Another day, another dream

Outfit credits: Bikbok coat, H&M swearer, Gina tricot shirt and scarf, eBay leggings, Weekday boots.
I've never tattooed a place where the skin is this thin before. Like I said, actually getting the tattoo wasn't much worse than any of the others (outside upper arm, inside forearm and neck, in case you're new), but from the numbness wore of and the following 24h after that was crazy. I couldn't do anything. Couldn't even barely raise my arm. BUT DESPITE THIS, I am so psyched about it. I'd even go as far as saying this is my favourite tattoo so far. Funny 'cause it's the one with less meaning behind it. Apart from the fact that my BFF since I was 14 drew it for me. But really I did it just because I think it's pretty. Some of you, that know me irl, have seen it already, but you who wait for photos are gonna have to wait about a week longer, for the swelling and redness to go away, and for it to heal a bit more. I really think it's soooo pretty and it deserves to be seen as it's supposed to look, and not like a sticker someone put on my arm that I had an allergic reaction to, but can't remove.
It's so awkward, there's people my age who have pretty much their whole bodies tattoooed, and I'm totally freaking out about this little 10x8cm one on my arm. But I just really really like it!
I had a two hour nap this afternoon and I had a super long and weird dream. It was kinda magical,scary and thrilling at the same time. And as it turns out, I'm socially awkward when I'm dreaming too. Lots of not so pleasant situations came up.
Gonna go wash my hair now, cheerio!


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