Life is good

random pic from The Monster Ball.

Dear God, my life at times. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with all of this. "Am I mad, in coma or just back in time", that kind of thing. It all just works out. I wake up in the morning and despite all the irritating, confusing things in this enviroment, it all just keep falling into place by itself.

I graduated, having no idea what the future had in mind for me. All I had was my dream of becoming a photographer, an artist. I didn't know what would happen after the summer, I had no job and no idea whether I would get into the courses I had applied for. On the particular day of graduation, I had no worries, I just enjoyed life at it's best. But the following weeks it starts to nag.  But then, all of a sudden and completely out of the blue, my aunt called and asked if I was still looking for a job. Less than two weeks later I had a seven weeks long tomporary post at home care service. A couple of weeks into that I found out that I did get in to both of my courses. I've been studying full time and working part time ever since.

But the term I just started is my last one in this subject (The Photographic Image) and the nagging feeling about not knowing what to do came back. Until today. Me and my mum were just spontaniously searching for courses when we found an education that was just right. Not only will it give me the degree I want before possibly moving abroad, it also works perfect with my future plans of studying Fine Art Photography or Fashion Photography, AND in case everything else goes tits up, I can get a job from it. Just like that. My future might be as in a bag.

It seems as if this kind of things just comes so easy for me. I know it annoys some people. Maybe it is because I want a career more than anything right now, and I can't really allow myself to take my life anywere else before I have it.
This is my life, and life is good. I don't think most people understand that there is nothing for me but this.

Apart from British crime dramas of course, always room for those. Now: Sherlock.



My room is a mess. I got so much stuff and it's just EVERYWHERE (note that this is my room after I just cleaned it). Since I got my clothing reck wrapped in plastic all of the clothes that were hanging on is now hanging on my door, which leaves me no place to hang my bathrobe, so that's hanging on the side of my clothing reck. And all my new clothes are just thrown over the reck because I have to sort out hangers for them. I've got all these coats that I just want out of here. I want spring and spring-jackets! And of course, shoes all over the floor, all the time.

And I don't know what to do with my framed Gaga photos. I need my walls as backgrounds all the time and they spend more time standing on the floor than on the wall. I have nowhere to hang them so that they're not in the way or looking tacky. Good God, I need a bigger room and more walls...


Spring Fashion

I found this list on a couple of blogs and thought I'd do it as well:

Your style in one sentence: That’s a hard one. I’ve been told on several occasions that I switch style once a week and I really try to mix a lot of different ones.  But I guess I would say something like ”80’s with a modern + very dark/romantic twist”. And with romantic I don’t mean as in ”hearts and flowers”-romantic, but as in the epoch of time.

Style icons: Lady Gaga, Alex Drake from Ashes To Ashes (especially s3, for pictures click here) and Rumi Neely.

What are you inspired by this spring: 80’s, goth/rock/punk, whatever Lady Gaga may do.

What are you feeling this spring: Sunglassessss ♥

Best basic garment this spring: Black tights

Colours this spring: skin/nude, white and black (always black)

Ideal spring outfit: I just purchased this gorgeous purple/grey lace dress that I’d love to wear with my new black wedge heels + leather jacket, black tights and of course my New Look bag.

Shoes and bag: Wedges or thick high heels/boots/converse for shoes and my babies from New Look for bags.

Do’s and Don’ts: I believe that you can do whatever you like, but a don’t for me has always been to wear clothes that doesn’t suit your body structure or that’s not your size. Self-perception is always fashionable.

Your latest purchase: Black, lace up 4,5 inches wedge heels with a 1,5 inches platform.

Three things from your spring wish list: Jeans west with millions of studs, a long mc-jacket, Born This Way Tattoo.

My new shoes and lace dress.


Baby, there's no other superstar

I originally wrote this text for my tumblr, and I have written a lot of texts about Lady Gaga before this, but never posted any of them anywhere. They always tend to get a bit melodramatic and overemotional. But in a way they’re not, because I feel very strongly about this particular woman. She has given me so much. Because of her I have become a stronger person. And I love myself and I am fully okay with who I am now, because she made me come to peace with that I was born this way. I am insane, I am odd and I am special, but that is the way I am supposed to be and it is what will get me somewhere in this world.

