Bad Wolf

"I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here."


Cicci and the crow


Life update

Life is slow. I don't do much, just sit around watching Doctor Who (I'm on series two now). Waiting on getting started on my great school project of this term, but I'm not entierly sure how I'm going to do with it. I wanna do self portraits, as I always do, but I don't want my teachers to think that I can't take pictures of other people, because I can. It just feels so impersonal and easy. And limiting. And I'm super picky with models, I only want to use people that suits my style, and not just anyone. I'd also like te model to be someone who understands my art and knows what I want, which limits my options even further. If I can't get the result I want, then I don't want to do it, it's as simple as that.

Payday yesterday, so I and Cicci went shopping (well, it was mainly me who shopped). As we walked past a shop, Cicci would say: "Shall we go in?" and I'm like "Okay". And then when we left the shop I was the one who bought something (this happened in pretty much every shop). So I got myself a jumpsuit (FINALLY), a pair of jeans (which are now shorts), underwear and socks (got the socks fro free, and they were super cute, with lace and all!), and a new pair of heels. The heels are a bit to small, but I'm having them stretched as I'm writing this.

My rainbow highlights has faded a bit and as they were pretty light to start with, I think I'm going to redo it, either today or tomorrow and make it darker.

I know the updating is a bit low here atm, but it's because I only post my own stuff here and as I don't do much, you do the math. Spend most of my time on tumblr nowadays, trying to find insp
iration. If you have tumblr, you should write to me there/follow me. I'd love to get more tumblr-friends, as the people on there are genereally very nice!

Now, I'd really like some fries. Gonna have to check the freezer for that. Then back to Doctor Who (who I am in love with, btw).


might take a little crime to come undone


Skull and Heart

I saw it and I knew I had to have it. From Asos (as said before). Don't remember what the price was though, but it was free shipping. Was a bit afraid it wouldn't fit, but it seems as I picked the perfect size!


Can't ever keep from falling apart at the seams

Still home alone and doing absolutely nothing. It's a skill I master. Thinking about making a snack for myself sometime soon and watch Doctor Who. Ate lunch at a restaurant with my grandmother today, so I won't be cooking anything tonight.

This weather (cold and snowy) is making me slightly depressed. Like really. I feel real low and don't want to do anything that means that I have to move from sitting/lying down position. I deeply wish for spring to come soon.

Bought an alarm clock today. Interesting, I know. My mobile phone's alarm sucks and shuts itself of during the night (or maybe I'm shutting it of in my sleep, I'm not sure). Either way I needed something that I can rely on to wake me, since I almost overslept two days in a row now, and I really don't want that to happen when I'm working.

Recieved a ring I ordered from Asos today as well (the one I'm wearing in the pictures. I'll take a better picture of it someday soon, it's too dark now.

Here's a song for you that really suits my mood right now. Duran Duran - Come Undone. Thinking about changing the name of my upcoming project and name it after this song instead.


Hair Dye

I found my green hair dye when I was cleaning, so I figure I'm going to do some sort of rainbow highlights in my hair tonight. Now I've got all the colours I want: pink, purple, blue, yellow and green. Got turquoise and orange too, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use them. Going to google some inspiration now, and we'll see how it turns out later.


Too old to lose it, too young to choose it


img 24

I love my rabbit teeth! And my tattoo. And my hair today

Going to make some dinner soon. I've been cleaning and doing some laundry and making food all day. Not very exciting. Baking and cleaning some more tomorrow. Guests at seven o'clock. Hope there's something good on the telly tonight.



Shirt: Weekday, Hat: C&A, shorts: DIY but originally Lee, fake fringe:



From Death Of A Saleswoman.

Today my family left for Italy. So I got the house by myself for a week. I usually keep to my room when they're home, but I'm moving downstairs now. Have some massive cleaning to do. Having guests over on monday and I'm cooking, hoping I won't end up poisoning them (hope they're not reading this, because they won't dare coming here if they do).

