Mallorca pt II - Boat trip

Remember that I told you we went on a boat trip. Yeah, this is it. Including the only photo of me from this vacation, taken by my mom. Behold, the first and probably only time I'll post a photo of me in a bikini. And please take time to appreciate how much I don't look like my sisters (they look slightly alike though, like in the face). If you think I do then you are probably blind and need to get your eyes checked.
(ps. I don't look like them because I'm really an alien from space who crashed here as a baby. Kinda like Superman. ds.)


Una tierra sin magia

Outfit credits: C&A cape thing, Monki dress, JC leggings, have2have boots, assorted jewelry.
Totally channeling my inner evil queen in today's look. I'm basically doing it in all looks I've planned in my head recently. Once Upon a Time doesn't take up half as much space on this blog as it deserves, considering how much of my head it's filling. I really really really hate/love that show. It's haunting me. I can't let it go. I'm thinking of doing a sort of Snow White editorial thing soon. I've been planning on doing it for years, but never got around to it. I'm thinking maybe now would be the time. And then I can be the evil queen! Gonna have to get some props and stuff though. At least I've got my wedding dress (which I am yet to show you guys properly, I know)!
I have an character in a story that is kinda OUaT inspired, and she's a sort of evil witch and I made her Spanish for some reason, I'm not sure why. Probably because I started on the story while on Mallorca and the lady playing the Evil Queen in OUaT is latina, so it just came naturally. Anyway, that is the reason the post title is in Spanish. Just in case you're wondering, and because I wanted to tell you about my badass character from Spain.


the Avengers

So, I finally saw the Avengers last night. I've been dying to for ages, but quite frankly, I couldn't afford to to to the movies when it was on. But NOW, at last I've seen it. It was pretty cool. No, it was very cool. The plot was kinda predictable at times (but way better than expected), but that happens way to easily in action movies like this one. Especially in something as huge as this. I mean, it must be super hard to get any thunder whatsoever left for the story with all of these wicked awesome characters. Iron Man is my fav. After that I basically like everyone (including Loki), apart from finding Thor and Captain America a bit lame.



I am pretty sure I've posted this photo before. I can remember when or what I just have named it, but I found the original jpeg file while clearing my desktop. I've been looking for a photo that somewhat shows the difference in how I looked about 18 months ago, and the way I look now. I'm in a phase where I'm constantly surprised, every time I look in a mirror. I thought it would have passed by now, but i still feel blonde. I don't consider myself a dark-haired person, which is ridiculous, because I quite obviously am. Is it always gonna be this way? I don't want to be a blonde. I don't really have blonde-person skin pigment, which is super weird. I think blonde hair is gorgeous, just not on me. At all. 
I hope that if I posted this photo before I didn't edit it very much, because it would be real awkward if you found and were like "well, this doesn't look at all the same"...
And I really don't know what the dealio with the pin in my mouth is. Maybe I thought it was cool? No, I probably just didn't know what to do with it...



Outfit credits: Pull&Bear denim jacket, crochet/lace dress from this random shop at Mallorca (they had this kind of dresses everywhere in Port D'Alcudia!), Claire's cross necklace, ebay eye necklace.
PAY-FUCKING-DAY. And what do you do on payday? You go shopping. Originally my plan was actually to just go grocery shopping because I was in desperate need of milk and, you know... food. But then Sara asked if I wanted to come along to Media Markt because she was gonna look at a new laptop, and that if I did she'd buy me food at IKEA...
And who am I to say no to such a fancy invitation?
(Basically, I just love going to IKEA.) And then I ended up going in to town as well. And buy lots of other stuff. Mostly just basic shit that I hate to buy otherwise, like make-up and hair products. I also got a new pair of jeans (THANK YOU DR DENIM FOR THE PERFECT HIGH WAISTED JEANS), a knitted scarf and ink for my printer. And food, obviously.
AND AS YOU MAY NOTICE, I have now removed the poll from the side menu, because I placed my order only minutes past midnight. I'm not gonna tell you which pair that I got, but I can tell you it was almost a tie. I'm thinking that maybe I'd do a shoe unboxing vid when I get them, because that seems like a fun way to execute my making-vlogs-to-force-speech-skills-plan.
I didn't have time to take proper outfit photos today, which is kind of a shame, because I really liked my outfit today. Some days you just get it right, you know. Today was such a day. This one is from my phone, and I guess it's better than nothing. I completely adore that denim jacket. I went into that store, just so that I could check it's price. When it was far far lower than I expected, it was a done deal. It's from Pull&Bear in Palma, Mallorca.
Gonna eat some of that food I bought now, and watch Avengers (FINALLY). G'night.