When I was younger I didn’t understand how music could move people like it does, and it was Gaga’s music that moved me, truly, for the very first time. It helped me find the strength to pull through and in a very difficult time in my life.

She is the perfect example of that when you got big dreams, and you work hard to reach them, there is nothing that can stop you in the end. And it is possible to live them. I want to be just like her, doing what I love surrounded by wonderful people and be able to to send a big ”fuck you” to everyone who has made me feel like shit and who didn’t believe in me. And I want to make it if not only so that I can say: ”Lady Gaga changed my life and her music gave me an identity when I didn’t belong.” Because she has. All those things she always says she wants to do for her fans, she has done for me.

The best night of my life was when I was standing front row at the Monster Ball and she looked me in the eyes and at my friends who were with me and told us we were beautiful. I have never felt as alive as I did dancing in the dark. And I realised that, when I saw her the first time, I few month before that, she and the Monster Ball did set me free. I am free now. Lady Gaga, you set me free and in all my insanities and dream world, you keep me sane and  you keep me real. Thank you for that. And I love you.

So, there it is.

I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me
Baby, there's no other superstar, you know that I'll be
your Papa-Paparazzi.


I'm on the right track, baby

Me today. Was going to post this before I left, but I had overslept and had to run. Interesting as I overslept because I was dreaming about Lady Gaga performing Born This Way at the Grammy's. And speaking of which:

Funny you should mention that, as I did write a text about her yesterday for my tumblr and have been contemplating whether or not to post it here as well. Guess that answers my question. I'll work on it some more and I'll be posting it later tonight, so keep and eye out!


Tonight I will return all the fame and riches earned, with you I'd watch them all be burned

My love for this woman is infinite.



Who am I kidding, I can't cut my fringe, it's almost grown out. I've been so patient with it the past months, I can't detroy it now!?

And I love my new leotard+high waisted chinos.

GAGA LEAKED THE LYRICSSSS! I'm dyyyying.  Don't be a drag, just be a Queen ♥


Comment reply IV

Well ain't this becoming a habit? Not that I mind, I like getting questions like this!

First of all: I am unfortunatly NOT married to Harry Potter, I bloody wish! I had a total crush on him though, around the first and second film...

Secondly: Yes, I do study photography and have been doing to for three and a half years now. I'd like to belive it's talent mixed with devotion and good teachers. I know a lot because I want too and I have worked hard for it. Nothing comes for free. I HAVE taught myself a lot as well, but I wouldn't be were I am today without Jeanette and Marie who were my photography teachers in secondary school, and I'll be forever thankful to them.

Thirdy: I think you might be right about the shadows. Since the lighting comes from below and from the side at the same time, it probably creates an illusion of me being tall.


Ready for those flashing lights

School+shopping today. Like I said yesterday, today was payday for me and I got about twice as much as I thought I would. Though a lot of it went straight into my savings account. Can't travel/move to London with no money in the bank, can I?

Anyway, I got a pair of super skinny, high waisted, dark blue jeans à la Alex Drake series one. And a pair of black chinos and some shirts. It was super sale in one of my favourite stores, Weekday (pretty much the same as Cheap Monday, for you not from Sweden/Scandinavia who don't know the brand). They were selling out like almost everything for less than £10! So I went a bit bananas...

Just ordered two pairs of sunglasses form 80's purple as well. I'm crazy about sunglasses, as you probably know by now. This time I got to pairs that are copies of Lady Gaga's glasses, her Versace ones and the round ones that you can flip up (not the Mickey Mouse ones, I already got those). I think she wears both of them in Paparazzi (she has a sunglasses-frenzy in that vid...).


Comment reply III

Well, hi again Moe! Funny how you always leave comments that I feel I need to answer like this!

