Finally had my hair done today. I was supposed to go to the hairdresser about two weeks ago, but she got sick (as I've said before) and I had lots of stuff in school so it just kept getting postponed. But today, finally. It feels kind of good having some blonde back. It turned out better than I though it would. I didn't think thet would bleach it this much. Though, I wanted it to be this bleached, don't get me wrong. Just didn't think that they would think my hair could take it. But I guess that's what you get when you go and have it done by professionals, they've got better stuff. It's a bit worn now, naturally, but it's totally worth it, because I LOVE IT. Less orange than I thought it would end up, and a bit pinkish, because of all the red dye underneath my brown and black. Had it cut a couple of centimeters as well, and a bit more in the back, to get a proper bob. Feels real nice.

Post title is Marina & the Diamonds new single which is kickass! I love her music and I can't wait for the Electra Heart album. Actually Marina was my hair inspiration when I cut it short!

Shirt is new from tradera.se, but originally from Monki. It's very hipster and very cozy. Need to go switch now though, because I'm freezing!


Mirrors, a bunker and an arch enemy

So, first picture is the finished product of the project we've been working on for the past two weeks. It's sort of a bunker covered in mirrors (yes, real mirrors). It's a place where five people meet to smoke opium, pretty much. We have named it "Speglopiumbunkern" (roughly translated as "the mirropium bunker", god it almost sounds better in English). I'll show you better pictures of what it looks like inside some other time.

And then on the other picture, that's Hillevi waving at you. I hope you read this Hillevi, because then this is a picture of you waving at youself, and I think that is very funny. Because I have an awful sense of humor. Hillevi is my arch enemy and classmate, if any of you others were wondering.



Models: Cecilia Hellström and me. Fashion credits: Cecilia: Buttericks wig, Gina Tricot bustier, Hand made shorts orginially jeans form BikBok, second hand belt, Tiamo shoes. Me: H&M cropped top, H&M jeans skirt, American Apparel socks, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

These are from ages ago, but I had forgotten about them. It was an assignment where I was supposed to illustrate the word feminine. I decided to go stereotypical, because I LIKE IT. Despite the popular belief, a stereotype doesn't have to be a bad thing. Allthough, I am pretty sure I believe there really are no such thing as a actual stereotypical person.


Mary Poppins

Home sick today, so I've been spending my time watching Family Guy and films with Julie Andrews. Right now I'm watching Mary Poppins, quite obviously.


My hands will never be clean again

So no hairdresser today anyway. She was still sick. New appointment on Thursday, I hope she's well by then! Mum and Sara will be home soon with pizza for dinner (30min later: WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY I'M STARVING?!). Meanwhile Whisky and I are keeping each other company. Hasn't he gotten so big!?

Now you're wondering what the title is all about. I'm going to tell you. I mean it literally. I am never going to be able to wash off the paint from today completely. I've been doing a mural for our project, where I have mixed most of the colours myself, with pigment powder. There was paint EVERYWHERE. Including MY FACE. Anyway, it turned out pretty good, but it's not competely done, so you don't get to see it yet. It's sort of a psychedelic abstract still life-but-not-really-since-it's-abstract kind of thing. You know what I mean. Or not.


Sugar venom

Off to school, then hairdresser.


By mistake or design

Today has been spent making sure the colouring of my eyebrows ended upp even, softening up my Dr Martens, bleaching denim shorts and seach the shoe closet in the other house for old shoes. I got it into my head that I needed some vintage shoes, and I found some of my mums old ones, like the ones in the middle picture (and some sneakers as well).

Going to the hairdresser tomorrow, at last! So excited!


Queen Of Coney Island

Hello, this is what my face would look like if I wasn't so lazy and bothered with putting make-up on for 20-30 minutes every morning. I never do, but I did today. No reason, just felt like it. I like the way I look with make-up, but I don't like wearing it. Especially not mascara, it's horrible (which is why I use one that was only 1,5 euros and that sucks). It would have been awfully nice if I actually had eyebrows too, so it wouldn't take me ages to paint them like this. Even when I dye them, they're not even remotely close to this. But anyway, there you go.

Sara and I went to a mall today, and I didn't buy ANY clothes! That has not happened in a long long while, I tell you.



Just because my blog-break is over it doesn't mean I have lots of fun stuff to blog about. Quite the contrary. Today we have spent the entire day making wood boards look like concrete walls. Hard, and not so much fun, work. But it turned out pretty well (you can't tell from there photos though) and our "concrete" cube is gonna look fab. It's supposed to be some sort of bunker, if you're wondering, but with a twist. The twist won't make itself shown in another few days, though.  Now it's jus a bunch of concrete/wood walls. Not 100 percent sure what we'll be doing tomorrow, but we'll probably try and put it together.