One Forgotten

Outfit credits: BikBok shirt, Gina Tricot choker, vintage belt, Acne shorts.


Three Lives

Outfit credits: BikBok shirt, vintage belt, Acne shorts.


Princess Hair

Okay, so I just kinda wanted to show you guys the hairstyle I'm rocking today. I'm kinda into this American dream glamour kinda thing atm, so I decided to try making a kinda Lana Del Rey or whatever inspired hair-do. And this is how it turned out. I'm calling it my princess-hair, because I feel like I'm supposed to be in a fairytale, like in Once Upon a Time. Kinda Snow White and Evil Queen mixed in one. Because I really don't wanna be Snow, but I'm not feeling that I can quite pull of Evil Queen. So Basically I'm glamourous fairytale evil princess Lana White. Or not. But you see my point. And funny note: the actress who plays the Evil Queen in OUaT's name is Lana (Parrilla) too. So two birds, one stone. End of rant.
I haven't quite decided on today's outfit yet (yes, I know it's past 17, but it's a saturday, I've only been up for four hours, cut me some slack), so I'm wearing my denim crop top/bralet from Mango in the meanwhile, for this photo. Might still be on later, might not.
Vote in my poll, guys. Just do it! (see previous post for links to pictures)


Video blog

Talking about fashion and TV-shows. Because of reasons. And the great thing is my hair. I don't even have any pins of anything in it, it just stayed in place. How is that even possible? I tell you how: products. But I don't really like products in my hair so I don't wanna give them any credit for their hard work on my fabulous hair days.

I apologize to everyone beforehand if you're offeneded by any of the following:
1. My accent. Please keep in mind that English IS NOT my first language.
2. My kinda tacky and not-thought-through outfit.
3. Me kinda being a hipster.
4. Me expressing my negative feelings about certain TV-shows/actresses.
5. Anything else I might say.
And if you indeed are offended, just know that I am sorry, but I quite honestly don't care what you think.
DON'T FORGET TO VOTE WHICH JC BOOTS I SHOULD GET IN THE POLL IN THE SIDE MENU, PRETTY PLEASE. I'm gonna be so upset if you don't vote. Seriously, guys. Here's links to what the shoes look like to help you help me choose. 8th street purple fade and Coltrane black distressed. Now don't be a stranger or whatever and vote, or I'll cry. Really.


vlog coming up!

I've spent the past two hours editing a video blog for you guys. It's almost done, I'm just gonna take a break, then watch it, so there's no "mistakes". I'll be talking about some fashion favorites, some TV-shows and stuff. Basically a little bit of everything that is this blog. I plan on doing more vlogs from now on, because I think good ones are really fun, and I wanna be good at it. And the only way yo get good is to practice. So yeah, it'll probablyy be up in a few hours.
Also, I'm gonna say in the video, but please vote in the poll in the side menu, and help me decide which shoes to get! I'd get both, but I just don't have that kind of money, and this is kinda my worked-hard-all-summer/birthday gift to myself. So vote, pretty please!
ps. I'm having a really neat hair day!! ds.


Mallorca pt I - Palma

We didn't do much on our vacation other than hanging by the pool, sunbathing. But once we spent the day in Palma, sightseeing and shopping. As I am a sucker for south-western European architecture, I easly end up only taking photos of that, so here you go. A bunch of photos of builings. Apart from the first photo, which includes my sisters (in front of a building).


We all love some lists

It's been a while since last time, but I felt like filling in a list. And here's a picture of me where I really don't look like a Swede.
1. What is your legal name?
Malin Linnéa Zederfeldt

2. How do you say it?
If you're from Sweden (or Scandinavia in general, I think) you most likely know how to pronounce it, but if not you probably shouldn't even bother trying.

3. Why did your parents decide to name you this?
Because they're lame.

4. What other names were they considering?
None, they claim.

5. Were you born first, middle or last?

6. When is your birthday?
7 September

1. Who are your best friends?
Sanna and my sisters.

2. Do you tell your best friends everything or do you keep things from them?
I don't tell them everything, because that's just the kind of person I am, but if I wanted to I totally could.