So this is another clarification that I want to make. I've been thinking about mentioning it a couple of times, but never have. The fact is that I am not tall at all. I am actually very short, only 5"2/159 cm. I have been the shortest of my class from first grade all the way until I graduated secondary school. The reason I look tall in many of my pictures is that I know my own proportions very well and how to angle the camera. And of course the heels work their little magic. So there you have it! I'm really a very very small girl!

And again, thank you for your sweet comments! ♥


And off we bloody go

Leaving for school. Today's outfit and all that. Payday tomorrow. No idea how much I'm getting this month though. But still. Rooting for getting my new bag by the end of this week. It was shipped on Monday so it could be here any day...

Found this song with the help of some lovely tumblr-people yesterday. I almost started to cry by it. If you know your Ashes To Ashes, you know why. It's so pretty!


I am going to look after you

I'm writing again. Maybe this time I can even make myself finish it. Wishful thinking.



Since I already showed you the styling for this picture I figured I could just as well show you what the hell I'm talking about with my plastic background. For you who don't get it, this is a real background I have made, not something I photoshoped there. Pretty cool, huh?


End of search

Today a lot of good things happened. I found out that I have passed my history class and that I have been granted study grant for this term. And also; remember my favourite bag that I wrote about once in the 30 day challange? Today I found one exactly the same model, but in black, on New Look's webstore! And it was only £22,99, which is less that I bought my other one for! So of course I had to order it, and I should have it within 7 work days. My search is over!

Today I did a photoshoot that might end up as a part of GirlsOF. I'm working with a cling film background now, and it looks so cool with the right lightning. And I did the styling on the pictures as well. Obviously you can't see the colours, so I'm telling you instead. I did red+orange kinda smokey eyes and had dark purple lips. And then of course extensions+curls for the hair, parted in the middle and fringe pinned back on the sides.

It's funny how my current hair colour (which is a yellowish+pink+orangy colour), doesn't translate at all to pictures. It just looks blonde. It annoys me because it's not blonde, and I have to edit it in order for the colour to be even remotely correct... Anyway, I wish my hair could look like it does in this picture by it self, everyday.


Come undone

Lie just left after being here practically the whole day. I still have not looked through the pictures I took of her (after dinner I had even forgotten that it was the reason she was here in the first place). Going to to that now.

I have written the infamous line from Lady Gaga's remix on my arm. Sort of a reminder, I guess. Not sure of what, but it feels good to have it there. Am also wearing my standard Victoria King outfit. Some of you may know who she is, and for you who don't: she's the main character of most of my short stories atm. When I picture her in everyday life, she is usually wearing something like this.

And btw, hair completely unstyled today, just brushed through. Would you have guessed?


Comment reply II

Just to clarify: I think you misunderstood me. I most certainly CAN answer you personally, and I do prefer to do so, but I usually leave comment replies on the blog of the one who commented, and since you didn't leave one for me to comment on, I chose to do like I am doing now, because I wanted people to see that it really means so much!

I don't want to put myself above anyone and I reply to all my comments, one way or the other, as long as it's possible. Usually when no blog is added, I just leave another comment after, as a reply. The only thing I don't do is replying by e-mail, since I use my mail solely for work and school.

And again, your new comments were super sweet and you really make my day! And does Malin really mean "smart"?! That's so awesome, I've been told all my life that it means like "evil" or something. I prefer smart!



Photos from late '09.

Looking through old photos and missing my fringe and my long hair extensions. Especially like it was in the last pic. Sometimes I comtemplate whether I should cut my fringe back, but it feels like such a waste now when it has grown so long now that I can almost put it behind my ears. And I can't decide what suits me best. It depends so much on whether I have a good or bad hair day. Recently I've been crazy about the old Gaga-the-Fame-era-style. I don't know what to dooo?!

