Poison TV

Guess they're hiring. Teaser for S as in Sandwich. This book's Lady Gaga tribute.

Bleaching my roots right now. Itchy as hell! I'm in a bad mood today. Wanna move away from home. As soon as winter is starting to go away I'll pack my stuff and move across the yard. At least then I won't have to clean up after everyone else all the time. Just me and my own mess. And two more rooms to spread it in.


Ice cream, I scream

Photo, editing and styling: me, Model: Lovisa Z.

Teaser for letter I as in Ice Cream.



Yeah, I told you about my coat yesterday. Here's how it looks now. I'm sure there are some pictures of how it looked before somewhere back in the archive.

My hair looks very dark in this pic. Dunno how that happened...


As I sink into that mind of yours

I've had sleep-ins the past two days, no school, no taekwondo practice. Been working on DOASW. Only got sixteen photos left, haha. I just pray that I'll be done on time.

I fell in love with the leopard faux fur coat from H&M yesterday, but  managed not to buy it (even though it's very hard when you know you can afford it), since I already got one. But I didn't like the model of the one I had, do today I brought out the scissors, needles and threads and changed the things I didn't like, for it to look more like the one on H&M. I took of the collar, shortened the sleaves and took it in a bit over the shoulders. It definitley looks better now. I show you someday soon, I promise.

I'm hungry, but I'm not sure if I should eat since mum might be home to cook dinner at any moment. I should probably call her and ask. What if I'm supposed to make dinner for myself...? But I want to make scrambled eggs. Only problem is that we don't have any eggs. And I'm pretty sure you need that for scrambled eggs. Just maybe.

(she's not picking up. Ain't that just great...)

(Pasta and tomato sauce it is. And Top Model.)


What facebook did to you

Today's look.

Today has been a good day. I bought a pair of Dr Martens. I'd like to say they were my first, but they're not since I got neon pink ones as well. But a pair of basic black ones with steel cap. Model 1919. I find it interesting that UK size 3 is almost to big for me now, when a few years back I had size 4... I don't get it.

I also got a postcard from unknown sender. Though I have a pretty good idea who it is. It made me happy.

And for the second time one of my little sisters best friend's emo guy friends who I have never met contacted me on facebook. A few months back I got a friend request from one, today I had been poked by another. I don't get it. I don't know them? I mean why would I want to be in contact with someone I have never even heard about before? The internet sure does strange things to people. I wouldn't poke someone on facebook that I wouldn't feel confortable to walk up and poke in real life. Nor send a friendrequest to someone I don't have the intention to be friends with. Maybe some people just should try to lead a REAL life irl and not on facebook. Just maybe...


F is for...

Teaser, again.


The Lady King

Photo, editing, modeling, make-up and styling all by me.

Teaser for the letter K as in King.


I blame Coco

Old photos.

I'm starting to get desparate for a new camera. I've had my Canon Eos 350D since march/april 2008 and it wasn't exactly a new model even back then. It's getting a bit rusty by now. Right now I'm feeling a 550D. I can afford it, since I saved a lot of money while working this summer. I just have to get around and acutally buy it.

And I'm in desperate need of someone to go see I Blame Coco with on 27 November on KB here in Malmö. Check out event here!


When the nerves kick in it's the punchline

Old photos.

Today I slept way to long. Woke up and checked my cell noticing it was 14.23. Not okay. I hate weekends when I've got nothing to do. There's been so much going on this week and now it's all over with and I feel a stange mixture of emptiness and half-fullness. I've done everything I should, but still it feels like there's something left unfinished. It's not a pleasant feeling.


A is for apple

Earlier this evening I was talking with my mum about Top Model and we came to talk about Twiggy.

Mum: Have you seen a picture of her?
Me: What do you mean?
Mum: Like when she was young?
Me: Are you serious? Are you asking a fashion photography student if she's ever seen a picture of Twiggy?
Mum: You never know...
Me: She is a fashion icon! Living ledgend! *quoting Tyra*

Besides, who in their right mind who is the least into fashion have not seen a picture of Twiggy?

And Besides again; this is another sneakpeak on the project. I couldn't resist doing Apple for A...


