I'm open for negotiations about the price.
That's all for now!


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