Disco ball/Shadows/weird dreams

Did to pictures today. M and N. Magpie and Night. I was supposed to have Madness for M really, but I wanted to do a sparkly photo with disco balls, and since I have a little bit of a bird (which is a bit of an innuendo, since bird can also mean girl as you probably know) thing going on in the book, I changed it to magpie. And I painted my hair black for it, so it was kinda fun. It suits me in the shot, but not irl...

I don't know if you have noticed, but one thing that I like to do when photographing is playing with shadows. I love crazy shadows that goes right across the face and to inhance features with it. I work a lot with shadows in both M and N.

I've had really weird dreams lately. Really vivid ones. Some were quite nice, like the one last night when I was a master of a video game where you were actually in the game. And then there are less nice ones, like when I dreamed that I was havinga baby that I really didn't want. I felt really bad all through the dream and was so releaved when I woke up that it had not been real. Maybe it's a sign...?

Now I'm going to make myself a cup of tea.

Two days 'til Monster Ball.


A Window

Teaser for W as in Window. The "real" picture for this word is probably my favourite of them all (along with A for Apple), it turned out so good! I accidently destroyed the quality in this photo while editing it, and I was too sleepy to do anything about it. Thereof the non-focus and blurriness. Sorry 'bout that.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm totally worn out. My back, neck and wrist hurts (the last I have no idea why) and I'm so tired I could fall alseep. And probably will within a short time. I've got a test tomorrow, and I'm going to study some camera technique this afternoon, but most of all I'm going to get some rest, because like this I will fail no matter how hard I study. Luckily, my three years as a photography student in secondary school has given me a lot of what's going to be in this test for free. And the photoshop part will be easier than a child's game...

Now food, then sleep. Then some reading. And I need to stretch out my back. Note to myself.



Did two different photoshoots with Lovisa today for DOASW. Letters D (death) and W (window). She was not happy in the cold. Teasers will come, but I'm going to bed early tonight so you'll have to wait.

Working this weekend. I really wish I didn't need to, but I'm not one to cancel last minute. So I'll have to make do and think of the money, haha. Now I'm going to get ready for bed so I can watch an episode or two of Spooks before sleeping. Night.


Second time around

Stills from the second filming for B/W. If only the film quality was as good as the photos... Anyway I'm done filming and putting it together now and I'm going to add some more effects in one of the adobe programs (I've got the whole CS4 package, but I don't know how to work the film-programs, but I'll figure it out...). Then I'm going to make the music and add it to the film, then I'm all done! Probably won't take very long, I'm on fire!

Btw, going to Scandinavian Photo this afternoon to look at and most likely buy the D550!


Still shot

Still shot from B/W. Unfortionally the quality of the film itself is probably not even half as good as the photo. Though I do like it a bit, it makes it look old and it suits the story (or lack of story). I filmed about half of it today and will do the other parts soon, I promise. Can't wait to get it done!


Short, but not short of ideas

Teaser for J as in Juvenility.

Soooo, news. I'm planning a new short film. I did sort of a story board and maybe I'll even start filming tomorrow, if I don't end up sleeping all day. My first short film was more of a experiment and not very thought out, but hopefully this one will be better. And since I have no time limit I got all the time I need to learn how to edit in the adobe programs. I think it's going to be called B/W and be sort of a silent film (with music ofc) in black and white starring, guess who, me. Wish me luck!


If you had to die because you were vain, what would you be wearing when dying?

Today I died a very bloody and metaphorical death. I was going to do V as in Vanity and figured that since it's a mortal sin, why not die? So I asked myself: What would I wear if I had to die because of my vanity. Answer was my white graduation dress, Mary-Janes and lots of hairextensions. The idea was me being pushed by someone who were mad at me because of my vanity (or something like that), then I'd fall, hit my head and die. And then be left at the scene for CSI people or something to investigate what really happened. It looks more like that in the original picture. I even got that kind of CSI light and colours in the pic. And I look a bit more dead... But I like the hair in this one, and how my arm looks kind of dislocated. Though that does not look like a natural position to fall into when being pushed... The real one is a bit more realistic.


Poison TV

Guess they're hiring. Teaser for S as in Sandwich. This book's Lady Gaga tribute.