Anyway, I just came home from having been shopping. Groceries, though, as much as I wish it was clothes. I like grocery-shopping by myself, and I like being home alone, most of the time. Spontaniously bought chicken wings for dinner, which is nice.

Cut off and bleached a pair of old jeans yesterday, in order to make myself a pair of American flag shorts, since I seem to be unable to get hold of it to a reasonable price any other way. Painted on them this morning and I must say that I am very pleased. They fit very well. I think I have another pair of the extact same jeans somewhere (they're from when my sister and me were the same size and we got one pair each), and I think I'm going to make a pair of regular shorts of them, bleaching them as well (because the original blue colour is ugly). Stonewash them even, if I feel like it later. I'll show you a picture of my amercan ones later!



From Death Of A Saleswoman.



I love sunglasses. There's no better accessory. This is my collection at the current time. I have broken/destroyed quite a few since last season (four pairs I think). I tend to by lots of less expensive ones so that I can switch a lot. And either way, sunglasses are what sunglasses are. They easily crack. I keep my standard pair (the ones that I always have with me) in a box now to keep them safe. The pair on the second picture is my lastest purchase from 80's Purple, and my absolute favourites right now. I'm waiting for another round pair to be delivered as well, in John Lennon style, but bigger.




Alien sex humanoid hyrbid woman



One of mine and Cicci's pictures from our take on Postmodernism.

I'm sorry about my lack of update lately, especially yesterday. Right now I'm just feeling so uninsprired and tired. Mostly because of the weather. It so cold and I'm relatively cold blooded, so I'm about freezing to death here. I've got two knitted sweaters on and I'm still shivering. So until I get my body heat up, you'll have to deal with poor updating and old photos.

I am very un-motivated to do anything photographing right now, and I'm feeling sort of drained, which is very frustrating. Everything I do for school feels so forced. Tough hopefully soon we will be starting on our own projects, and being the rebellion I am (lol), I'm going with another "slap-in-the-face" theme, this time by doing a book/series solely about myself (but with a twist of course). At the moment it's called "Everything That I Am". I've got the idea from the project were doing in school, called Family Frames, when we talk a lot about photo therapy. So this book/series (I haven't decided how to present it yet), will be mostly for my own sake, to come to peace with me and everything and everyone around me.

I noticed that my statistics have gone up slightly over the past few days! Don't know if this is just random people accidently clicking themselves in here, or if I've got some new readers. Either way: Hi on you!

Now I'll be doing some reading, writing and resting. Cheerio!



There you go. A proper picture of my first tattoo. I love it and am so pleased with how it turned out, and now I just want it to heal and stop being so sore. I drew it myself and had it done at Liz Tattoo in Malmö. I really like that the text is actually in my own handwriting.

The reason I did this is because I think it's one of the most beautiful and important things in life to be proud of who you are, and not to try to be anyone else. Cherish how you were made. It took me a long time to get there myself, but I am now. It's also a reminder of what Lady Gaga has given me, without it being all to cheesy, and that this is a time in my life that I always want to keep close. It might sound as if it were something spontaneous, but it was most certainly not. I have been wanting to get tattooed as long as I can remember, and I've been planning for a heart like this since about '09. My problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to write in the banner until now. All of a sudden it was very obvious and it just felt (and still feels) so unbelieveably right. I have been thinking to myself many times "this is going to be there forever", and yet every time I do I feel so good about it. It's the most amazing feeling.


Paws Up

I ususlly don't post I haven't created myself from scratch or that is of me, but I figured since I did make this gif it's alright. Now I'm just going to make it work on tumblr as well...

My point is that Lady Gaga's Grammy Awards performance was amazing and I am stunned everytime I see her do something live. Her voice is just heavenly and she is gorgeous!



Photo: Cecilia Hellström

So yeah, as some of you might have figured I got my first tattoo today. Heart with banner on the arm that says Born This Way. I am completely thrilled about it. Right now it's wrapped in blood-sticky plastic and it will remain so until tomorrow morning, so you'll have to wait until then for a proper picture of it.

