'Cause the ceiling fell in and the bottom fell out

Have to say that this jacket/coat from H&M is my best buy in a long time. It was love at first sight (and people say that doesn't exist, ha!), and I have never for a second regretted buying it, even if I probably shouldn't have at that point. Because I didn't know that it would be so worth it, at the time.

My hair has grown so much since I cut it! It's been about 2,5 months, so naturally it has grown 2,5 cm. I'm gonna cut it again early next year. I've got big plans for how I'm gonna cut and dye it, but the fringe needs to be longer before I can do it properly. You'll understand when it's done!

My sister showed my blog to some of her classmates today. One of them thought I was emo. I asked if she was drunk. I wonder when people will understand that a fringe to the side and dark clothes does not make you emo in any way. I didn't even know people were emo at all anymore. This shit bugs the crap out of me because it has haunted me since I was fourteen. I've been called emo or punk rocker more times than I can count and I've never been either. I will always be annoyed by people's need to categorize each other, always.






Morticia Addams

Bitch, she's fabulous.



I had a photoshoot today with my sister and her friend. I'm not allowed to post the pictures before my sister's friend's parents has approved of them though. But here's a preview of what it looks like. Maybe you recognise that tree? It's because whenever I shoot in the "forest", I am in the same spot, just down my street. So this is "my" tree, because I always shoot by that tree.

Today it was raining on and off and strong winds, but we pulled trough. I was a bit afraid that my beloved Topshop heels might have seen their better days, after having been in the wet grass, but it seems they have survived.


A little something I composed

I ususally don't post things that aren't mine, but this is just to fabulous for a gif. You need to hear it. At least I can take pride in that I made the clip and posted it. All my love to Carolyn Jones in this.

The Addams Family now has their own category on this blog. Just so I could have all my gifs and shit collected in one place. Only them and Lady Gaga has their very own categories!


I don't even know what life was before this?

I've watched the last episode now and it feels kind of sad.



I'm sorry I really don't have anything to post but all these gifs and screencaps. I only have a few episodes left of the original series now, and I am a tad bit afraid to watch them, because I don't know what to do with my life when I'm done.

But now for something completely different: Today I ordered my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots! Black velvet Tardy's from solestruck.com. They're cheaper there than on Swedish sites (plus Swedish sites does not sell the velvet ones), though there will probably be quite a bit extra for me to pay when I pick them up. Gonna be worth it though, they're my dream boots!


Carolyn Jones appreciation post

As promised, a Carolyn Jones as Morticia appreciation post. For someone who wears the same dress for 64 episodes, I'm must say I find her very fashionable. And just look at that face, she is so cute. Shame she's about 60 years older than me, and dead (lesser of the problems, obviously).


Crosses, cuts and inconvenience

It took me great mind power and mental preparation to put on this outfit. The cross necklace is one of those I carved myself to save my desk. Unfortunatley it's not saving my desk, and most certainly not my hands. I've got some very not-nice cuts on my fingers. One that won't stop bleeding unless it's covered. And it's right in the bend of my index finger, so it's not very convenient. But don't worry about me, I'm wearing gloves now.

Funny thing: me and Moe were talking about wood carving on twitter and shortly after a wood sculptor started following us both. The world of today ♥

Got lots of screencaps of Morticia from the TV-show on my computer, so a Carolyn Jones/Morticia Addams appreciation post is coming up.

Sanna asked me today if I'd rather be Lady Gaga or Morticia, and who I would save from falling of a cliff. I said I'd be Morticia, but save Lady Gaga. "Right", Sanna said. "'Cause Morticia likes death anyway." That's true.


Been waiting for this all day


I don't even know

I really enjoy making gifs from The Addams Family. There's just so many good scenes amd moments. I'm gonna end up with the entire two films in gifs on my blog. And the show.


Sewing and small knives

I contemplated wearing my favourite white lace dress today, but I just couldn't bring myself to wear an outfit that wasn't black. I don't know what's with me, apart from watching too much the Addams Family. Anyway, I ended up sewing pearls onto this blouse and wore it along with one of my long black tank tops and my see-trough maxi skirt. It probably looked like I was going to a funeral. And I ended up missing my buss because I sewed on the pearls...

And the cross I'm wearing I carved myself. It's slightly uneven (not as much as it looks like in this picture though). I tend to cut in things when I'm bored or watching TV-shows with my small knives, and my desk is already so carved in that I decided to bring up some small pieces of wood to carve in instead.

There you go, some tremendously interesting insights into life as me. I know I'm weird.


One has to go

This so was how I felt when my youngest sister was born.


Cicci and I

Cicci was here today. I see her far to rarely, but it's hard because we live so far from each other and I've got such bad school hours for socializing.

It's hard to believe we have only know each other for a year, two month and twenty-one days. We met September 1:st last year, when school started. Feels like much longer (in the good way)!




