I'm at Tenerife now, so I won't be posting much over the upcoming two weeks. I forgot to write before I left, so now I'm paying a whole euro just to write this post for you (and check all my other websites, haha). Feel special! Or not, since I forgot you... Anyway talk to you soon, xx.




Another make up tutorial

Ha, I made another make up tutorial. And I who said I probably wouldn't do one att all. I guess I just like editing videos in iMovie too much.


A story I heard a long time ago

Fashion credits:
Tradera wig, H&M leotard, Gina Tricot tights, Jeffrey Campbell boots.



I love this film.



Fashion credits:
Home made Flower hair piece, Bikbok dress.


First Honeymoon


Make up tutorial

For you, Anna!

(Sorry about my English, I just can't speak today.)


Guess what?

I made a make-up tutorial for you! I'm still editing it, so you will have to wait a while longer for it, but it's on it's way!


My website...

... got another serious reconstruction. I'm still looking for a layout that I like and feel like it goes well with my work. So now we'll just have to wait and see how long I keep this one. I also decided to delete all my galleries that I had on it, and replace them with just one, with nine of my absolute favourite photos right now. The rest of my photos that I had on there is now to be found on my flickr account. I have also added a guestbook, so you can leave me messages!

Link to my wesite.


Malmo Streetstyle

I was photographed by Malmostreetstyle the other day. I was wearing a jacket from H&M, Scarf from Monki, Dress from BikBok, bag from Gina Tricot and shoes from Weekday. I don't know where the jeans vest if from, it was a gift from Sanna.


My Shoes: Heels

Just like with my jewelry collection, I have far more shoes than I could possibly use. But just like with my necklaces, it's a collecting-thing. I don't neccessarily buy to use, but to look at. It's really no different from collecting stamps or coins, only I CAN actually use them. These are some of my favourite heels that grace my shoe shelf at the moment:

My Jeffrey Campbells. Naturally. It doesn't get any lovelier than this in this price range. Ordered from

My highest and most difficult to walk in, without competition really. From Weren't at all expensive really.

I count these as my first heels. They're not really, but I say they are because it was the first pair I bought for myself, knowing I'm not really gonna use them all that much, but they're pretty to look at. The straps are originally from another pair of schoes (that I sold, without the straps, haha). Shoes are from Monki.

These are really the same shoe, but bought in different places. The black ones are from and the blue ones from New Look i Paris. The blue ones are a size smaller than the black ones, a bit too small, but more comfortable than the black ones...

My Topshop wedges. Bough them on half the price. The easiest to walk in, apart from being a little wobbly.

From Din Sko. If they weren't a tad to small for me (they were cheap and the last pair left, so I had to buy them anyway), they would be heavenly to walk in. I mean like really, feels like flats almost. Love them. A bit hard to match though. 

Remember these? I LOVE these. From It's because they look like Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Shoes a bit. Bought the pink ones first and loved them so much that I bought them in black too.

I bought both of these when me and Cicci were in London. They were both inexpensive and I am yet to use them. The black ones are a pair of regular black pumps from New Look. The brown ones are from Primark (and where only £10! Me and Cicci bought one pair each). Gonna wear the pumps for my sister's graduation, I've decided.

Both from Both sort of JC copies. Both quite easy to walk in. Okay, the Lita copies are VERY easy to walk in.

And that's it for now. Gonna do posts like this with dresses and stuff too sometime.


And what are we gonna do about you?

Fashion credits: Jenny Skavlan for Bikbok dress, wig.


Jeffrey Campbell Tardy black velvet

Picked them up today. I ordered them from An awesome site that has like EVERY Jeffrey Campbell model there is. And when I e-mailed them to ask something, they were super nice! I'm ususally not much for promoting things on my blog, so when I do it's probably something that I'm very pleased with. This is one of those things. These were shipped to me from the US, but they were still less expensive than it would have been to order them from a Swedish site, despite shipping and toll. And the shipping time was supposed to be 6 to 10 business days, and they arrived after 6.

And JC shoes really are as fabulous and comfortable as everyone one says.


Comment reply

I already replied to this question here. But you know, if you could give me a little more of an description of what you're looking for, then maybe I can help out. I do most of my "exteme" make-ups sort of in the heat of the moment and I don't plan them before, but I guess I could. So please let me know if you have something particular in mind!?


Our magical moments

Carolyn Jones, I love you.



Despite what you may think I am still alive after the Marry The Night Video.

I was going to take a proper outfit picture for you today, but failed since I couldn't find my remote for the camera. Anyway, my day has revolved around food. First a brunch at my cousins house, then nothing, nothing, and then Swedish christmas food at Ikea. I'll just say I will probably never have to eat again. Feels like it anyway.

Tomorrow me and my group (thought, it's not even my group anymore because everyone has changed days with each other so I don't even know who the fuck I'm with anymore) in my class are doing the lights for a christmas concert with a choir in a chruch tomorrow. I have no idea what we're supposed to do really, it's all a bit confusing, but hopefully it will all be clear tomorrow. Wish us luck.


Marry The Night

I almost cried. Seriously. She is just amazing. I'm gonna go die by the beauty of this now. Bye.



I just love them so so so so so much.