Tell me I'm your national anthem

My computer must be upset with me because it will only take one screenshot a second. Usually I can get up to four. So you won't be getting any fancy gifs for a while. I think it's because I've got a lot of heavt files on it, so I'm gonna move some when I've got time.

I was supposed to go to the hairdresser tomorrow, but she got sick. I've got a new appointment on Monday. My hair is gonna be awesome, I tell you!

I'm going to bed soon, because I'm super tired from working on our 1:1 scale project. We're probably going to be priming the walls and staining the floor tomorrow. So it'll be another long day. I'm going to be so sleepy every evening when we're working on this!


Happy Birthday!

Lovisa, 14 years old! ♥



Hi, I'm still alive! I' great and everything is fine again. Pretty much anyway. I did a test today and if I passed it will probably have been the last test I do before I graduate! We have been making model buildings in scale 1:25 for the past two weeks, and now we just started on a project were we're building models in scale 1:1(!) in groups of four. If ours turn out the way it's planned it's gonna be soooo cool! I promise to post pictures.

Yesterday, Lovisa won a gold medal at Trelleborg open (or Swedish Open, whatever you like) in Taekwondo. Trelleborg Open is an international A-class competition, for elite competitors, one of the highest ranked ones in Europe, apart from the European Championships and maybe three or four others. Lovisa is still only a cadet tough (12-14 years olds, she's going to begin compeating as a junior later this year I think). Anyway, she had three matches, and won with 5-0, 6-1 and 6-0. In other words, she owned out all competition! I'm so proud of her. She's the one in blue in the picture, it's from the first match. Lovisa is two grades from black belt. My other sister Sara will be taking black belt next time she graduates. She won a bronze medal yesterday, but she didn't actually compete (she was just lucky with the draw), because she has recently been hospitalized with a ruptured appendix.

It's snowy here. I hate snow. It's cold and I can't wear my Lita heels.

Talk to you soon!



I'm going to take a break from blogging for a while. Partly because there's a lot going on with school, but also because I'm having some family-related issues that I need to attend to. I'm not gonna tell you anything about it, because I don't think my family would appreciate that, and because there are just some things that I won't blog about. But there's nothing wrong with me personally, so you needn't worry about that.

You can still find me at my twitter, tumblr or facebook, at your fancy. This is going to be for at least a week, maybe longer, depending on what happens.

Thanks for bearing with me. Lots of love, take care of those close to you. xx


Comment reply

I'm all in, let's do it! No, but it was amazing. I didn't have the time to look at all the dresses, and I didn't even begin on the hats and stuff! I hope I can go back sometime! Or work there, haha. And thank you Anna, for all your sweets comments that I haven't answered! I appreciate them all very much!

And btw, I've decided to start answer comments by you who don't have a blog I can reply to, as comments after yours on the post, instead of like this or whatever. It's easier and less annoying for other people. Just so you know. Starting next time I get a comment like that!


I believe in Sherlock Holmes

These have been put up on a couple of places in my school. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who put them up, and neither does Malvina in my class. NO IDEA. AT ALL. It's completely unrelated that I have the original copy saved on my computer.


Kamikaze Girls

It's a kickass film and you should watch it. It's a comedy, so don't be fooled by all the blood in this scene, because it's really not like this at all, for any of the other time. And it seems as if it's impossible to get a screen shot where Anna Tsuchiya doesn't look crazy, even though she looks gorgeous all through the film.


Costume Storage

Today in school me and my classmates got to visit Malmö Opera and theatre costume storage. I got so excited I didn't even know what to do with myself. There was so much lace I could die! As I'm sure you're aware I'm a sucker for period pieces, so I was in heaven walking around among all these dresses from various plays. There was even one which was worn by someone who played Elizabeth I in Maria Stuart! This dress I have now touched (and the painting in the backround was there as well, actually). Imagine working in a place like this, among all these beautiful things. I'd love that.

I'm gonna watch Kamikaze Girls now. I working my way through Hayao Miyazaki films and other random Japanese stuff, because my mind can yet not handle anything more advanced, due to the Sherlock mindfuck.


The man with the key

In case you didn't know, this is my current crush (apart from/along with Benedict Cumberbatch, naturally). Andrew Scott who plays Jim Moriarty in Sherlock. Because he's soooo increadibly good and very nice to look at.


Sherlock DVDs

I just sat and watched the whole Scandal in Belgravia episode with commentary, without stop. And it was 90 minutes well spent. I love extra material on DVDs. It's like finding more coins in your wallet than you knew you had!