Thank Heaven

Carolyn Jones is such a darling as Morticia. I don't know if I said, but the Tv-series is very different from the films. At first I didn't like it much, but it grew on me. In the series they're much more just crazy people and everything is just a joke. The films are much darker and "serious". I still prefer the films though.

And just so we're clear: when I say films I only mean the ones with Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christina Ricci from the early ninties. I tried to watch one of the later ones, but it was so B that I couldn't stand it for longer than five minutes.

I've got shitloads of drafted posts with the Addams Family gifs. I just can't stop. You'll get them all evetually.


Just a curse


So are you eating well? (YES!)

I'm gonna eat out today with my family, so I have to join them for my sister's taekwondo practice. Gotta run. (Apparently not. Plans changed for me about five minutes after I posted this.) Tonight I'll post some GIFs I made last night!

Toned my hair slightly purple yesterday, so now it looks darker irl. Mostly because I can't afford real hair colour atm and already had the purple dye at home.
You can't tell on this pic though.




Why are not more school plays like this?


Comment reply

Because I adore the few readers I have and comments make me happy! You deserve some love (and answers to questions, obviously)! I said before but I do these replies to people who don't leave blogs that I can reply on.

You know, I actually thought about that a couple of times, but to be honest, I'm utterly shit with make-up. I hardly use any make-up at all in real life, not even foundation. Somtimes I fill in my eyebrows or wear lipstick but that's about it. When I do make-up for photos I cheat a lot, and it doesn't look half as good in reality as it does on camera. I use shitty products and rely far to much on what I can edit later. If I ever do a good and proper make-up though, I might do a tutorial!

But a tip for you, when I research make-up for photos I almost always look at Nikkie Tutorials on Youtube for inspiration and tips. She is great and very creative with what she does.

And for my jewelry-post! I have actually gotten requests to do more posts like that so, I plan on doing that somtime soon to, whenever I can find the time and daylight for it!

It's not a wig! That is all me! But dear Moe, you probably cursed it now. Last time you told me not to changed my hair I changed it completely. But I'm really not looking to changeing it anytime soon. I've got plans you see, but it needs to grow a bit more first! I really like the dark to, I think it reflects my personality better (cheesy as that may sound) and my natural colouring (you wouldn't know though, since I manipulate the colours on all my photos, more or less. You're just gonna have to trust me on it, haha). And thank you!

Aren't they lovely! I feel so lonely in my obsession, since I'm about twenty years to late with the films and fifty with the show. And I'm feeling even more lonely in my sudden goth-ness, haha. I do appreciate to hear from fellow Addams-obsessers! I watched the two films (from '91 and '93) three times each in five days. Having a break tonight though, since me and my sister were watching Harry Potter atDHpII!

And thank you for saying that you find my posts inspiring! I really like that I can inspire people. That's why internet is so great, isn't it!

Now I'm going to bed, good night my lovelies!


Bad love


Because we're Addamses

And just so you don't feel like I'm not keeping my word.


Marry The Night: The Prelude Pathétique



That's why everything's gotta be love or death

It's all black and lace at the moment. If I could I'd braid my hair like Wednesday, and I'd wear dresses in black velvet if I had any. Every now and then people tell me I change style every week. Guess I do a bit. I wear what I feel like wearing. It usually reflects what kind of music I'm listening to at the moment, or which TV-show. The Addams Family at the moment (naturally), mixed with I Blame Coco and White Lies.

Gonna watch some more of the TV-series, then I'm starting in Addams Family Values for the third time. Wonder how many it'll take until I'm bored with them..?


It's a very common psychosis, I'm seeing it every day

Sorry, but I'm probably going to spam you with screencaps and gifs from The Addams Family films for a while. I'm watching the first film for the third time since sunday right now, and I've watched the second one two times. They're just sooo good, I love it. Just my type of humor. Bit morbid and dry. Okay, maybe very morbid then. And I think Anjelica Huston is great as Morticia, better than Carolyn Jones, contrary to popular opinion. But maybe I just think that because I generally have a hard time with old films and TV-shows, and the kind of acting in them. STill working my way through the Addams family TV-show though, because I've got nothing better to do when I'm not watching the films in wait of a new Fringe episode.





Mine and Hannah's (in my class) light show to Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga, that we did for a school assignment.

Colours are a bit fucked, they're really supposed to be just red, pink and white. And please do ignore that you can see us, this film was mostly just for documentation, and not really supposed to be like seeing it irl.


Addams Family Values

I totally related.



I'm obsessed with the Addams Family at the moment. I watched the "new" films yesterday (new as in the ones from 1991 and 1993, not the original series), and I was going to start watching the show from 64 today, but I've noticed that some of my episodes are without sound, so now I'm not sure what I'll do (jk, they did have sound). Maybe I'll just watch the films again.