Bleaching my roots right now. Itchy as hell! I'm in a bad mood today. Wanna move away from home. As soon as winter is starting to go away I'll pack my stuff and move across the yard. At least then I won't have to clean up after everyone else all the time. Just me and my own mess. And two more rooms to spread it in.


Ice cream, I scream

Photo, editing and styling: me, Model: Lovisa Z.

Teaser for letter I as in Ice Cream.


F is for...

Teaser, again.


The Lady King

Photo, editing, modeling, make-up and styling all by me.

Teaser for the letter K as in King.


A is for apple

Earlier this evening I was talking with my mum about Top Model and we came to talk about Twiggy.

Mum: Have you seen a picture of her?
Me: What do you mean?
Mum: Like when she was young?
Me: Are you serious? Are you asking a fashion photography student if she's ever seen a picture of Twiggy?
Mum: You never know...
Me: She is a fashion icon! Living ledgend! *quoting Tyra*

Besides, who in their right mind who is the least into fashion have not seen a picture of Twiggy?

And Besides again; this is another sneakpeak on the project. I couldn't resist doing Apple for A...


If we could only be faster

Model: Lovisa Z
Photography and editing: Me
Styling and make-up: Me

Teaser for my projekt. Death Of A Saleswoman is going to be Awesome. The best I have ever done, I promise you, because now I'm doing all those ideas that before I would just have thought "there's no way I'm ever going to be able to do that". And for you who wonder, Death Of A Saleswoman will be done before x-mas, so you won't have to wait for it that long. Hopefully, it will be of about 24 photos, one for every letter in the alphabet (xyz as one). Subheading is "A-Z with the sisters Z" (catchy, is it not?). And the complete title is actually "ABCDEATH OF A SALESWOMAN". But if I'm unlucky, I won't be able to do twenty four shots by the time it has to be finished. And this shot was for the letter Q as in Quick, if anyone wonders.

"Projects" now also has it's own category. Mostly for me to find my own posts about them, sort of as a journal of my process, but for you as well, to see what I'm working on.



Had a great photo session with my baby sis and six of her friends for my project. I LOVE the result. here's a sneakpeak, and there's more to come.


A pixel lost on a computer screen

The worst thing that could ever happen to a photographer, especially an artist like me, happened to me. I lost a picture. I mean like it was gone. It had disappeared from my computer. I almost broke down when I realised it was completely gone. I had spent hours editing it, makin it it's best for my Rhyming Game project and it was no more. All I had left was this low resolution (400x560px) with a watermark on it and the print in my book. And of course, the original raw-file. So last night I decided there was nothing else to do but remaking it. And I tell you, it was hell. You cannot ever fully remake a piece of art. That's what makes it art. So even if I have the original, even if I made the original, I can never make it completely the same again.

This is the original in low res and the remake about half way through it. An I'm done now. As close as I can get. Maybe I'll post it later.


Living in a movie scene, puking American dreams

Teaser for Death Of A Saleswoman.


American Queen is the American Dream

Model: Lovisa Z, Makeup and hair: Me, Photo and editing: Me.

Had another shoot for "Death Of A Saleswoman" (now decided to be starring Lovisa Z). Just like last time this is not the shot for the project, just a teaser. More teaser shots is to come as soon as I am done editing! Let me just tell you this; Doing the makeup took longer than taking the pictures and editing two of them.


On Top

First photo for Death Of A Saleswoman was taken today. This is a shot from that session, but not the one I chose for the project. Though it is very similair. It's called On Top.


New Project / Death Of A Saleswoman?

Photo taken by my mother in Paris, while traveling with Bateaux Mouches on Saine River. Edited by me.

I just finished my creative non fiction paper. Just going to read it again later before I post it. Feels good. I also came up with an idea of what I'm going to do for my big photography project this term. I'm not all in on all details about how I'm going to do it yet, but it will be another book I think. Sort of the same theme as my previous The Rhyming Game, but something completely different at the same time. But the one thing I know for sure is that it's going to be called Death Of A Saleswoman (yes, I know there's a play called Death of a salesman, that's the point). It'll most likely be about 40 pages long (that'll make about 16-20 photos, depending on how I layout it).


It's just a Rhyming Game

Photos from my project the book The Rhyming Game which I made my senior year in secondary school. Find the digital version of the complete project here or just the photos here. It is originally a 72 pages long book consisten of 23 photos and 23 poems, all by me.


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