Anyway, I am doing some planning and researching for a photoshoot for Girls On Film (GOF? I don't like that shortening. Let's call it GirlsOF!) tomorrow. As I have written before, I am taking pictures of different people in this project, not just myself and my sister. So tomorrow Lie (AGAIN, not Lie as in telling lies, it's pronounced Lee, for you who don't know, and she is NOT chinese) is coming to my humble home to model. She is very nervous and I'm finding it most tremendously fun. But I guess she does have more to be nervous about than I do, as she have given me completely free hands. But do not worry Lie, it's a pair of very safe hands!


Comment reply

I just wanted to say thank you, to you who left this comment for me (since I can't reply to you personally). I don't get many comments, I don't have many readers or followers and sometimes I do wonder why I bother with this at all. It's commets like this that makes it worth it. I'm thrilled to know that there are people out there, apart from my friends who actually care!

Even though I have always had a strong belief in myself, I could in no way have found the motivation to work and fight to one day reach my dreams, if it weren't for the people around me, telling me that it's possible. And small comments like this one really makes my day (or like week). So thank you and lots of love for you, whoever you are ♥




Bitch, I was


I don't speak German, But I can if you like

Ich bin mir absolut klar
Ich trag den Namen Monster
I wish we all could be blind
It become easy out there

- Lady Gaga

(I don't think these lyrics are correct, but they were the only ones to find)


If you know your Gaga, you know what it means


Only came outside to watch the night fall with the rain

I heard you making patterns rhyme.


High Heels and Ice Cream

Heels I ordered almost a month ago finally arrived. I love them. To bad we had weight training this morning and my whole body is sore, so I doubt I'll be able to walk in them at school tomorrow... From Melba.

I bleached my roots today as well. Now my hair looks like strawberry and vanilla ice cream (not so much in the pics, more irl). Sounds kinda cool, but unfortunatly it does not seem to suit my skin colour very well...

Today has been a good day. Lots of exercise and resting in a good mix. Though right now I'm feeling a not so pleasant feeling of restlessness and tiredness at the same time.

New term starting tomorrow. Bit worried, since I haven't got all the points I should have and need to be allowed to start. It's very annoying since I'm done with everything and there's nothing I can do about it. I just have to hope that it'll be allright. At the very least I know that there's more people than me who will have the same problem.

Some photographing for Girls On Film is planned within the near future.
I'd like to think I'm challenging myself a bit with this project. But so did I with DOASW, which ended up not being very challenging at all. Getting at it form a different angle this time though. Rooting for myself.




As empty handed leaving as I was when I came

Sorry about the no update yesterday. I was called in to work and when I came home, after eating and reading some, I went for a nap around six o'clock. Woke up again and it was half past ten. Still sleepy I ate again and went back to bed, sleeping again shortly after midnight. So as you can guess my sleeping routine won't AT ALL be messed up by this.

White Lies released their new album Ritual today, which has a awsome cover. Listening to it right now (the album, not the cover, onviously). Thereof the photoshoot I'm editing right now, and thsi very photo is from, is called Ritual. And you can over-analyze that name together with the photos as much as you like! More pictures coming soon. First I need food.


Day 30 – One last moment

Last day of the Challenge! So I thought I'd treat you with sort of a double. Both the moment this photo happened and the moment I just had when finding it.

This is from 18:th of September 2009. I was so surprised that it was that long ago. I remember it like yesterday (seriously, I do). We were doing photoprojects on world religions. I was given Hinduism and was going to do a photo of Kali, the Godess of Death, thereof I had borrowed toy guns from a classmate (I still got them...). Insane, as I have told you before that my class were, me and Kajsa were running about in the school with them, playing around. We also did a short "video blog" for our secret blog about our teacher (Jeanette), which was never published. I wonder if she still has it? Anyway, this was one of those typical days that I really miss. Even though everyone was going crazy about their projects we had days like these, when there was not much to do and we just went bananas.

I was looking though my pictures, looking for something for this post. I was in the folder I made for the secret-teacher-blog and the one with random photos from school and got really sad. Not that I have not moved on from it, but there was so many great moments captured in those folders, that I wish I could relive.

So this challenge in finished with one of the moments which I will be ever thankful for that I got to be a part of.