3. Do friends come before family?

4. Do most of your friends go to your school?
No, not anymore.

5. Do you have more friends or more aquaintences?
More aquaintences, I think. I'm hard to get close to (by my own fault).

6. Who’s the person you’ve stayed friends with the longest?
Apart from my sisters: Sanna.

7. Does your best girlfriend come before your boyfriend?
Haha I don't have any boyfriends, boys are stupid I throw rocks at them. Haha jk, I don't throw rocks, but I really don't have a best boyfriend, sooo...

Your house:

1. What does your house look like?
White with red brick corners and black roof.

2. One, two, or three stories?
Two stories.

3. Describe your room in detail:
I have three rooms, with low ceiling and clothes everywhere.

4. How long have you lived in this house?
In this house a little over a year, but in our other house since I was 1999, I think (or 98).

5. Are the rooms big enough?
Is there such a thing as a room big enough?

6. Does your house have hardwood or carpet?

7. Do you like the state you live in?
We don't have states in Sweden, but I like the province very much.


1. List three of your favorite bands/musicians:
I. Lady Gaga (le obvious)
II. Marina & the Diamonds
III. The Killers

2. Now, list your favorite song by them:
I. Are you kidding me, I can't do that? Bloody Mary, maybe.
II. Numb or Teen Idle
III. Read My Mind

3. What was the last concert you went to?
Oh dear, I really don't know.

4. Do you listen to music 24/7?

5. What are your favorite song lyrics?
I really really like song lyrics in general so to pick just one is kinda impossible.

6. Do you and your friends listen to the same type of music?
Some of them, but mostly not really.

7. Who are your favorite singers?
Lady Gaga, Marina Diamandis, Lana Del Rey.

8. What do you think is good “love making music” [specific artist]?
hahahahaha what kind of question is this I don't know?

9. What about dance music [specific again]?
Lady Gaga hehehehe


1. You were given a million dollars right now?
I'd save it so I could afford to go to fashion photography school in London if I get in.

2. You got pregnant?
I'd probably keep the baby.

3. You could only eat one food for the rest of your life?
I'd puke then die.

5. Your boyfriend cheated on you?
You would never find his body.

6. You had one day to live?
I'd buy a one way ticket to London.

7. Your best guyfriend told you that they love you?
Things would get so awkward.


1. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
The Amazing Spider-Man

2. Was it good?

3. Do you go to the movies or rent them more often?
I download fuck da police

4. How much does a movie ticket cost where you live?

5. Do you get snacks at the movie theater?
No, I'm not much for popcorn.

6. Do you like cliche movies even though they’re so predictable?
Not really.


1. Say “I love you” in as many languages as you can:
No, it takes too much brain power.

2. What do you like in your coffee?
I love a latte but if not properly made then nothing.

3. How have you changed in the past year?
I change all the time, I really can't keep track.

4. How much have you given up for the person you love?
Haha nothing

5. What books are on your summer reading list?
I was gonna finnish Catching Fire and I did so, I guess, Mockingjay?

6. What would you change about your life if you could?
I know just the thing, but I'm not gonna tell you. Hah.

7. Who are you most proud of and why?
I'm proud of my sisters, because of their atlethic achievements!


The Things We Never Had

Outfit credits: Bikbok crop top, Gina Tricot maxi skirt, vintage sweater, Lindex sunglasses, assorted jewelry. And I'm wearing really neat boots from Pimkie that you can't see, but I promise you they're great too!
This skirt is so great that I had to buy it, for full price even if it was a bit to expensive for my taste, and really not in my budget. It's been ages since I payed full price for anything store bought (not counting the stuff I got on Mallorca). But seriously: look at it! It's flawless, and you can't even feel the fabric and the way it falls! A bit to long for me, though. Per ususal. The boots I have on have a 10cm heel and it still reaches to the ground. But the waist is sewn really nicely so it's easy to fold up several inches.
It's funny how still, when I look at myself in the mirror sometimes, I go like "oh dear wtf happened?". The way I look how, with my dark hair and eyebrows and everything is so far from the way I used to and the way I natually  look. I still feel blonde, and I suspect I always will. But I'm supposed to be dark haired. I feel so much better about myself this way. I'm not saying I'm never going back, but it's gonna be many many years before that happens.
(Please ignore that I alter between using cm and inches when talking about lengths. My head is mixed up from doing stuff in two different languages.)


