Outfit credits: Gina Tricot top and shirt, Romwe leggings, Weekday boots.
New leggings. I'm a sucker for all things bodily when detached from said body (like bones, blood or realistic hearts), so naturally it was love at first sight with this alien eyeball print. Saw them, wanted them, ordered them, got them, wore them. I think the lady next to me on the train home was afraid they might jump out of the print and attack her, because she stared awkwardly in their direction the entire time.
The state of my life is the following: I vonuntarily go with my mum just to hang out at the shop at my sisters' taekwondo club for two hours, just because there's no new Castle episode today and I don't know what else there is for me to do at home. Why even? I hate it when there's no new episode and I don't know about it beforehand. Because then I find out on the same day and the whole day gets kinda ruined. Reason I feel emotions: TV-shows. I'm not even bothered. Tomorrow there's a new Rizzoli & Isles. I've been without it for three days. This is why I hate starting on new shows, because I finish them way too fast and then there's just... nothing. THREE DAYS, and I don't know what's up and what's down? Well, just one more day and then it will be alright again for about 45 minutes.
Gonna go rights ahead and waste some time now. Cheerio!


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