If you can, you'll see the world in all his fire

Don't say a prayer for me now,
Save it 'til the morning after.


Day 29 – Your aspirations

When I was a child, there was this yellow house with a tower that I always said I wanted to live in when I grew up. A few weeks ago we drove past that house and my little sister asked me if I still wanted to live there. 'No', I said, 'I don't want to live in Sweden'.

I have said a million times before, but I dream of my own flat in London. I dream of making money from my art. And one day, one way or another, I will. Though I guess in some ways you can say that I already have, since I did sell two copies of Death Of A Saleswoman. But I hope to be making a steady living on it, at some point.

My mother thinks I should get a degree from the university here in Sweden, before applying for photography schools abroad, because it looks good on paper and I can work here in the meanwhile, saving up money. And I guess that I what I'll probably do. Which leaves two and a half more years of studying/working here until I can go. Nothing is set in stone yet, though. We'll se what happens. But one way or the other, I will get away from this country at some point. Not because I want to leave what I have here, but because I want something more.

Note that this is not something I have dreamed up by myself. It's discussed with and fully supported by family and friends. And it WILL happen.

Home, someday?


Day 28 – Something that you miss

I miss Ashes To Ashes so terribly much. It's my favourite show ever. It has everything. There's crime, sci-fi, fantasy, romance and British people! And oh the drama! Life On Mars is good as well, the Sam/Annie romance just does not have the spark like Gene/Alex. And both of the latter two are amazing characters done by amazing actors (Gene Hunt is so epic that I bought a t-shirt with him).

For you who have not seen A2A, it is a spin off on Life On Mars. It’s about Detective Inspector Alex Drake from the Metropolitan Police in London, who gets shot in the head and wakes up in 1981. She believes that she is in a coma , that everything is in her head and that she has to work out why she is there in order to wake up and be reunited with her daughter Molly. In the 80’s she meets Detective Chief Inspector Gene Hunt (whom we know from LOM) who turns out to be her new boss there. In three series we get to follow Alex in her fight to get home, while she is also fighting crime and her DCI, trying to work other whether this world is real or not.

Course I’m not going to tell you what happens. But it ended in quite a good way, even though it was painful to see the show go. It’s been about eight months since the final episode and I have re-watched most of them by now (not the final yet, though, just my favourite clips of it) and read pretty much all fanfiction there is in the romance part of (sooo many talented writers there). But it’s so hard when you know there will never be any more episodes. No spin offs either, since they ”explained” everything in the final. So I just have to be sad about it, miss it and watch it all over again.

If you haven’t watched it, you should and you can stream it from here!


I'm on the hunt, I'm after you

Thinking about what to write on today's challenge, watching children's TV-series, rooting for updates of Ashes To Ashes fanfictions and simply wasting time. Today I finished my last exam in my photography course. Now I'm just hoping that I'll pass so I'll be over and done with everything this term, as I'm starting a new one on wednesday. So now I'm on break for real, with nothing to do. Feels like ages since last time. Did the firt shot for Girls On Film (I made up my mind about the name shortly after I posted it yesterday) last night, and hopefully I'll be doing some more of them soon. Just need to contact some people who I want for modelling.

Now I'm going to continue to waste time for a while, xx.


My one true love

Not so sure of who I would be without this magnificent little piece of technology.


Day 27 – Your favorite place

I contemplated writing about both my room and London for this day. But I written about both in posts earlier, so I figured I should chose something different. And naturally that leaves school. I always liked being in school. Not to have class and study so much, but just being there. Especially secondary school. My class (and teachers for that matter) was INSANE. We pretty much always had fun. And sometimes we didn't. Sometimes we eat chocolate cake. Sometimes we slept on the tables. Sometimes we took pictures of ourselves. And I liked the building my school was in. I still go to university in the same building, so it feels very close to home.


My Upcoming Projects

I have written I few times before that I have a new project going on. To be honest I've got two. And I thought it was about time I told you about them.