Last night, this morning, right now

Last night was great. I had the best time. I was doing one of those fun things I've had planned, if you remember. I haven't written what it was before now because me and my friend wanted to keep it a secret until it had actually happened. It just felt to unreal, and still does. We were visting our ex-teacher at her flat. I've written about her million times. She is the best you can imagine and I was extremely lucky to have her. She is one of the very few people in my life that I'd trust with practically anything. I was so sad when I graduated because I thought I would never see her again. But I did, last night. Along with my friend and another of our old teachers (who I see on a regular basis, since I still go to school in the same building as he works in). It was so much fun and I hope we get to come together again soon.

This is my favourite (and only?) photo of all of us. From graduation. It was a beautiful, happy and sad day, all at the same time.

This morning I did my test. I think I passed. It felt fairly good doing it and it feels VERY good to have it done and over with. Now I can focus on my project and if I keep the pace I'm working in now up I know I will be able to pull it of. Let's just hope the ideas keep coming!

Right now, I'm watching Top Model cycle 8. I'm jumping between seasons. Just finished season 12...


If we could only be faster

Model: Lovisa Z
Photography and editing: Me
Styling and make-up: Me

Teaser for my projekt. Death Of A Saleswoman is going to be Awesome. The best I have ever done, I promise you, because now I'm doing all those ideas that before I would just have thought "there's no way I'm ever going to be able to do that". And for you who wonder, Death Of A Saleswoman will be done before x-mas, so you won't have to wait for it that long. Hopefully, it will be of about 24 photos, one for every letter in the alphabet (xyz as one). Subheading is "A-Z with the sisters Z" (catchy, is it not?). And the complete title is actually "ABCDEATH OF A SALESWOMAN". But if I'm unlucky, I won't be able to do twenty four shots by the time it has to be finished. And this shot was for the letter Q as in Quick, if anyone wonders.

"Projects" now also has it's own category. Mostly for me to find my own posts about them, sort of as a journal of my process, but for you as well, to see what I'm working on.



Had a great photo session with my baby sis and six of her friends for my project. I LOVE the result. here's a sneakpeak, and there's more to come.


In Self Portraits - You have to be there


We are as brittle as bisquits


A pixel lost on a computer screen

The worst thing that could ever happen to a photographer, especially an artist like me, happened to me. I lost a picture. I mean like it was gone. It had disappeared from my computer. I almost broke down when I realised it was completely gone. I had spent hours editing it, makin it it's best for my Rhyming Game project and it was no more. All I had left was this low resolution (400x560px) with a watermark on it and the print in my book. And of course, the original raw-file. So last night I decided there was nothing else to do but remaking it. And I tell you, it was hell. You cannot ever fully remake a piece of art. That's what makes it art. So even if I have the original, even if I made the original, I can never make it completely the same again.

This is the original in low res and the remake about half way through it. An I'm done now. As close as I can get. Maybe I'll post it later.


Fashion Favourites of October

So my fashion favourites this month. I want to do this every now and then, because it's what I am interested in and I like analysing myself (ha!). And I know that some of you found this blog through lookbook and are interested in this shit as well. And of you don't like it, then bugger off. And I'm making a fashion category as well.

Beige (as close to my skincolour as possible), dark blue, gray, black and white.
Material: Lace, leather and fake fur (none of this in a hootchie way, of course)
Garment: Dresses and stockings
Accessories: Gloves and necklaces
Shoes: badass boots, b/w converse or wedges.
Hair-style: Curly or wavy. And preferably yellow highlights. Oblique fringe.
Make up: None


We're in a land were we don't belong

Today I've been good. I've done all my writing assignments for this week (good, since this week is over tomorrow...) and I am almost done with everything for next week. Which actually is an achievement, since next week is workshop week for me, so I am supposed to read six texts and write an 300-500 words long response the each one. Done with three of them, and I have started on the other three, so there's not much left. "Now why in the world would she do that" you ask, "when she's not supposed to do it until next week?" I'll tell you. Next week I have an important test that I need to study for all week. So I'd really like to have all other assignments over and done with. And, apart from that, I have a few other FUN things planned which it takes much less angst to take time for if I know I've done everything I need to do already. So now I'm feeling pretty good and is looking forward to next week. Except for the test, could go without that...

And btw, went to Denmark yesterday. Bought a pair of stockings (love that word! Why? Don't know. It's kina hootchie) and a dress. Saving the dress for one of the fun things next week. We were told to wear something nice, and I take that seriously!

Now, back to my text responses!


In self portraits - Things I never said

I promised you, so here you go.