One step back, two steps forward

Outfit credits: Monki sweater, H&M denim shorts (DIY) flats and sunglasses, Bershka hat, vintage backpack, Claire's cross necklace, assorted jewelry all from Mallorca.
I have this thing going on where I always wear all black when the weather is the most warm. Also, it's very neat how my roots have been bleached into light blonde in some places. Goes real well with my almost black hair.


Picture Diary / 21 August / Back in Biz

Sheeeeee's back! I came home last night, and it's real nice to be home again.
I went to town today to catch up with Malvina, and to do some errads. And naturally I ended up doing some shopping. Like the dress in the photo. I had to explain to two people while I was paying for it that I was not getting married, I'm just a sucker for lace dresses. It's second hand and wasn't at all expensive. I saw it the shop months ago and decided that if it was still there after I'd been to Mallorca I was gonna buy it. And it was, so it was a done deal. It helped that it fits like a glove too. Malvina put on a cape and we got married in the dressing room, because that's just how we roll.
Today's outfit-post will be up soon!


Summer's in the air, and heaven's in your eyes

Only two more days here, then I'm coming home. Got some new shopping in Palma and in Puerto de Alcudia, that I can't wait to use at home. It's too warm for it here.
Yesterday we went on a boat trip for five hours. It was so awesome, they took us (and lots of other people) swimming in all these cool bays and we got food and drinks, and the nature was beautiful. I've got a lot of pictures from it that I will show you when I come home!



Okay, so we have free wifi in the hotel bar, so I'll do some blogging while I'm here, but it takes forever to upload photos, so it won't be every day (or even every other day).
I'm real hot here. Like 35-40°c. I'm practically dying. But it's nice. Not dying obviously. But being at the beach or by the pool, and wearing shorts at night and stuff like that. Today was my mum's birthday, so we've been to Hard Rock café for dinner. This pic is from a couple of days ago, though. Tomorrow we're going into Palma for the day, hopefully for some shopping. Definitly for sightseeing. 
Gonna go back to our room(s) now, and watch some Heroes. We brought our DVD-player, so we're all bunking up in front of the TV at night, because we're too cool for partying.


For Another Place

Outfit credits: Gina Tricot top, H&M shorts (DIY) and sunglasses, vintage belt and bag, Ebay creepers, jacket from a random shop in Paris, assorted jewelry.
This outfit is from Thursday, I haven't had time to edit the photos before now.
Tomorrow I'm leaving for Mallorca. Our plane leaves around 6AM, and our taxi to the airport at 4, so this is probably my last post before we go. I'll be bringing my laptop per usual, but I don't know of there'll be any wifi I can use. If not, then there will be a blogging break for two weeks. I'll be home again on the 20:th.
Sooo, in case I don't talk to you, I hope you guys have a lovely two weeks, and that you don't miss me all that much!


Once upon a time

I've been watching Once Upon a Time. I only have to episodes left, but to be honest I don't like it very much. It's kinda lame, in an annoying way, because it could have been so good. The only things I like is the Evil Queen/Regina, Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold, the costumes and when they rip hearts out of people. But I'll probably end up watching season 2 as well, when it comes, because it kinda sucks you in, in all it's lameness.


Great Minds

Day spent with my BFF (Sanna), shopping and fast food. And yes, I did buy that sweater I'm holding in the first picture.
Now it's movie night with ma sistah.


Picture Diary / 29-30 July / The lucky don't care at all

It's nice being free and having cash. I can go shopping, eat out and go to the movies again. While I was working I had neither the time nor the money to do any of that. I even had a nag of onion rings along with my meal on Burger King, because I'm spoiling myself a bit now, when I've been living of so little money for the past couple of months. Let's just say that I've been lucky that my parents still wants to feed me, haha.
Sara and I went to see the Amazing Spiderman yesterday and I loved it. It had a great balace of story and actions, which is something I think is far to rare in action movies these days. It seems that most of them are just shitloads of things exploading. But Spiderman was awesome. And Andrew Garfield was just as adorble as everyone said he was gonna be and Emma Stone was scary big eyes.
And btw, I'm thinking of selling my tickets to Lady Gaga in London, since it's getting to complicated planning the trip and all, and it's giving me to much anxiety. So if there's anyone interested in purchasing them from me, leave a comment or send me an email at! They're standing tickets for the 8/9, and I'm open for negotiations about the price.
That's all for now!