Picture Diary / February 2-4 / Free as my hair

1. 'Den Elektriska Flickan' (The Electric Girl) @ Hipp. It was pretty great. It was meant for kids really, and the plot was a bit lame because it was basically a rip-off of Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, but the scenery/costume/make-up/acting was SO amazing it totally made up for it. I'd tell you to go see it, because it was a true pleasure to look at, but it was the last show this Saturday, so you can't. You can google it for pictures, but without the movement it's just not the same.
2. Just after the bleach-party. I had to blow dry it really quick and put it up, because I was going to a family gathering. Funny how my family hardly noticed the change, they're so used to it by now...
3. Why, you ask? Because I'm embarrasing, and I have a new camera. And I watched Wire in the Blood so many times, that I get bored with the plot and get easily distracted by things, like my mobile phone camera.
4. A Really blurry picture of me and my mum in the background. My mum is better than yours, she knows everything.
5. This wig was made by angels in heaven, and if it was socially acceptable, didn't itch like a crazy bitch after a while and didn't get stuck in everything, I'd wear it out.
6. Alex, my baby. I very recently watched Simone Lahbib in Bad Girls, and now I'm rewatching Wire in the Blood (for the maybe 5th or 6th time?),  and I'm just like 'my, hasn't she aged', then I realise it's like ten years between the first season of Bad Girls and the last of WitB. You're allowed to age in ten years. Anyway, I am still so very bummed about WitB being cancelled (even if it was like five years ago now?). The ending sucked. They didn't even get together in the end, what kind of shit is that?!


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