And no, it didn't hurt. Quite uncomfortable at times, when my tattoist hit nerves that went all the way to my hand, but apart from that it wasn't all that bad. But I was so nervous that I was probably crushing Cicci's hand anyway. Lots of love for her and Sanna who came with me as support!


waiter's gonna wait

I was going to post this before I left home, but I had to run for the bus, so it had to wait. I don't think I've mentioned it before, since it was decided quite sudden, but I did something today that I've been dying to do for ages. Right now I'm waiting for Cicci to mail me pictures so I can show you. It's the most amazing thing! But I won't tell you anything until I have pictures to back it up!

Today was really nice. Lunch with Cicci and Sanna, some shopping and then "the thing". And as I said, today is Lovisa's birthday so we're celebrating her tonight!


Happy 13:th Birthday!

My baby is a teenager now! They grow up so fast, haha. Happy B-day Lovisa!


I am a free bitch, baby

The sense of being so complete again.
I don’t know how I will ever be real
like that ever without going back there.
Relive, re-dream, re-feel and re-awake,
just so I can feel loved by a stranger.
Be a part of something greater than me.
I know how to show my beliefs outside.
Lady may save my day and go away,
but I don’t feel lost because I am free



Mine and Cicci's take on modernism. First picture is taken by Cicci, second by me.


Fakers gonna fake

Fake fringe is the best hair accessory ever invented. That means that NO, I have not cut my hair. Off to my cousin's birthday party now. Born This Way in my Heartbeats by Lady Gaga headphones the whole bus ride, dressed in Gaga top, Gaga jacket and high heels. Do you think I love Gaga? Do you?!


The Right Track

So, as you all probably heard by now Lady Gaga released her new single yesterday, breaking itunes records by it being nr 1 in 23 countries within 24 hours. Since my blog seem to be partly about Lady Gaga, I thought I'd write my thoughs on it.

I should probably start by saying that I LOVE IT. I was dancing to it yesterday along with my best friend yesterday (who don't even like Gaga normally) in her kitchen, so crazily that I can hardly move my neck today from all the headbanging. It has the best dance beat ever, and I for one truly appreciate that. Not sure I even need to comment on the lyrics, of course I think it's genious. It's such cheap rhymes and easy wordings, but yet somehow she makes it work so increadibly well, in combination with her fantastic voice and the melody. It's unbelieveably catchy and I will never be able to stop singing it.

I thought it would be darker and not so much pop. But I think it's wonderful that it is. It speaks to the masses and the masses needs the message that it contains. And I love that in the beginning of it she says: "Just put your paws up, because you were born this way, baby". It's a direct message to her little monsters only, making it a little more for us than anyone else.

It has been on repeat in my room all day, over and over. I just want to dance whenever the chours comes on (unfortunatly I can't, due to doing just that the other night). I can hardly wait for the video and the choreography. Maybe this time I will even learn the whole thing, just so I really can dance to it!


There ain't no other way

Whether life's disabilities
left you outcast, bullied, or teased
rejoice and love yourself today
'cause baby you were Born This Way.


Yesterday, Today

I'm soon of to school. Yesterday was great, I haven't laughed as much in the company of other people in quite some time (I laugh a lot by myself though, not sure that's a good thing). I'll always cherish my time in secondary school, because it brought the most amazing people to my life.

Today I'm probably going to die, when Born This Way is released. Hopefully I'll have time to run some errands before that.

Now I have question for you: How old do you think I am? If you already know, what would you have guessed if you didn't?


Cross my heart

Today I have been to taekwondo practice. Afterwards, when I went to the store across the road I decided to be a bit spontanious and bought a black t-shirt from which I made this top. I have been wanting a cross-top for ages and I've seen a few but they're always way more expensive than their worth. Ao I thought I'd make one instead. In all it cost me about £4. I'm actually impressed by myself, because the fit turned out almost perfect. Both the length and it has a very low cut back and it's going to look awesome when summer comes and I don't need to wear like five shirts above it not to freeze to death.

