Picture Diary / 31 July / And all was well

Harry Potter is currently the only thing on my mind and I believe it will remain so until Doctor Who starts again and can take over. Was at the movies again on friday to see DHP2 one more time, I think it's THAT awesome.

Had to take off my dead awesome skull tights after a while because it was like a fucking desert outside.

Back to work tomorrow.


The Edge Of Glory


I see London

Some more of Cicci's photo's from London. Please ignore that I'm wearing sweat pants in the first picture. It was the last day, we were flying home in the evening, I had no other trousers and I just couldn't be bothered with tights for another day. At least they're fancy ones. Clothes/fashion/appearance-wise, this trip was a disaster. God job we had a great time anyway!

Second picture is from the day at South Bank (just like the one I posted a while ago).


Picture Diary / 25 July / Who were you trying to convince?

I feel a bit bad about doing this with my mobile phone camera. But the general idea is for it to be quick snapshots, not with a system camera, and my little sister has taken the compact camera with her to France. So I have to make do with this for the time being. Thinking about getting my own compact camera when I get my full pay in the end of august.

Spent another day with my grandma. She's still overly excited by our future trip to Gran Canaria. She's been to to traveling agency to look at dates and prices. We'll probably be away over both christmas and new years, but I can't really bring myself to care. It just stings a little to be away form my family at christmas eve. But then again, as I once said: I'd trade in christmas for summer anyday.

I showed her my tattoo today as well, to get it over with. She took it better than I thought she would. There was no "Oh Malin, what have you done" *cries*. She even said it was kinda nice. And I promised I wouldn't do anymore (at least not before then).

And the candle in the last picture she lit for all the people who lost their lives in Norway on 22/7.


And if I should fall to temptation

New shoes from Nelly.com, jeans shorts from Monki and tights from Lindex.



Off to see my grandma.



I usually never write about this sort of things here, but this time it's too close to home to not be mentioned.

I have never felt as touched by something like this as I do about what happened in Norway. I can’t even begin to understand how it must be for the survivors and the kindred to the victims. I am utterly disgusted by people who have such little respect for those with different beliefs, that they feel a need to take lives. It’s sick and it hurts to think about.

My heart goes out to everyone who was even the least bit affected by what happened.



Picture Diary / 21 July / Complaining about the weather makes me feel old

About the time when I got off work the sky opened and the rain started pouring. It rained the rest of the day, the night and the whole morning today. My shoes are still not dry, but that's what you get for wearing converse (to my defense it wasn't raining when I made my choice of shoes).

Anyway. I met Cicci because she was coming along to a café called Chez Madame that was having sort of a grand re-opening after moving, and Marie, my old teacher, was having some photos on exhibition (from this project). There we met Marie, obviously, Jeanette and Spoke. It was really nice. Before that me and Cicci had done some shopping (mainly me, bought a jacket and a ring) and ate baked potatoes. I love eating out, wish I could afford to do it more often.

When I came home I had a cup of tea, then went to bed and fell asleep almost straight away.


A Good Day

This is from May 4:th, South Bank London. It was when me and Cicci was on our way to National Theatre pick up our tickets for Rocket To The Moon, and she asked a man if he would take a picture of us. It was a really good day. The weather was nice and I got to see Keeley Hawes.

Yesterday was a good day too. I think I've got some pictures on my phone from it. We'll see.


Picture Diary / 20 July / It's not even that far to the ground if you fall

That cat has been living on my street longer than I have. He must be very old. His owner is a writer.

I'm going to start taking more pictures of everyday things from my life. I can find poetry in everything, and I want to share it with you. The world is full of beautiful things, if you choose to look. And to be and feel good about yourself is the most amazing feeling. I know that now. Love. Love life, love people and love yourself.


Why did you roll your dice?

Went for sort of a vintage outfit today. Second hand jacket, necklace and bag (bag not in the picture, obviously). Blouse was bought on an auctioning site few years ago.

I just did something a bit stupid. I agreed to go to Gran Canaria with my grandma this winter, but she doesn't know about my tattoo on the arm. And I can't wear long sleaves every minute for two weeks, can I? Not on the Canary Islands. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bothered about people seeing my tattoo in any way. Actually I like showing it off. Apart for when my grandma's around. She doesn't really approve of tattoos and we're really close and I don't want to disapoint her. She has already seen the one in my neck and I think she knows it's not my only one... I guess I'm just going to have to break the "news" gently and promise that I won't do any more before she dies (that she knows of anyway).

Anyway, she bought me lunch today, we went for a walk and then went to her place and watched some TV. Or rather, I tried to watch, while she nagged about the social democrats stealing her money in the 90's and people who owned three dogs
(bless her). She's a really lovely and strong woman though, who deserves all the happiness and well being that she can get.


Another day


All work and...

Work all weekend. Free on Moday and Wednesday. At least work is fun most of the time. Lots of nice people. And I'm spending the evenings re-watching the old Harry Potter films. Seen the first, second, third, fifth and half of fourth so far. Gonna finish the fourth tomorrow and then watch the sixth as well. All in the mood now, because of DH2.

Got two new pairs of shoes. Because obviously I thought I needed more. Well, at least they're both flats.

Now, I'm really sleepy so I'm going to bed soon. Night.