With the first project I'm choosing between two names: Tighter Than Plastic or Girls On Film. Tighter Than Plastic was the original idea, since the project revolves around fashion photography inspired portraits and the use of cling film. But lately I feel that Girls On Film suits better, since there will be a different girl in every picture (there will be a total of ten or more pictures) and it takes away a bit of the assumption that there is a deeper meaning to the use of cling film, when the only real reason is that I want an uniformity and a plainness in my portrait mixed with a grotesqueness that I like to believe has been something repetitive in my past projects. So it will probably be Girls On Film (after the Duran Duran song, of course). But I don’t know yet.
As said, it will be portraits of different girls, hopefully with a variety of ages and looks, plain backgrounds and cling film in different ways. My inspiration is Vee Speers The Birthday Party (google it, it’s really cool).

The second project am I doing with my old secondary school teacher Spoke (yes, that is his name). It is a calendar, based on a year in the life of our fictional character Maria. So there will be a total of 365 pictures. It’s going to take ages to get it done, but hopefully it will be very fun. For those who wonder what Spoke will be doing with the project, as I am making the pictures, he will be doing pretty much everything apart from that.

The reason I’m doing Tighter Than Plastic/Girls On Film first is because I have to get it out of my head in order to be able to move forward with the calendar. There’s just so much cling film in there that I can’t see anything else. But I’ve got pretty much all ideas for it worked out so I will be getting on with it now. So wish me luck and I will keep you updated!



Pink hair. First time I did my whole hair. Felt a bit like a "do before you die" kinda thing. I have been dyeing my hair in fancy colours since I was fourteen, when my mum one day came home with Stargazers Shocking Pink. Bet she regrets that now when she knows what she started. But like I said, I've only done highlights before, never the whole hair. Apart form when I tried to dye it yellow but the colour didn't take.

Unfortunatley, my hair does not look quite as good irl as it does on this pictures. It's has more of a reddish, golden tone to it since light colours don't seem to work very well on my hair. But I still like it, and I'm glad I did it. It will probably be washed out in a few days either way. The colour is La Riche Directions Pastel Pink, ordered from X-ception.


Day 26 – Your fears

I'm afraid of a lot of things. I'm generally a scared person. Most of all I'm afraid of pain, both physical and mental. I'm terrified of falling over, being run over or hit by something or walk into things. I fear being hurt, abandoned or forgotten. Not being in control of myself and my life is also petrifying.

And then there are all the small things in life that I fear: The dark, snakes, horror films, flying, public speaking, etc. Allthough, there are things that a lot of other people are afraid of that does not scare me the slightest, like blood, spiders or being different. Neither am I afraid to follow my dreams. I want to lead a happy life, so I can't be scared of fighting for one.


Nice girls not one with a defect

They beat him up until the teardrops start,
but he can't be wounded 'cause he's got no heart.


Day 25 – Your day

Overslept by one hour and fifteen minutes. Had twenty-five to get ready and run for the bus. Wore my new white fur coat+all black. Had an opposition in school. It went fairly well, I think. We finished early and then I waited for Cicci's opposition group to finish as well, so that I could see her. Haven't done that since we went on winter break in the middle of December. Then we walken through town and checked out some sales. I didn't buy anything, which is probably a first. That was followed by a bus ride home, dinner and writing on my last essay for this (last) term. Only half of it left now, then I'm through with everything. Now I'm going to bed to read some fanfiction, then sleep.

Sorry 'bout the awful updating for the past few days. You know how it is with work, school n' all. But I promise that it'll be better, starting tomorrow, now that the hard part is over.

Sleep tight, you lovely people, xx


Day 24 – Something that makes you cry

This song. I remeber how we used to sing it on the music lessons in grammar school. So I have known it by heart since then. Now it's one of my favourite songs of all times. It makes me cry because it was included in a scene in Ashes To Ashes that was really sad. It was series three (which is a heartbreaking series), when Alex tells Gene that if he can just tell her that he had nothing to do with Sam Tyler's death she'll trust him no matter what. But Gene never answers her. Then in the end of the episode, Jim Keats (who is an evil bastard, who wants Alex to believe that Gene killed Sam) asks Alex if they need to talk. The song is playing and Alex looks over at Gene, looking really sad, then walks out with Keats. And then my tears were flowing. Luckily it all worked out in the end, but that's another story. Anyway. I get very emotional about this song.

