Same old

It feels like my life is in somewhat of a loop. I'm always exhausted from school and my eyes are always red and puffy for various reasons. I try real hard to keep on blogging despite some higher power that desperatly keeps trying to make it hard for me. I want to update every day with nice outfit photos and stuff, but there really is no time. So you're just gonna have to bear with me. Studying what I study and keep a blog full time aren't really compatible at the moment. But trust me when I say I want to!
You know what sucks? I was going to see Marina & the Diamonds tomorrow and Muse next Friday. And guess what happened? Marina got moved to January (I think because of location issues) and Muse got cancelled (because Matt broke his foot). What are the odds? So no concerts for me this month... I was really looking forward to go dance like a crazy person.
Today is the Swedish championship in Taekwondo, for both of my sisters. Wish them luck!
ps. I have a necklace of tiny bones! I love it so much! ds.


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