And yeah, as you can see I dyed my tips. I used Dircetions Plum, and there are highlights in Stargazer's Magenta as well (though you can't see that in this pic). Due to poor lighting it doesn't translate very well to picture, but you get what it's all about.

Soon I'll be changing into my purple/grey lace dress and am off to meet Kajsa for some last minute shopping before we leave for dinner at Spoke's. I'm super excited 'cause Jeanette is going to be there as well and I haven't seen her in three or four months now!


It's not even the worst


F- You,


Haters gonna hate

I have to say that Internet shopping is the worst thing that ever happened to my wallet. Seems as if I'm always waiting for a package. Right now it's purple hair dye, a frame for a photo assignment, two pairs of sunglasses (because I thought I didn't have enough, obviously) and a fake fringe. Good work. And I haven't even bought a birthday present for my sister who turns thirteen on Valentines Day...

Anyway, someday next week I plan to drag my ass to the tattoist who did my mothers to talk to her about me finally getting one of my own. I know what I want now and it just feels so right that I can't stand not having it on my body. I have drawn it, but I won't show you 'til I've done it, I don't want anyone stealing it and do it before me, lol. Some of you probably already know what it is anyway though.

Love that my tumblr went bananas when I posted my Gaga-shirts yesterday. Over 2000 notes now. It's pretty much for someone who only had 28 followers at the time (have more now). Funny how people keep writing stuff about which ones they have and want and asking were they can get them, but of all 2000 notes, I personally, the OWNER of the shirts, have been asked three times... I mean since I'm the one who actually bought them, I should know where to get them..? And quite funny how someone wrote that they had all of them, which is quite impossible, since the black tank top is DIY.

This was a long post. And I'm not done yet. I am also going to tell you that I have shin splints in my right leg and it hurts like shit at the moment. Tomorrow me and Cicci are presenting our modernism-photos (which are kick-ass) and then I can post them here for you to see. Thursday is D-day and I'm very excited, especially after talking to one of the ones involved for over fifteen minutes on the phone today (which did feel fairly strange)!

Now I should probably eat something, haven't had a decent meal yet today (YOU'VE BEEN A VERY BAD GIRL. A VERY VERY BAD GIRL, MALIN).

And that's it for today my friends!


Comment reply


The first four ones are official merchandise and should be available at Lady Gaga's website/concerts. The Telephone, Alejandro and Dance In The Dark ones I bought at the Monster Ball. Beautiful Dirty Rich was given to me on x-mas '09 by my parents, but I think it's from the website. The Grey Haus of Gaga top is from H&M. The Paparazzi one was bought somewhere in Notting Hill, London. The black one is DIY and the last one was bought for me by a friend in Thailand.

Funny how people keep reblogging my shirt-post on tumblr, adding stuff like "I've got the left one in the top row", "I've got two of them" or "I want all of these", like it's some kind of standard! I don't even have like 10% of the the Lady Gaga shirts available out there. But anyway, I think it's really sweet. This is the first time I have this massive reblogging of a post (almost 600 notes at this very moment)!


Hey, guess what...!?

... I am a really really huge Lady Gaga fan!

I've got:

Her CD's, of course (obviuous)
5 t-shirts (forgot one on the picture)
4 tank tops
1 jacket
3 pairs of sunglasses that she also has.
1 huge poster
2 books
1 tote bag
1 pair of Heartbeats headphones
1 of those lamp-things you buy at the concert that changes colour and stuff

2 saved concert tickets
3 drawings on my wall
1 telephone on my wall that doesn't even work
1 Lady Gaga Barbie doll
Shitloads of photos, both my own and by others
and another shotloads of clothes, ispired by her style.