Looking from a window above, it's like a story of love. Can you hear me?


Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better

Ashes To Ashes fanfiction.


Day 22 – Your room


About my website

As you probably figured, my online portfolio has now been moved to it's own domain. It's still placed on, which is a great site for online portfolios. Seriously. I totally recomend it. I tried a lot of different ones, but before portfoliobox I have not been pleased with a single one. Portfoliobox is easy to layout, with different themes to choose between. I'm to be a premium member now, so will can have an unlimited amount pictures in my galleries, but even as a regular member you can have up to 50 (for free, ofc). Premium memmbership is $49 and includes your own domain, up to 50 mail adresses under that domain and, as said, unlimited image hosting. I'm likely to move my blog to my page sometime in the future as well. And Gustav, who works at portfoliobox, has been super nice and helpful in the making of my site.

Now this is not something I'm telling you because they have asked me to, this is something that I wholeheartedly recomend. I know a lot of people look for places to host their artwork, I've been doing it for so long, and now I finally found a place that really works for me, so I thought I'd share.

Visit my site here!


A View To A Kill


Day 21 – Favourite vacation

I love to travel. My family has always done that a lot. I was abroad for the first time only three months old (in London of all places, unfortuneatly there is no actual photos of me were you can see where we are from that trip, just my dad and baby carrige). I don't think I have a particular favourite. I'm always happy to go to Britain of course, but I love France as well. Thailand, USA and Marocco was cool as well. Unfortunatley I have no pictures from the latter two (due to computers breaking down). But I thought I'd post photos from vacations I've been on over the years:

London '91

Canary Islands '92

France '92

France '97

France '97

Thailand '99

Greece '01

Britain '10

Paris '10


Day 20 - This Month

January. A new year. But still it seems to be a lot of loose threads left to tie together from the past one. I guess that's what January is for. I'm running short on ideas for the new project, when I would like to mave millions. But I guess it will come. Spontanious stylings and photoshoots seem to work better for me at the moment. I got some make up for christmas and recently bought some myself, so I'll be exploring and experimenting with that a lot this month, I think.

For a photoshoot with beautyshots that I did today. Inspired by this tutorial.



Day 19 – Something you regret

No regrets. I worry a lot, before I do things. But I never regret. Not even on the basis of returing things I bought. I have never done that. Everything you do, even if it's a stupid thing, just makes you an experience richer. And there is no use walking around regretting things that can't be undone.


Day 18 - your favourite birthday

I don't know really. I had a lot of great birthday. But I guess when I turned eighteen was kinda nice, since my friends celebrated me in school and Mimmi had made me a Hello Kitty chocolate cake (and Mimmi makes the tastiest chocolate cakes you can imagine!).


Union Jack

I'm starting to get desparate about going to Britain. I wanna go this spring, I have to. Only problem is that I don't know who to go with and where to go. Preferably I'd go with more than one other person (Sanna would be the obvious travelingpartner otherwise). And I'd like to travel around a bit, and not only go to London. Further down south, maybe. I'd like to go back to Newquay. And if I'm going in March/April/May, I'd like to book plane tickets about now. God. Everything that has to do with other people and a lot of money always gets so frustrating. 'Cause I can afford to go. Problem is finding others who can as well.


Day 17 – Favourite blogs

I don't have many that I read on a regular basis. I guess there's Audrey Kitchings, Fashiontoast, Fokis, some other random ones and some of my friends. And Her0in Chic if I want to feel better. I could really use some tips though. Do you know any good fashion or photography blogs?




