The Mistress Always Spanks Twice



Totally not awkwardly eavesdropping

They are just adorable, I can't get enough!



Why so awesome? They should take up Firefly again and put Stana Katic in it as well (and me). Then I would be a happy woman. Yes. And also, feel free to nick name me Mal any time. I've never had a cool nick name (it's cool because it's a Firefly character and it basically means evil), so I think it's about time I do. And NO, people who new me in 7- 9:th grade, those nick names were NOT COOL. So, yeah. Mal.
(I have now nick named myself Mal on pretty much all sites I'm on (except facebook) and I don't fucking care if you like it.)


Stiletto II

I don't even know. She has crazy ass gorgeous hair and she kills people with a knife. She even stabbed a girl in the throat. I can't handle it.



This is probs gonna be the death of me. Nice knowing you.
(I dunno why there's a yellow line around the picture, it's not supposed to. Is it there for you too or it it just for me? It's not there when I edit the post, nor in the actual file...)



'Cause that's how I do it.


For Lovers Only

This film has left me feeling weirdly offended. It's so beautiful that I feel bad about it. I haven't felt this off about a film since I watched Sin City and woke up the next day not remembering what was real or the film or a dream. Though this is nothing like Sin City. It's a simply story about romance and love. I watched 40 minutes of it the other day, then I had to stop because I couldn't handle it. It wasn't that sad, I wasn't crying, and nothing really dramatic happened. I just felt so weird about it. Anyway, I finished it this afternoon, after a break of about 40 hours. I can't explain what it is about it, but it messed with my head. It was gorgeously shot (in b/w), so you should probably watch it, for that if not anything else. I can't promise it will mess you up like it did me, but hey, it's alright still. And it deserved to be blogged about, since it's been taking up so much space in my head recently.


You had no pulse, you were dead!

I am so in love with this woman. She makes the best vampire ever (take that Twilight, and I mean it)! This is from The Librarian 3: The Curse of the Judas Chalice. Now you think: wtf the Librarian? Yeah, so did I, but it's hilarious. Okay, well, I dunno about the other two, I only decided to see this because of Stana Katic. But anyway, she's a vampire and has a french accent and that's good enough for me. So I watched it, prepared for it to suck, but I really laughed a lot. It's like an Indiana Jones movie or something, but super silly, in the good way. I sort of wish there was more of it, which Stana is in also (she's only in this one), because she was the best part, easily!



Okay, you got me, I admit. I'm head over heels for Stana Katic. I mean look at her face, how can you say no to that? And naturally it doesn't make the situation worse that Castle is a brilliant crime drama. And that cute little Firefly refereces pop up here and there, due to Nathan Fillion. I've been haste-watching (best translation of "hetskolla" that I can think of, which is what I've been calling what I'm doing when people ask me what I've been up to during my free time lately) it for the past two weeks, and I think I'll manage to watch all available episodes before the actual two-week line (22/5, I started watching it on 8/5). Four seasons (82 episodes) in two weeks. That's something. I've got some serious issues. But I'm not even bothered. I regret nothing. I've got three days and nine episodes left. Child's play.


Brave New World

Despite alreadly knowing what would happen, due to Fringe's amazing ways of spoiling itself, I was totally freaked out by the end of the season finale. You have no idea. There's too much emotion. And also, it was by far the grossest episode ever. I mean, I'm not that bothered by blood and stuff, usually, and I'm very rarely grossed out by Fringe, but some of the stuff in this ep was just EEEWW. That thing with Jessica in the chair with the eyes is gonna give me nightmares.

Note that my blog is not spoiler free. Ever. When I write about shows I watched I don't really care whether I might spoil it for anyone. If I ever do, you only have yourself to blame for going on the internet.

Sorry, I can't hear you over HOW TOGETHER AND STUFF MY OTP IS.



I haven't had, not will I have, pizza today, despite what the title of this post may suggest. Not that I would have said, nor will say no to a pizza at any point of this day, of course. No, the title is simply because I had no better idea and this image's file name was pizza, because of the one Liz/Tina is eating in it.

I have other pictures, but I'm to tired and in to much pain from taekwondo practice that I will not engage in editing them tonight. Plus that it's almost 22.00 and I still have not had dinner (where the previously mentioned pizza would have been nice).

I finish this post without a point by stating that if there is a religion where Tina Fey is God then I will convert to it. And I keep failing to making the letter i capital when writing I. It's really time for food. Night.


30 Rock

I generally don't like comedy shows very much. Because it's only funny if you can relate to it, and I can't to most. But 30 Rock. My beloved 30 Rock. I love it so much. I've watched ALL episodes in a row this past winter, on Tenerife, and now I wait for new ones every week, while I'm currently re-watching everything as well. I'm a bit freaked out about it now, and it's so little left of season 6, I don't know what I'm gonna do!



I cried at the end of the last episode of Fringe. I kid you not, there were serious tears. I'm just SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT THESE CHARACTERS. And I have to say that the casting of Etta is brilliant, I love her.




Kimi Wa Petto

Forever love. Probably my favourite Japanese Drama of all.


Kagayaki no naka he boku wa kimi wo kitto Tsurete itte miseru yo

Another day spent in town with Malvina. We're very good at spending hours doing pretty much nothing but talking.

Otherwise there's just lots of Hana Yori Dango going on. Gonna watch some Scott & Bailey now, though, while eating my dinner, before I continue this very lovely Japanese drama show.



I had forgotten how much it hurts to practice taekwondo. This time it's my knee that's doing weird things, like giving way under when I stand up. I haven't actually hit it, so I don't know what's up. Though I'm certain it will pass.

I am so tired, but I still think I watch an episode of some TV-show. Probably Doctor Who, because I'm missing it so much. I don't know how I'm supposed to last until autumn for the new series. But it appears that Scott and Bailey is returning tonight (?), which is nice. I could do with a good old fashion British crime drama. I really should watch Upstairs Downstais too, because it has both Keeley Hawes and Alex Kingston in it, but I'm really not feeling period drama at the moment. They are all so complicated, and full of feelings and weird moods. Crime is much more simple. Is it weird to think that? Yeah. Anyway.

Sleep-in tomorrow. I've got a new super cozy hooded sweater that I'm in love with. Probably gonna live in it from now on.

And go on and listen to Marina and the Diamonds new single Primadonna. It's brilliant. I love her, she's amazing and beautiful. Click the link for the music video on youtube. Which also is brilliant, amazing and beautiful.

And if you're wondering why the gif is from Sherlock when this post is not about sherlock at all, then I can tell you it's because of reasons.


Mary Poppins

Home sick today, so I've been spending my time watching Family Guy and films with Julie Andrews. Right now I'm watching Mary Poppins, quite obviously.


Kamikaze Girls

It's a kickass film and you should watch it. It's a comedy, so don't be fooled by all the blood in this scene, because it's really not like this at all, for any of the other time. And it seems as if it's impossible to get a screen shot where Anna Tsuchiya doesn't look crazy, even though she looks gorgeous all through the film.


The man with the key

In case you didn't know, this is my current crush (apart from/along with Benedict Cumberbatch, naturally). Andrew Scott who plays Jim Moriarty in Sherlock. Because he's soooo increadibly good and very nice to look at.


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