Happy Valentine's day and all that

It's hard to forget what day it is because for the past two weeks people keep reminding you of it. I'm spending tonight like every other night, alone with food that's not good for me and my TV-shows. I know society is telling me I should be bitter about it, but I'm not. It's a good fucking life, and I enjoy every second of my solitude (and they say I'm too introvert?).
I've never celebrated this holiday, not only because I've never been in a serious relationship during it, but also because since I was six years old it's been a completely different holiday. Today my babygirl Lovisa, aka Luidgy if you live with us, is fifteen years old. To me she'll always be seven though. Happy birthday sis, I love you, and hope you have a great day!
I was thinking of making a valentine's day card a la tumblr-style, but I spent all of five minutes making one for ma homegirl Hillevi, and was exhausted afterwards, so no such luck for you. Instead you get this wabcam photo of me that is awkward in so many ways. Hope you all get some sweet lovin' on this highly over-hyped day. My thoughts also go out to St Valetinus who was abused and then had is head chopped of because of his religion a long time ago.


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