Day 16 – Christmas whislist

I didn't wish for anything in particular this chirstmas. I don't like asking my parents for things and I feel a bit stupid assuming that they will buy presents for me for x-mas. I mean, I work and earn money. I can buy things I want for myself. I live at home for free and my parents provide for me. I'm not a child anymore who needs to write a novel about which kind of Barbies I'd like. And if they are buying things for me, I trust them to know what I want without me instructing them and writing lists. And I was right, they did. I got plenty of things that I have wanted. The photo printer for example. And a Bowie tee, tickets to White Lies in March, make up, etc. I was surprised and satisfied.


2010, a year in the life

2010 has been a weird year. Great things have happened, but shit things as well. But in whole, it's all the good things I will remember. Here's a retrospect of my life this year:

1:th month - Internship and I missed school. Not much else going on. Hanged out a lot with Sanna, practiced taekwondo five times a week and had purple hair. Watched Fringe, Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

2:nd month - Still internship. Still missing school. Took millions of pictures of Malmö that I hardly have any left of now. Obsessed with Fringe and Lady Gaga, had my ponytail on the top of my head, was a bit depressed by the weather and consoled myself with shopping and watching childrens TV-series on Disney Channel.

3:rd month - Finally back in school after fourteen weeks of internship. Got the tickets for my first Lady Gaga concert and fell in love with the telephone video. Worked a lot on The Rhyming Game. Travelled back to my beloved UK in the end of the month.

4:th month - Back in UK. Fell in love with Newquay in Cornwall and also visited Startford-Upon-Avon, Salisbury, Bath, some other places and of course London. I Accidently ended up watching Ashes To Ashes on the TV in our hotel room and it was love at first sight. Been a true love story ever since. Bought a graduation dress and tickets for my second Lady Gaga concert. Finished TRG and was happy when I had Marie for class (happened far to rarely).

5:th month - Saw Lady Gaga live for the first time and kind of died. Started this blog. Was head over heels for Gaga and ATA. Listened to Bowie a lot as well. A really shitty thing happened in my life and I was a bit depressed for a while.

6:th month - Graduated. One of the best days of my life. Panicked a bit afterwards when hit by the reality of me never going back to secondary school and the sudden need to grow up and make a life for myself. Loved ATA and the 80's. Got myself a summerjob at home care service, thanks to my aunt (I'm forever thankful). Fell in love with a certain Alejandro...

7:th month - Worked the entire month, eight hours a day. Was tired all the time, but had lovely collegues. Had a bbq with Sanna when my family was in Portugal. Longed for a trip abroad. Listened to The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars by Bowie all the time.

8:th month - Cut a fringe again, worked until the 22:nd I think, then had some summer leave. Dyed my hair blue and listened to Diamond Dogs by Bowie. Read ATA fanfics and worried about starting university. Joined and took a lot of outfit pictures. Watched Demons and Identity in absence of ATA.

9:th month - Turned nineteen. Started at the university and met Cicci, who has become a great friend and who really gets me. Went to Paris with my mother, lived in a gorgeous flat, took a lot of pictures and ate crêpes with nutella. Started working on Death Of A Saleswoman.

10:th month - Worked lots on DOASW. Took this picture of myself, that still is one of my favourites ever, even though I look slightly retarded and not at all like myself. Me and Kajsa had a get-together with Jeanette and Spoke at Jeanette's (gorgeous) flat. Dyed my hair yellow, but it was washed out immediatly. Stopped using my old blog.

11:th month - Bought a new camera, lens and remote control. Made a short film and ordered Mickey Mouse sunglasses. Worked on DOASW. Was interviewed on radio. Saw Lady Gaga live for the second time from the front row. Best night in my life, I kid you not. Watched Spooks.

12:th month - Finished DOASW. Sold two copies and gave one away as x-mas present. Was depressed by all the snow. Played around a lot with shadows when photographing. Obsessed with Lady Gaga. Worked for three days and walked in the snow for a total of over six km each day. Got a photo printer for christmas.


Happy new year!

From me and my sis. Rooting for this to be a good year. Better than the one we left behind. My only promise to myself is to make my dreams real.

Tomorrow I'll post a retrospect of the past year.