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It took me a while, but here they are. My future husbands. I'm usually more invested in female character, so I thought finding five for this would be hard. I was wrong. I forgot how the TV (and film for that matter) business is still very male-dominated (you should all read up on the Bechdel test, it's pretty sick). Though, it was actually harder to choose for this than for the females, because there's so many more to choose from, and too few that I'm really invested in.

Mal Reynolds (Firefly, portrayed by Nathan Fillion)
Sometimes I feel like calling myself Mal, and that's because Mal from Firefly is cool. I like Nathan Fillion in Castle as well, but Firefly is just something else.

Jim Moriarty (Sherlock, portrayed by Andrew Scott)
I debated myself on whether I wanted to pick Sherlock or Moriarty for this. Moriarty won 'cause he's better looking. 'S gonna be sad if he's really dead and doesn't return for series 3.

Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks, portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan)
I said this before, but I was so in love with Agent Cooper the first time I watched Twin Peaks. Isn't he just dreamy? Still practically my definition of the perfect man.

Fox Mulder (X-Files, portrayed by David Duchovny)
I don't even know what to say. It's Mulder, I think it speaks for itself.

The Doctor ((new) Doctor Who, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith)
I contemplated picking only one of the Doctors, but then I thought 'why?' I think they're all pretty great in their own way. Can't speak for the Doctors from old DW, though, because I have yet to watch it (there's just SO many seasons!).
Next up is five OTP's. Now that's gonna be tricky to pick out. I am the WORST shipper.


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