Assignment: Take a self portrait that shows something you never got to say.
Photo and editing: Me
Model: Me, obviously.


Stop calling, I don't want to think anymore

But no, this is not my self portrait either. It will come tomorrow, I think.


to take the form of something else

I know my updating goes up and down. Sometimes there's just no time and sometimes there's all the time in the world. Next week is going to be busy, since I have a test that I need to study to most of my "free time" since I have some other important things planned as well that I really want to take time for. So it's probably going to be a bit slow. Or not, because I said it would. Anyway, here's today's outfit.I spent hours removing embrodery from the back of that jacket yesterday. Totally worth it though.

And I promise to post the real version of my selfportrait soon. Maybe later tonight. Maybe tomorrow.



In self portraits - the image of myself

A sneakpeak of what my self portrait for class will look like. Though, the one I'm going to use will be in colour.


Living in a movie scene, puking American dreams

Teaser for Death Of A Saleswoman.


Wall Of Honours

So, this is my "Wall Of Honours". Here I put of stuff that means something special to me, or a memory I want to be reminded of every day. And I guess I just wanted to show you.

1. X-Files, you know. The best TV-show ever made, like.

2. Monet's water lillies. He's my favourite painter and has been since I was a child.

3. Something I made for my self portrait assignment in school. It's my message, that I always felt but never got to say. That it seems that I was never good enough. And how it hurts to never get that little extra acknowledgement, no matter how hard you work. I acctually almost start crying thinking and talking about it. It hurts that much. Just hope I won't cry at the presentation.

4. Lady Gaga posters. She's my Queen and Godess. She gives me strength to keep fighting. When I was in a dip about to hit the bottom, her song "Oh Well", made me feel it would be fine, different, but fine.

5. Photo of Cicci, I took for an assignment. We had fun, and I like the photo, so it got a spot on my wall.

6. Pictures of me when I was a kid. They remind me that I am still the same deep down, just developed.

7. Ticket from when I saw Lady Gaga in Stockholm 7/5 2010. One of the best nights in my life.

8. My "Telephone". A Lady Gaga innuendo. It doesn't work.

9.  Drawing from my favourite manga XxxHolic.

10. My favourite neckklaces right now. A lot of crosses...

11. It was my original idea to cover the wall with pictures of roses, but I failed. These are book marks. One is of a fairy though. It's my favourite ever. I got it from my mum, I think.

12. Photo of me, a dear friend and our two favourite secondary school teachers at graduation. It was one of the best days of my life. And it was so close to being completely ruined a few weeks before. This photo reminds me how great it turned out, despite all obstacles. And how much that time meant to me, how much I love my friends and my (now ex-) teachers.

13. Birthday card from my grandmother.

14. The best manga-drawing I ever did. I will never be able to do something that good again. Probably why I stopped drawing as much.

So that's that. On the table you also see some Hello Kitty stuff, Wasp - the horse (our old class mascot), my collection of empty olive-cans, my yellow hair dye, empty soda can I saved because it's cool and some course litterature. And I should add that I painted the wall myself.


Playwright Fate

Today I accidently slept 'til 12.30. But what can I say, I had a lot of sleep to catch up on. The rest of the day will be spent cleaning, studying and maybe a walk.

And I ordered a CD over the internet today. It was the first time I did it myself (mum always did it for me before). Anyway I got myslef I Blame Coco - The Constant. She's real good!


A bad morning

Had the worst morning. I had been thinking of skipping class today so I could sleep-in after working two weekends in a row, since I knew we were not going to do anything of importance. But being the model pupil that I am, I couldn't bear to do it. So I got up, got dressed  and took the buss for like an hour to get to school. When I get there there's a note on the door saying class is cancelled. I wanted to go up to the roof of the building and jump. I was so pissed. So I took the buss back home, made crêpes with nutella and watched Top Model.

And btw, I dyed my hair part yellow. But you can hardly tell, because Stargazer's yellow really sucks. I want a more honey-yellow colour, the one I got now is to light and to neon-greenish. I'm going to mix it with some pink and see if it gets better.

And I am in a Britey Spears coma after watching the Britney/Brittany-episode of Glee. I totally grew up with her music, so she's just kinda epic to me. I can still remeber when I was like 7 and got her "
...Baby one more time"-CD.

Now I'm gonna find something to drink, 'cause I'm really thristy...


