Picture Diary / 7 - 12 December / Queen of Hearts

1. Omg shoes.
2. Duckface.
3. This is Diana. She is an evil sim and her life goal is to become a master thief. I think she's very pretty. I photographed her because I was making her twin sister (who's name is Frances) and needed to remember her face structure.
4. Omg shoes.
5. Hillevi being a stupid face. No, I'm kidding. But not really. Why is it funny to joke about buying colourfull fabrics when you both know you're supposed to get white? The answer is: It's not. (What is joke and what is other?)
6. If you, unlike Hillevi, have seen the mid-season finalre of Once Upon a Time then I don't really know, I wasn't gonna say anything importat about it, I was just HINTING TO HILLEVI THAT IT'S ABOUT TIME SHE WENT AHEAD AND WATCHED IT! Because it's kinda nice, and I love Regina so very much, about equally with how much I hate Emma.


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