Deathly Hallows pt 2

Guess who cried? Yes, that's right. Me. I cried when Snape died, and when Fred, Lupin and Tonks died, when Snape said "Always" and several of other ocations.

To watch the Harry Potter movies, not only this one, but all of them, is a pleasure. To appreciate the amazing, wonderful and increadlibly detailed work of JK Rowling's story. And all the build-up for this film was worth it. It was so fantastic. It all really was bottled down to this, and it most certainly did not disapoint. Such beautiful scenery and great actors. And I just have to say that Professor McGonagall is my favourite character and Maggie Smith portrays her brilliantly! I also have a soft spot for Alan Rickman as Snape.




I don't even

So so. I was free over the weekend, then I worked Monday+Tuesday and now I'm free again today because the upcoming weekend I'm working. Sometimes my shedule is just so random. But it's fine really, because I never work more than four days in a row. Can't believe it's already been two and a half weeks. Time goes by so fast. Tomorrow Sara and I are going to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow pt 2. I wanted to go to the premier and we were supposed to, but there was all these people who couldn't make up their minds about if they wanted to come along or not and then there were no good seats left. So we decided to go tomorrow instead. I'm SO excited! We're gonna watch The Philosopher's Stone this afternoon to get in the mood. Me and dad watched Chamber Of Secrets a few days ago. I need to get the DVD's, I don't have them...

Anyway, tomorrow or the day after I'll find out of I'm accepted into University. Am nervous as shit.


Nobody ever had a dream round here, but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

I've got this energy beneath my feet
like something underground's gonna come up and carry me,
I've got this sentimental heart that beats
but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me now.


No one changes

To everyone who thought they knew me and thinks that I have changed.

I wrote a long post here, but I'm not publishing it. Because that's not what this blog is for. It was something for me and my future therapist.


Sanna and I

We always manage to wear matching outfits. Always. We never plan it, but when we're together we're always wearing the same colours.

Hopefully we'll have some good news to share by the end of next week. Not counting any chickens yet though.


Day off

Day off, day off, day off! Well, actually I have the whole weekend of as well. This is my only Friday+Saturday+Sunday off. The upcoming two weekends I'll be working, then I'm free for Saturday+Sunday again, I think. Oh, and I do have days off still, but on weekdays, not weekends.

Sanna will be coming around here any minute. I'm really hungry but I don't want to eat anything, in case she hasn't eaten either...


Don't blink. Blink and you're dead.


Comment reply

I was going to reply to this yesterday, but I fell asleep after work and then I forgot.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by edited. Since I made the poster in photoshop it is indeed edited, and the picture from the post in it's whole is edited, but I have not done anything special to just the poster in the photo.

This is the picture I printed, and this is what it looks like in reality:

And no, I did not make it up myself. I saw someone who had one, but didn't know how to get hold of it myself. So made one in ps and had it printed in A3.

And all the baby frogs in our garden is gone now!



So I got a bureau yesterday. Naturally, I was originally supposed to buy it at the same time as I bought the couch, but it was out of stock. Only to get back in the following day, of course. It's the kind of bureau that has a mirror on it. The very much girliest side of me have always dreamed of one like this.

I've printed some stuff that I've put up around it. The general idea is that the right side is Britain appreciation with "Keep Calm And Carry On", Ashes To Ashes and Doctor Who prints, and the left side is just various pictures I like.

Work again tomorrow so I'm going to bed soon. If there's still people who wonder why I go to bed so early because of work, it's because I start at 7.00 am. My buss leaves just after six. So at the latest I have to wake up 5.30... Then I finish at 14.30.

And a short reply to Moe:

I did have spoons already, but I use teaspoons for almost everything and I only had six of them, so they're always all dirty. Since I'm to lazy to do the dishes as often as I should I bought some more, so I don't have to be bothered with it.



I bought a couch today. Not sure it's gonna stand where it's standing now because I'm probably going to need to redecorate this room again soon. I also bought some other thing that is necessary for me living alone. Like spoons and saucepans. I got practically everything I might need to hold my own now. Apart from enough food at the moment. But I'm getting that tomorrow after work. I haven't even got toast. What's a kitchen without toast?

Otherwise I'm very much enjoying my haircolour and making plans on going to bed early. Back to work tomorrow after the weekend off. But next week I'm free for three days! Yay.

Good night, xx.


for real

Still can't quite believe my hair is for real. And I'm very happy with it. When I've got the extensions in it's a little lighter in the tips and got some pink highlights, due to the pigmented conditioner. Was thinking about doing a dip dye, but I get bored of colours like that so easily, so I didn't think it'd be worth if to ruin the extesions like that.

We're soon going to Lund to pick up Lovisa who's coming by train. She's been to Stadium Sports Camp for the past week. She practices Taekwondo and track and field sports (she was at the camp for track and field). And she's actually the current Swedish champion in her weightclass (which is minus forty-something in cadets, not sure of her weight).

Anyway, leaving now!



I got terribly sick of having to re-dye my red hair almost once a week. And I simply can't afford to either. I have wanted to do my hair like this for years, but been too much of a coward to do it. It's currently slightly greenish, but I'm working on getting that out with conditioner with pink pigments in it. And when I get payed after summer I'm going to by new, longer extensions. Anyway, I love this. I'm so glad I did it.