It seems I only believed half the way


In self portraits - Sick of this shit

I'm in a dip right now. I get those every now and then. Times when everything feels like shit and I just want to go to sleep and stay asleep until late spring. And I feel really bad about it, because I know I'm very fortunate and should be happy for what I got. But sometimes everything is just too much. All that crap that happened all those months ago that just won't go away and everything that is launched upon me now. It tires me out. And above all that mental shit, my back hurts like hell and no one takes me seriously when I tell them. So if there is a God, then PLEASE give me something to cheer me up and that makes it all worth pulling through.

And I promise that I'm going to take new pictures someday soon, and stop editing the old ones all the time.

Now I'm going to make myself some pancakes, if there's nutella or chocolate sauce to put on.


In self portraits - I am a bit nervous right now


In self portraits - Colourfull

"You know you're good when you can make a black and white shot look colourfull."


American Queen is the American Dream

Model: Lovisa Z, Makeup and hair: Me, Photo and editing: Me.

Had another shoot for "Death Of A Saleswoman" (now decided to be starring Lovisa Z). Just like last time this is not the shot for the project, just a teaser. More teaser shots is to come as soon as I am done editing! Let me just tell you this; Doing the makeup took longer than taking the pictures and editing two of them.


There's no such thing as a country called Sweden, we're all just Ikea workers

Sorry about today's awful updating. I've been sleeping all morning, cleaning, doing the laundry and reorganising my closet all afternoon and went to the theatre with my grandmother on the evening to see a play (musical) about how the Swedish furniture company Ikea was created. It was really funny, I laughed all the time.

Tomorrow I'm probably heading into town to buy myself a curling iron and maybe yellow hair colour. And to do some street photography (our new assingment) if I don't forget my camera.

And I passed 100 fans on Lookbook! Yay! I'm super-greatful for all of you



Being so great, I have gone and caught this incredibly annoying cold. I cough all the time, my throat is soar and itchy and I loose my ability to speak every now and then. I was going to go buy a curling iron and look at yellow haircolour today, but I was to exhausted after school. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow so I can do then instead. And I'm going to the theather with my grandmother, so it would be nice if I didn't cough all through it.

Anyway, today I inaugurated my new boots. They're from Weekday and a really great pair of boots. And love at first sight, as it usually is with me and my shoes. Though this time it took be almost two weeks to actually buy them.


Paris pt. IV

Am in school. I was bored.



Still Life

Assignment: Take a still life photo witn theme "forest".
Photo and editing: Me

Though, this is most likely not the one we're going to use.


Realistic by nature



Last photo is taken by Amanda Kraft.

I'm working this and next weekend, so updates might be a bit low. I'm so exhausted when I come home that I have to go to bed and sleep. But it's worth it for the extra money every month, which means I can buy more clothes! ^^ So anyway, here are som old photos for your entertainment. Some of them from when I was wannabe-scenecore ('bout two years ago I think, at least first and last pics, the other ones are a bit later). And about haircolours: I have had greenish turquoise, bluish turqouise, pink, blue and purple over the years, but never my whole hair. Mother  doesn't like it and I care to much about her opinions to go against her. I have a bottle of neon green somewhere to, which I never used. I would like to try silver or yellow sometime too (very Gaga of me).

And GOD how I wish those Mary-Janes still fitted. But no, since I had my surgeries on my feet (last one about 16 months ago), my feet have become smaller, which means all the shoes I owned pre-surgery are now too big. I used to have 37-38 (mosly 38) and now have 36-37 (mostly 36). Not that I mind, it just sucks to have the perfect Mary-Janes but being unable to use them.

Oh, and I had this lovely dream last night and was so disapointed when I woke up and it wasn't real.


To Do List


Skin and wedges

My obsessions right now is skin coloured clothes and shoes in general. In less than a week I bought three pairs of shoes. All very different, but still. I feel a bit ashamed. Though I think I deserve to spoil myself a bit, now when I for once can afford to.

Work tomorrow. Don't know how I could be so stupid that I agreed to work two weekends in a row. I'm going to break down if I don't skip taekwondo practice to sleep in on tuesday. I though I was going to last time, when I didn't, and that was only one weekend! This is going to be two! But I guess I just have to go to bed early and think of the money I'm making and the shoes I can buy with it. Mary-Janes here I come!