I’m just taking a moment to appreciate the fact that he actually said he spent SO LONG imagining being with Olivia. Are there even people like this in real life? Fringe is just amazing on so many levels that I don't know how to handle it. And I hate myself for forgetting it between the series.




Test pilot

I am one of a 1000 people chosen to try the new products by MOOD HYPE. I'm testing their new heat protection and curl booster. I used them for the first time today, and I've got to say that I really like the curl booster so far!


My baby

Oh God, I can remember when he was this small. About three months ago now. They grow so fast!



It feels so good right now because I've gotten back some of the inspiration and want to make pictures that has been lost for a while. Guess it's just hard when you're forced to put things into a context, making them something they're not, to remember why you were doing it in the first place.

I am a visual artist. I want you to look at the things I do and see whatever your mind wants to see in them. What I was thinking when I made them is unrelevant. People should think for themselves, and they do most certainly not need anyone to tell them what to see in art. I will aslways justify my work with that first of all I want it to be pretty to look at. If you don't want to see anything in it, then don't.

I always name my work, and sometimes I add a very brief text of what it's about in general, but very much preferably never more than that. My philosophy is that if you can't see it without explaination then it's not there. It doesn't matter how many references there are to various things in a picture, because if you're not familiar with the story behind the refence, it's unrelevant to your interpretation either way.

Unfotunately this is not an approved way of thinking when you're in school. Which is sort of why I'm glad to not be taking photography anymore, for the moment. Not saying I never will again, because it's still my dream to work as a high fashion photographer. But for now I need to go back to my own ways, to remember why I wanted to do this in the first place and why I'm still doing it. Because now, looking back over the past year, it feels as if it has gotten lost along the way.

"I know who I am, and I am anyone I want to be, whenever I want to."




New wig

Maybe I should just stop using my camera for self portraits and just use my webcam, because it obviously always turn out so good. Or not. Got a new very curly blonde wig today. I love wigs, I could always wear them. Shame I don't really enjoy people looking at me like I'm some crazy person. 'Cause they always do when you wear plastic wigs outside.

I bought a pack of cheap toothbrushes the other day because I was going to use them for a make-up-thing. Then I totally forgot about it. Too bad. Well, I'll do it next time. Got loads of ideas right now, just need the time!

You can check out the stuff I'm working on right now here. Though, I think all the pictures have been posted here before.

And a question for you: Do you want me to do fashion and make-up credits for my photoshoots? Because I've been thinking about doing it, but not sure if I should bother if no one cares?



Just so you know, if I write a bit strange for a while, or any other time in the future, it's because when I go into extreme fangirl mode I start using my very special fangirl-language. Which really is based on lots of "ehhehehehehe" and stuff in every sentence, capital letters and lack of punctuation. If I ever do it you now know why.

And yes, there is two Annas in this Picture (ignore the man in the middle, he is unimportrant in this ship). That's because it's Olivia (to the left) and Alt-Livia (to the right). Alt-Livia is "wearing a wig" though (not really, but it's just really messed up at this point). I love this episode (4x03, One Night In October) because there's plenty of Olivia/Alt-Livia action and ANNA TORV IS JUST SO PRETTY I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF LOOKING AT HER FACE. Ehhehe.

There is was.

And I was just wondering today in genereal how familiar you folks are with fandom/fangirling terms? Like ship, OTP, UST, MSR, O2 (okay, so O2 is brand new so I don't expect anyone to know what it means, it has just been on my mind all day)? It's just that I think in these terms and have noticed that I can't really use them in conversation most of the time because people around me have no idea what I'm talking about. So I'm a bit curious about what YOU know?


Jumping ships

I'm in this very horrible place right now, where I ship Olivia Dunham (main character of Fringe if you didn't know) with three different characters at the same time. First of all Olivia/Peter. Obviously. It's the OTP of the show. But then there's Olivia/Altlivia. Which is not at all alright to even think about, but I can't help it. But it's such a crack!ship that it's impossible for it to ever happen. But then I kinda ship Olivia/Lincoln a little bit to because he's so adorble with his glasses and suit and they'd be so sweet together.

By God, life as a fangirl is hard.


Seven demons


Welcome to my everyday

Feelin' fabulous!


For sale

For my Swedish readers:

Jag säljer dessa par skor på tradera, så ni får gärna klicka er in om ni är sugna. Klackarna är i storlek 36 och conversen i 37. Snälla köp, för jag behöver pengar!

I only ship within Sweden.


I don't want to live for tomorrow

Just letting you know I'm still alive. I just don't have any time to blog, it seems. I sleep, go to school, come home, eat, watch some TV-show and go to sleep. I'm going to try to take some photos someday soon, I've got some ideas that I want to get out of my head.