And there's probably more that doesn't come to mind right now. And the funny thing is that now that I listed all this shit, it makes a quite long one, but I don't think this is much at all...


My Photobooth

I've had my Macbook for roughly eighteen months now. And it's true what they say: Once you go Mac, you never go back. Can't handle a PC anymore. Anyway, my point is that during this time, my photobooth have been suffering through many many egopics, all from photosession-looks, to everyday looks, to "hey, I just felt like putting on make-up and do my hair"-looks. Here are some of them. Don't take as many as I used to anymore, since the camera seems to be laying off a bit. But I like to look through my old ones, every now and then...


Fancy a drop of Bolly?

Photo: Cecilia Hellström styling/editing: Me (that gorgeous neck+cheekbones+jawline of mine: my mum and dad.)

Tonight it's just me, my chocolates and my tears because someone I chat with got to meet Keeley Hawes and I didn't. I want to. And I will one day too, If I so have to kidnap her!

One more day at work, then... ALL PLAY!


Modern Girl

- "I didn't say come."
- "Oh, I'm a modern girl, Guv, I come when I need to."

Photo: Cecilia Hellström
Styling/make-up/hair: Me
Editing: Me



This is my friend Cicci. She's a bit special. No, I'm just kidding (but still not really), but she's awsome and like my soultwin. We have the same opinions on everything. We can't even argue 'cause we don't disagree on anything. And she has just taken the most awesome photo of me that anyone apart from myself ever have. I'll show it to you some other day!

I just have to say that our interpretation of Modernism is going to rock EVERYONE'S socks when we present it next week.



I would rather be meaningless
than to sell my soul.
It is just a pathetic wish
to try and give away
things you do not have.

I do not want to watch your life
of dreamless nights.
I am not a part of them
and I want mine to be
full of glittering roads to walk.

Did you read between the lines,
the mention you missed?
I do not need no one to follow me
where I am going.
I’ll be alone there anyway.

And who are you?



This is what happens when you have a fashion-like photoshoot coming up and only a few hours to make/put together the outfits. Photo studio at my old school booked tomorrow for the photographing of mine and Cicci's interpretation of Modernism. We're doing sort of a Avantgarde+Art Nouveau+Formalism-theme with lots of crazyness going on.

Skipped taekwondo parctice today to get a long needed sleep-in. Going to bed early tonight as well. Work all weekend and I need my sleep. I just want this week to be over. Fun things planned for nex week!

And it seems as if my ability to write poetry has finally returned. I have had a about six months long dip that I've tried so hard to get out of and it seems as I finally am. Probably cursed it now though, writing about it. Anyway it's sort of a relief.


There was once this girl with a dream

And she would rather die than give up on it.


New in:

Remember I told you about ordering sunglasses from 80's purple? This was on Thursday last week. The website said it would take 7-14 workdays to deliever them. I got them today. That's four workdays. Talk about fast delivery. I do look slightly retarded in the second pair though, but I love them so so much! So now I'm officially an owner of all the three different kinds of shades Lady Gaga wears in Paparazzi! Yeah, well obviously mine are copies, but still!

And the bag from New Look. My black baby ♥ (I realise it looks brown in this pic, but it's not). Going to live and die with this and the other one!

And above this, my lovely coach (and friend) gave me, totally out of the blue, an eyeshadow palette from H&M with 36 colours! No wonder this feels like a birthday! So if you read this Lie, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Might even have to try it out tonight, doing some fancy makeup and have a photosession. Maybe...


My heartbeats

I just have to say: OH MY GOD. I never ever thought I'd actually own a pair of these. Dr Dre Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. Won them on an auctioning site, so they didn't cost me all that much, but they were brand new, delivered today in the unopened original box. I felt a bit like I was having a religious moment (slight exaggeration). Anyway, they're black and they are real and  they are mine! ♥

Today felt a bit like my birthday. Three packages was waiting in the mailbox for me when I came home from school. I'll show you what was in the other two a bit later!